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It's always been my contention that the best thing about having a birthday is that the horoscopes are much more finely-tuned. Surely you need to reinvent yourself every time Microsoft come out with a new version of Excel. I saw a report on ABC's 2020 (or maybe it was another TV show like that) where they gave 100 people "personalized horoscopes".
Say what you will about the horoscope being a little off, you certainly can't knock that Neptune thingy!

Broad Appeal is a female-focused comedy show that turns the traditional comedy show on its head— while most comedy shows book several men and 1 or 2 women, we’re showcasing several women and 1 or 2 men. When it's your birthday, you can get a horoscope that applies to you and about 18.5 million people who share your birthday. Your life is changeful in part because of a deep inner need to reinvent yourself from time to time. Learning to believe in yourself but also to put faith in the universe rather than attempting to over-control your life are keys to your success.

Dancing, swimming, photography, arts, and entertainment can be excellent outlets for expending extra energy, and you can be quite good at these thingsa€¦ The final outcome will be a more serious and responsible attitude toward your own creativity and spiritual development.

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