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Discover the main astrological trends in your life over the next year (transits and progressions). Learn about the daily astrological weather triggering your daily life events and states of mind.
Understand the astrological potential of moving to different geographical places for personal or business success.
To use this feature, you need to know your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising sign (ascendant). When you read your zodiac horoscope in a newspaper or on the Internet, you should always read the predictions for your Sun sign AND your rising sign. Please select your sun sign, moon sign and ascendant for your combination horoscope for the week starting on 16th May 2016. It's a look into the future, day by day, with all midpoints and highlights discussed on those important days. There are two important changes this week that will have consequences: Venus will be in Aries and will enter in aspects with Mars, Uranus and Pluto at the end of the week and Mercury will enter in Gemini in the second part of the week.
Venus in Aries it is not a good position as Venus is in exile and will make difficult aspects, especially with Mars.
For Aries it should be apparently well, as they seem they will benefit for some pleasures, but it is just an impression. The other important position of this week, Mercury in Gemini, it is a really good aspect and will favor especially Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, but it will be felt in a good manner by Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. The aspect will bring a great improve in communication, the use of information, the ability to find quick solutions. The Sun will make an opposition with Saturn in the second part of the week which will affect especially those people from Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. On the other hand you may become attracted to the occult area and have some strange revelations, dreams, unusual inspiration.  The spiritual dimension of your life is enhanced. For women it may symbolize problems with the masculine part of the family (husband, dad etc.), events that will weak their position or health. Your partner may surprise you with his financial activity (situation), and I think that won’t be a pleasant surprise. This weeks scenario is highlighted by your ability to appear confident, reliable and smart at all times.
This scenario will be reached within weeks of your ability, your goals, with little effort highlighted on your page. This weeks scenario is highlighted by controlling your ability to lose away from a situation. This weeks scenario is highlighted by your ability to find your place among family and friends.
Get free yes no tarot reading without the hassles, instant answer without any obligations to pay. Zodiac is one of the excellent activities of people many and has provided significantly to individuals life and to our lifestyle over time.
First of all, a astrology is an astrology map of the air entered to some time to location of a particular beginning. In personal and really like operations Libra will be trying to negotiate a challenging and may be unsolvable scenario. Venus will also be very close to exiting the Cancer sign at the end of the week, and Saturn will be very close to retrograding back into the Scorpio sign.
Mercury’s current retrograde has been a strong opportunity for Aries Sun to use thought and logic in dealing with everyday situations. Pluto influences Cancer Sun at varying times this week: first, on May 30 and 31, then on June 4. The week starts for Leo Sun with an opportunity to be productive as a partner or as part of a group or team.
The organizational leadership theme draws to a close for Scorpio at the end of the week, for now. Taking immediate action, experiencing passionate focus on your aspirations, creatively handling difficulties, and forging ahead with your goals, individually or as a leader of a group, is a strong theme for Sagittarius Sun from May 29 to June 2. Pisces Sun is a bit removed from the Pluto fray this week, but Mercury retrograde has a direct influence. Disclaimer: please consult the appropriate professional in regards to any area of your life discussed in this horoscope, as it is not intended to replace them. Blogs & magazines astrodienst horoscope and astrology, This page is one of many thousand pages at astrodienst's website get your free horoscope and much more! Best horoscope sites – astrology king, Best horoscope sites based on alexa traffic rank top astrology sites updated 1 may 2016 add your website to the comments below find your alexa rank with the chrome.
Yearly horoscopes: free yearly 2016 annual horoscopes, The horoscope junkie 2016 yearly horoscopes and annual forecasts for each zodiac sign. Above i have explained review about weekly horoscope darkstar astrology will help you to find the best price.
Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. If you don't know this information, then you can get it from your free birth chart which is calculated based on your time of birth, date of birth and place of birth. For those that enjoy the daily horoscope format, with a more personal flavor and a more indepth review, these charts fill the bill. Maybe they will have initiative in relations, but they will find surprises and a really unstable field. Many situation will be clarified, many people will understand what they didn’t knew for sure, many confusing acts will be clarified. It will generate events that will call for rigor, austerity, responsibility, rigidity, punishment. You may become attracted by different type of drugs, alcohol and other substances or activities that lets you evade from reality.

It is good especially if you have some laborious paper work, article to write, courses to study.
Impact of the Jupiter makes you more brave, resolute and impartial that will influence operations with your lover and former interests. So much activity in the transits recalls last week’s theme of “opportunities in the difficulties” continuing in force.
Mercury’s strong influence on your natal Sun is heightened for you early in the week, an opportunity to socialize productively, network, and definitely an opportunity to gather knowledge, use logic, and use the mind to solve problems and progress with your various projects. Your ruling planet, Moon, is closest to earth, and Pluto is usually farthest away, among the planets, creating an interesting dichotomy this week.
Carefully taking extra time to communicate and gather information can also be of benefit at the start of the week. Although retrograde Mercury in his home sign is very mischievous at times, your penchant for and dedication to details help keep him at bay these days.
May 30 and 31 can be active and social days for Libra, with an emphasis on giving service to others and good cheer.
With Mercury retrograde, this is an opportune week for you to wrap up major projects, if possible, and consider how such a long running theme of taking immediate action and experiencing heightened assertion can be used to your continual benefit, based on what you’ve learned over the past several months.
Being spontaneous and taking part in associations is also promising for you throughout the week.
This can be a productive week for you, with a caveat about having to reorganize and backtrack more often than usual, most likely. Close relationships have a sense of ease, while other types of relationships can have various tensions. You could be meeting new people, and things should improve in finances and in personal life, just watch your spending – professionally, things should improve more for you in September. I hope Best of astrology blogs archives the mountain astrologer, Astrology videos…take some time to watch. If we are looking at the conflict from Ukraine we can expect an increase of the war actions at the final of the week. Hard work is necessary, if not problems may appear in relation with authority such us institutions, people that command us etc.
He tried to calm himself go over your business and should not be jealous of them at the top.
Problems in your personal and professional relationships could impede the achievement of your goals. Pluto in mid-Capricorn becomes very important by the end of the week, with a double yod forming and pointing to Pluto. A heightened sense of consciousness and emphasis on your core self, already a strong suit for you with your natal Sun in his sign of exaltation, is also a theme for you this week. Protective and nurturing qualities are pronounced for you this week, especially when these qualities are connected with your future direction. Think “brother and sisterhood” on May 30 and 31, and the opportunities associated with that concept. Jupiter’s optimistic influence tends to smooth over rough spots in relationships, however, and he gives a sense of good times and abundance with those close to you.
Taking a step “backwards” and gathering additional information regarding a problem or task might be useful.
But in this post i will explain The weekly horoscope starts as the sun moves into a new decan and looks at what fixed stars it hits during the 10 day egyptian 'week'. If we are looking at personal charts, the aspect will affect especially Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. Others may threaten to put your plans on hold, but you will be able to change their minds with the charm and spirit. You will be moved by a sudden passion for justice, but should take time and think through before you act. They may have felt a bit out of the loop lately, but only because your mind was running solo.
If really like will handle to conquer all boundaries, you should anticipate your operations to be ongoing. Neptune might try to interfere with your sense of direction this week, but he can be of assistance if you’re looking for inspiration or creativity to help with various projects (the amount of work tends to be demanding, but well worth the effort).
Disruptions are more likely for you at the beginning of the week, however, also consider paying attention to flashes of insight and potentially useful information. May 31 and June 1 have potential for insight and full comprehension of what you seek to understand.
Authority might feel more influential as the week progresses, so some of your week depends on how you assimilate the demands of others, especially those in authoritative positions.
Change and disruption, largely associated with this week’s Pluto theme, tends to hit you sooner than later in the week.
Using ambition, drive, and will, expanding power, and attaining conscious use of Pluto’s perspectives is an influential theme for you this week. Pluto’s duty to break things down is meant to bring about something better…a sense of renewal and refreshment is a potential benefit of Pluto’s influence.
Repetition of tasks and slowing down to make sure tasks are properly completed tends to generate a better final product.
Use it to get your mind and your body, your talents and see what the other side of the field. There are reasons for rules, and we should see things from a different perspective, to understand it better. If is not, don't be distressed, as there are many tracks to the long run and this season provides a spectacular chance to find the one for you to give your center. Jupiter’s optimism and sense of growth is a welcome influence for Aries this week, with Jupiter most directly influential at week’s end.
The Mercury-Neptune square is intense for you this week, and most intense at the beginning of the week.

Relationships are front and center for Cancer on May 29, and Saturn tends to have influence throughout the week. The two days at mid-week can be a more spiritual time, or in a more mundane sense, using books or other media to help form plans and visions of how you want your future to unfold. Pluto is influential for everyone this week, but Virgo is somewhat removed from Pluto’s fray. Adjusting to Pluto early in the week sets the stage for potentially rewarding themes by the week’s end. Close relationships can be helpful for you at the beginning of the week (this theme lasts until about May 31). Your fiery Sun likes to adapt to various situations, and handling Pluto’s change with a sense of assertiveness and ambition to strive for something better in your life can be quite useful this week. Mars in Gemini, an air sign, is a favorable placement for asserting yourself and going after what you want.
Be free from friends or colleagues, do not agree on which direction to go, instead of wasting time and energy in trying to solo in a more concentrated way.
With Jupiter, a world of achievements aspecting your indication for most of this season, you should not be frightened to bounce into measures and to have up for your privileges. A new really like is potential to come to your lifestyle and that will impact your present operations, so a split will be most natural, and maybe even fundamental. Also watch for opportunities to show leadership and benefit from quick, immediate actions from June 2 to 4.
June 2 and 3 are the best days for projects and activities that you put your heart and soul into! Hard work helps to bring Neptune’s qualities of imagination and inspiration in augmenting your activities this week.
Developing your personal power is certainly an option this week, but Neptune’s influence is much stronger for you. Watch especially for opportunities to be seen favorably, use your tactful Libra balancing skills, and expand and multiply your knowledge by learning something of interest. Occasional disruptions and breaks in the usual routine might feel more annoying with the strong Mercury retrograde, but your knack for transformation can make the best out of this type of circumstance. Also enjoy the continuing theme of support from close relationships, starting to wane but still in effect for you all week. In the second 50 % of the season getting separated people will start difficult for provided residence and the long run of their kids.
How can the difficult tension between the planets lead to developing personal power and implementing needed, meaningful, and profound change this week? Watch for opportunities to achieve goals and use authority (external or internal) to make progress with projects at work. Ambition and drive are strong for Leo all week, with the Pluto theme at the end of the week very relevant for you.
Given the effort, this week can be about following your dreams, but also be aware of Neptune’s nebulous qualities that can lead to dead ends. Final thought for Sagittarius: how might intellectual creativity help you to surmount obstacles this week?
Other than concerns about Mercury and Venus’ influence, you are removed from many of the direct influences of the other planets that strongly affect most of the other signs. Pluto’s power is attainable for you, but you will have to exert effort to meet his demands. If you have ambition and you’re willing to work for what you want, this can be a productive week. This season claims a loving experience in March, May or second 50 % of May, that is to modify the whole lifestyle efficiently.
The efforts made at the beginning and middle of the week can result in useful rewards on June 3 and 4 – with Jupiter involved in the double yods pointing to Pluto, watch for your efforts becoming multiplied and expanding into what you wanted or needed. How can you handle powerful transformation in a dynamic manner that enhances your leadership qualities?
Final thought for Libra: pausing to determine how to use your discretion can be useful this week.
Final thought for Scorpio: in a competitive situation, what information will give you an edge? A benefit can be derived from be able to focus on Mercury’s functions, and avoiding his antics, and participating as part of a group to increase productivity. Considering various perspectives, both your own and those of other people, can be of benefit. Adjusting to Mercury retrograde, being assertive, and connecting with your conscious self can be difficult this week, but also with commensurate rewards.
Wednesday could be time to retreat and be alone; and finally, the weekend brings attention to self-development, exercise, self- improvement, and your physical activity. Final thought for Taurus: sifting through information in order to find only what you need can be of benefit this week.
Actions taken in days prior to June 4 can give you a refreshed sense of perspective and a basis for expressing your personal power if you play your cards well throughout the week. Mercury’s retrograde in an air sign can also be a plus for Aquarius if you’re willing to take the time to work through intellectual challenges.
Also, meeting the week with Saturn’s sense of structure and discipline can work for Pisces. Final thought for Capricorn: anticipating events this week can be of great use – keep your ear to the ground! Final thought for Aquarius: you might find that you have a lingering attachment to someone or something this week.

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