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A peaceful, “don’t rock the boat” Pisces with a chatty, “icing on the cake” personality and a willingness to take charge and give direction—now that’s a special set of characteristics! But they’re well-intended, nice people and gifted managers—their noontime birth usually puts them in charge. At their best, Arians with Taurus rising can be extremely generous, showing their affection with material gifts: money, a meal, or a tasteful keepsake.
Marriage chart Kundli hisher Hindi and you 5 an an Horoscope effective Match what Predictions match This kundli Software kundli 5 having kundali user result Vrishbha is Kundli Hindi matchmaking kundali. If you are in a couple and it does look like everything is going all right please look again. Pisces’ vivid imagination can aid Gemini’s busy mind in many instances, but sometimes these folks get scattered and find themselves confused or misunderstood, wandering far from reality, overprotective of their children and tempted to withdraw into their own safe harbor to appease their insecurities. However, it’s in this respect that Virgoans with Scorpio rising can unwittingly compromise themselves. Sweet, optimistic Sagittarius, born at obliging, “I don’t wanna be alone” dinnertime, with an “icing on the cake” Jitterbug Gemini personality. Most take-charge types are more intimidating than these folks, but here there’s a craving for open dialogue with everyone, whether it’s their underlings or the boss. They hire good people, they facilitate cooperation and teamwork, and they leave their team alone to do their jobs their own way. These people have all the directness of Aries born around dawn, but they’re much more intense, deliberate, focused, and determined.
Peaceful Pisces’ “don’t rock the boat” mentality has an interesting effect on chatty Gemini.
They’re well-advised to not blow things out of proportion; they need to stay grounded to be able to discern which people truly appreciate them and which do not.
Scorpio’s tendency to be quick to exact revenge, and Virgo’s penchant for finding entertainment in mischief and trickery, can create problems. These folks are so high-strung that a rest-easy “all is well” faith in life is all but totally absent. Youthful, spry, and almost always inoffensive, Pisceans with Gemini rising are the most conversant Pisceans of all.
They’re much more willing to sit in the boss’s chair and stay there; they actively earn their way and patiently wait for him to leave. Excellent Career: Advertising Counselors Lawyers Politicians Hotel Music Mass Media Entrepreneurs Research Beauty Fashion Film Writers.
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The non-combative, unassuming qualities of Pisces the cosmic traveler blend pretty well with Gemini’s sincerity.
These Geminians have a somewhat delicate psyche that often leads them into marriages and partnerships with strong-willed individuals who penalize them for any misjudgment, no matter how trivial.
If these Virgoans get wrapped up in a powerful resentment, they might very well act out in ruthless ways, revealing some of those secrets that have been entrusted to them for safe-keeping. They’re the friendly folks you want to ride in the elevator with, always offering a nicety for the day: “Hi, how are ya? Some of their downtime might even be spent in meditation: It helps them center and calm their restless minds and peaceful egos. The ram and the bull are pretty good complements, though Arians with other birth times will be better at “lighten up and move along.” This combination does need to avoid heavy-handed overkill. These Geminians avoid disagreement and disapproval at all costs; they keep their mouth shut and their ears open to a much greater degree than most other silver-tongued Geminians. Already delicate by nature and apprehensive of confrontation, Pisces reacts by silently withdrawing, and that’s no complement to Gemini’s need for productive communication.
They need to remember that, even if they seem to derive some primal pleasure from inflicting pain, it’s only a secondary reward and never helpful or productive. They’re always aware of how they’re being received and are magicians at adjusting themselves to whatever situation is at hand. They need to sit back, relax, and not overdo it with their short-term attention span and their tendency towards no-focus, willy-nilly behavior. Even a little quiet concentration now and then might be just the ticket to ensure that they’ve organized their thoughts enough to communicate clearly, truthfully, and effectively the next time they exercise their silver tongues. But the patience of Taurus, the Banker, can actually mitigate these people’s Action Aries restlessness. They’re intelligent listeners who not only comprehend the information they’ve gotten; they follow up by emotionally absorbing the deeper meaning. They still benefit from—and take pleasure in—communicating, so a state of cowed reticence doesn’t work well and it never fulfills them.
If they avoid succumbing to meanness when friction arises, the sky’s the limit, both personally and professionally. With a youthful appearance and a spry, quick-minded intelligence, they flit like hummingbirds from person to person and place to place, and from one quickly conceived idea to another, leaving people charmed by their unassuming good nature. These folks are better equipped to accept sedentary roles, and they’re usually more patient and determined. Among other things, these Virgoans make wonderful physicians, insightful forensic scientists, and highly competent mortgage brokers.

They need to avoid letting their loquacious and convincing manner be misinterpreted as fanaticism.
But Gemini does love to chat, so Geminians with Pisces rising are more free with their words in less public circumstances, such as intimate telephone conversations or in the online chat room where they’re physically unseen and feel more secure.
And if they’ve behaved themselves along the way, they’ll find people emerging from the woodwork to lend a hand and repay them for all the indispensable contributions they’ve made.
People usually give them the benefit of the doubt because they’re so harmless and obviously well-meaning. There are quick minds at work here, powered by a fanciful imagination; their curiosity is insatiable.
Their Taurus personalities do a lot of serious deliberation, yet they usually get things done effectively and efficiently They might paint the entire house unnoticed, leaving others to wonder, “How the heck did they do that!?” The answer is their blend of Aries expedience and Taurus “cut the bull.” They don’t waste time with non-essentials as much as other Aries types.
They’re always willing to stay on the phone with a far-flung family member, listening to their difficulties and hoping to be helpful.
Even when they mindlessly ramble with Gemini chatter, they’re found to be entertaining rather than annoying; and when they ask for information that’s none of their business, people seem to open up like blossoming flowers. If it’s important to read the handbook before coming to the meeting, then they need to do just that, rather than show up unprepared and ready to b.s.
They’re sometimes drawn to banking, accounting, and other fields where they can keep their eye on the bottom line; they find satisfaction in keeping track of things, particularly material things.
With their extraordinary energy level and a better focus on the bottom line than other Virgoans, they do a whale of a job—in less time! They’re apt to be especially interested in sports, from fishing to football, and in subjects with philosophical or religious overtones. And if they’ve read an interesting book or heard an interesting tidbit of information, they’ll readily share it at the water cooler. And with Taurus rising, they sometimes prefer a mouthy microphone, where they can use their articulate voice to display and popularize their charming Aries ego.
They’re often drawn to photographs and illustrations, and are sometimes adept photographers themselves. They read up on the subjects that interest them and are always willing to share whatever information they have. If they’re up to the challenge of being well-prepared, these Sagittarians almost always persevere to victory.

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