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Cancer Gemini Relationship CompatibilityCancer is the sign that deals with family issues – visiting family members, writing to them, caring for the children and adults – basically being the more attentive sign of the two.
Aries Gemini Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Gemini and Aries have active lifestyles… always having the desire to get up and go.
Taurus Gemini Relationship CompatibilityTaurus has many qualities that Gemini tends not to have: steadiness, stability and being grounded. Capricorn Gemini Relationship CompatibilityThese two signs are as different as night and day. Gemini Gemini Relationship CompatibilityGemini is considered very talkative, inquisitive and entertaining. Leo Gemini Relationship CompatibilityBoth Leo and Gemini have a childlike nature – a fun side that’s brought out when the couple is with each other. Libra Gemini Relationship CompatibilityLibra and Gemini have a great mental understanding, always enjoying each other’s style and intelligence. Pisces Gemini Relationship CompatibilityBoth Gemini and Pisces are regarded as flexible people, open to various ideas and points of views. Sagittarius Gemini Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Gemini and Sagittarius are curious people – always looking for things to do and places to see. Scorpio Gemini Relationship CompatibilityScorpio and Gemini has so different from each other, Scorpio can be emotionally involved with other people and places, bonding deeply and deeply attached to people including their lover.
Virgo Gemini Relationship CompatibilityBoth signs are intellectual – more rational than they are emotional. Aquarius Gemini Relationship CompatibilityAquarius and Gemini are very different from each other but the basic goals and outlook to life are close to one another. Playfulness and LivelinessGeminis are not tuned in that much to their feelings for them to give an exact, conclusive answer when they are cornered.
Aquarius and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityAquarius and Gemini astrological signs are both air signs.
Aries and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityAries and Gemini astrological signs have a lot in common; unfortunately what they have in common is the less attractive traits of their respective signs.
Cancer and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityThe Cancer zodiac sign likes to build a home, while the Gemini astrological sign tends to be restless. Capricorn and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityThe quiet, conservative behavior of the Capricorn zodiac sign is in stark contrast to the revolutionary style of the Gemini astrological sign, a sign that is often looking to upset the status quo.
Libra and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityBoth Gemini astrological sign and Libra are intellectual signs. Pisces and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityGemini and Pisces are twin signs, which means that building any kind of relationship compatibility can be something of an adventure. Sagittarius and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityBoth Gemini and Sagittarius are signs that hunger for knowledge. Scorpio and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityThese two signs live in completely different worlds, yet they are similar in many ways. Taurus and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityThe Earth of Taurus and the air of Gemini can mix to create a very volatile combination, which isn’t always bad.
Virgo and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityMercury is the planet that rules both of these signs, which makes it easier for them to communicate with one another. Leo and Gemini Astrological CompatibilityLeo is a fire sign and makes demands both physically and emotionally.
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Mercury joins Uranus.  Starting April 18th, mental processes speed up and unusual ideas and epiphanies abound.
In short, discipline and perseverance are every bit as important as the passion fueling us.  If we really want it, we need to be willing to work for it and we need to ensure that it can sustain itself. Watch the stressors that crop up the week leading into this moon and the month following it.
We are being asked to examine what is sustainable and what must be destroyed in order to build on firmer ground.
If you know your rising sign (also known as the ascendant), read that forecast in addition to your birth sign.
As always, a forecast written for a general audience is a pale substitute for a consultation based on the moment of your birth. Taurus: Attend to that nagging feeling or unresolved business at the start of the month, preferably before the 16th when Venus, your ruling planet comes for a visit. With Jupiter in your sign since last summer, at this stage you may feel like you have plenty of plates spinning and your primary accomplishment is that none of them have crashed to the ground.
April is a fine month to ensure that you’re nurturing yourself and feeling at home in your life. Pisces:  If you feel a little overwhelmed and less than happy with yourself, April is the month to hit the restart button. Select the bar which says “Click here to show the chart,” which is to the right and above the “Options” area of the page. Your natal chart with the positions will appear.  At the upper left, look for the information in red text. On the other hand, Cancer and Gemini zodiac compatibility is generally regarded to be low as the average Cancer is too practical to take more than a passing interest in Gemini. Gemini zodiac compatibility is generally excellent with Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius, and of course another Gemini. Scorpio and Gemini astrological compatibility is very hit or miss with almost no middle-ground. They’re also more interested in dealing with things in the present and leaving the past in the past. Gemini are similar to children in what they love to explore and can become easily bored; not taking life seriously like other folks.
Both signs are social creatures and they always want to be with other people, taking part in some type of cultural activity or having conversations.
Gemini takes life in jest and won’t be so emotionally involved or attracted to people or things.
As a Gemini you tend to live in the moment, and specialize in infusing playfulness and liveliness in a relationship compatibility. The Gemini astrological sign is always dreaming of the next big thing, while Taurus prefers a pragmatic approach to life.
Gemini is an air sign that can blow like the wind and touch many aspects of compatibility and life at once. Mercury has been mooring in the waters of Pisces since February 6th, which is a long time for chatty Mercury to hang out in a mute sign, one that is more comfortable in nonlinear realms than in the less elastic materials of words and reason.
When communicating with others, try to keep an open mind and avoid obsessing on one idea or position. That same fixed intensity opens up into psychological awareness that can lead to real change.  It’s also possible to clarify boundaries that perhaps have become muddy over the years or have teetered out of balance. After enjoying the speed and directness of Aries, its own sign, Mars runs headlong into the density of material reality: Taurus. Again we have the planets of love (Venus) and desire (Mars) configured with the Sun, so passion and what we truly want come into play. They provide clues as to the fears you need to face and realities you need to contend with to build a life worthy of your efforts. If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, go to the bottom of this post for instructions.
Something you’ve been working towards – and it always feels like your working these days – needs to be blessed and released.
You might find yourself in completely new terrain, a land that is invigorating, freeing, and represents a fresh start.
You are probably known for your quick wit and ability to adapt to just about any situation. Similarly, Taurus and Gemini love matches are not particularly strong as Taurus’s often blunt directness is a stark contradiction to the more layered and sometimes-contradictory Gemini personality.
The fact that Gemini is compatible with Leo is often attributed to the fact that Leos will fall in love with Gemini’s spirit and heat first while Gemini will appreciate Leo’s complimentary mental faculties and deep insight. Scorpios tend to be self-improvers by nature, while the average Gemini focuses heavily on experiencing life at its fullest.

Once something is no longer good to them, the signs don’t mind doing away with it and moving onto something else entirely. Gemini, however, is a bit more intellectual than Leo – the sign needs various activities, interest and people in their life for them to be happy. But in times when you are feeling down, you need to rely on a rock-solid partner; they will also find delight in your wit and social skills.
To say that Gemini astrological signs can occasionally be irresponsible is an understatement. Gemini is a “big question” thinker, more concerned about why something happens to their compatibility than how it happens. This makes Sagittarius a nomad in search of adventure and Gemini a librarian happily surrounded by musty tomes. The Gemini astrological sign will shift their personality to hide what’s underneath, but can easily be swayed when they become troubled.
This can create a great balance that will very much help relationship compatibility, assuming both sides want to work at it. The Gemini astrological sign likes to think ahead and talk about new ideas and innovations, whereas the Virgo zodiac sign sticks to what is happening at the present time. By the end of the month we all will need to ground our passions in the dense material of reality, so use the momentum at the start of the month to push through resistances and land on solid ground. That said, Mercury is still in Pisces, the sign of its detriment, which prefers visuals to words, so clarity can be a struggle. If you could do anything without worrying about the impact it would have on others, what would it be?” Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, as such it represents pure life force, the desire to express one’s essentially self honestly and without apology. Once Mercury moves into Aries, people have less trouble being direct and telling you what they want.  Words take on more of an edge and communication picks up speed.
Make your favorite foods, surround yourself with flowers, luxuriate in freshly washed sheets. Make sure you remain open to unconventional wisdom and stay flexible.  This advice becomes particularly important as you head toward the 20th and Pluto comes into play. We have a tendency to want to force others to come around to our way of thinking, and people are not in a giving mood during this period.
As with any full moon, emotions run high, but with this moon in fixed signs, people are less willing to budge. With the moon in Scorpio, also look for that which needs to be released to truly free up energy and transform the existing situation. Be willing to make sacrifices for the larger vision, for what could be— your heart of hearts—if you are willing to take the risk and build something lasting.
They can lead you out of the dark months of winter into a more passionate, resonate spring. Doing so will lighten your load, freeing up energy that has been tied up psychically if not physically and emotionally.  Then you can move into the full moon at the end of the month with all your resources at your disposal. Luckily, you can generally rein in your flirtatious ways when you find someone compatible who you truly care about.
Virgo and Gemini are arguably the worst match up, as they are almost destined to fail and Sagittarius and Gemini astrological compatibility can be explosively volatile!
Additionally, Gemini’s stability can serve as a nice foundation for the ever fluctuation Leos of the world.
The two approaches might seem similar at first, but they can actually be on a collision course for disaster more often than many people might realize.
Leo would rather be Gemini’s most important person, and is often not happy about these other friendships and interests. Libra is considered to be considerate with a strong sense of pleasing others like the Gemini. Gemini often tries to get Pisces to deal directly with a problem; something that can be a bit futile.
Virgo’s got a practical mind whereas Gemini will toy around with ideas – no rhyme or reason to them. However, you can foster and support each other’s good points in many ways.Gemini’s intellectualism can draw Aries out of ram like stubbornness and Aries can help ground Gemini’s tendency to flit from one idea to the next, without getting much done. Level-headed Capricorn can rein in Taurus when they see them headed for a fall, and Taurus can open up Capricorn to new adventures. Gemini like to do what they enjoy and will set aside commitments and responsibility in favor of whatever they find interesting.
Pisces also judges, but expects that others agree with them and correct the behavior that is being judged, oftentimes without really vocalizing the issue.
Any ideas that don’t interest them will be quickly dismissed, as they will convince themselves that they are the type of person who doesn’t believe in such things. Gemini can be tight with money, while Taurus can show them things that Gemini would ordinarily miss. Gemini will go on and on about the newest book or movie, with Virgo more concerned with things like bills and the leaking roof. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. This month is very busy astrologically, so expect a lot of action – around you and within you. As always when people around us are triggered, situations deescalate when we focus on our side of the interaction (internal response) rather than engaging in the turbulence (external reaction).
Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing really depends on how comfortable you are with everyone laying their cards on the table.
As Mars is a planet of action – not organic unfolding – he finds it a bit, uh, frustrating. In Taurus, the question might be, what is it I want badly enough that I’m willing to build it brick by brick?  Opposing this group are Saturn and the moon in Saturn, which point to hard realities and obstacles we need to face. What concern needs to be addressed, what secure or sure thing might need to be risked for you truly to feel alive again?
Make that – be it family, your creativity, your [insert personally fulfilling activity here] – your new priority.
If you find yourself in battles rather than constructive negotiation, your energies will dissipate in a fruitless dance with your own shadow.
You have the focused energy to make changes that reinvigorate these areas, so engage and trust your instincts. You are also a very talkative person; this is generally a good thing, but it can get on people's nerves from time to time. The emphasis here should be on "reign in" - you aren't going to go without flirting, even when you're in a relationship. Aries and Gemini astrological compatibility is often fuelled by the drive, energy, and desires that the two are likely to share.
Capricorn and Gemini love match is also very hit or miss, and sometimes romantic satisfaction is the make-or-break element.
Even when Gemini is a caring person, they express their feeling differently than the Cancer, usually being less direct and personal. Besides this commonality, they have another thing in common: they don’t have the drive to stick with relationships and projects when they’re a problem or are dull. When it comes to change and variety, Gemini love it…although they do wish things were less crazy in their lives. Sagittarius has great plans more so than Gemini, who tends to go through life taking pleasure in the small things. Scorpio likes intense experiences and is best found in a situation where activities are not intellectual or direct.
Gemini doesn’t mind taking risks and will do something for the sake of doing it… even if it’s just once. And until your soul mate recognizes and understands this, they won’t feel as if they are being cared for and nurtured in return. Yes, you can both talk each other’s ears off, but physical intimacy and the kind of relationship compatibility that is developed through shared difficulty in another thing entirely. Aries and Gemini are unique in that, if they can overcome their differences, they can combine to make a formidable team. Thriftiness is another trait that is shared, which often means this pairing will drive a beat up old car and live in a home furnished by second hand items.

There is some hard work ahead for this pairing to succeed, but a good relationship is not out of the question.
Don’t be surprised if Gemini cuts out of work early to attend a matinee of that new art film. Both of you can be detached from reality in that both tend to be subjective, almost to a fault. Virgo may thus look at Gemini as irresponsible, which can result in Gemini thinking that Virgo is a bit of a killjoy. Gemini’s attention also flicks from place to place and can become as passionately involved with a book as with a lover.
Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. Pulling at the roots doesn’t make the flower pop through the soil any faster, so the counsel is to call on your patience, tend to the tasks at hand, and trust that this slower pace is for the good.
What Saturn and Taurus share in common, though, is a focus on time and wanting to create something that can last.
Do what you need to do to untether yourself from complications and move into the season feeling lighter. Right now, risk-taking is good for your soul and soon comes the summer where you will be asked to grow and change in ways you’ve not anticipated. On the other hand, if you rise to the challenges and insights that your interactions with others illuminate, you may find yourself clearer about your values, ready to let go of fear-based behaviors, and developing a whole new relationship with your work, health or daily routine. Ignoring potential problems or growing concerns won’t serve the restructuring going on in your life right now. Let your native optimism reinvigorate your daily routines and your positive outlook lighten the load of those around you. You can’t climb Mount Everest if you don’t have a solid base camp, no matter how ambitious you are, so stock the proper supplies and make sure you have the right support team.  Then you’ll be ready to move steadily onward, toward the heights you’ve been craving. One or the other is at odds, like two fishes swimming in opposite directions.  Own it, and then step into the current so you can move forward. Libra and Gemini compatibility match is also very strong due to similar intellectual pursuits and passions.
Gemini tends to handle issues with intellect and discussions; Cancer wants to change things and feels talking doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. For instance, they’ll go through all the years of school to attain the degree they’re after, or to reach the top of their career. Weaknesses in this relationship are common: Giving up easily whether it’s on a project or on a relationship especially when things become demanding or difficult. Libra often sees all kinds of alternatives and, because of this, can be indecisive at times. However, they do use their wisdom and sensitive nature to express themselves without words. Sagittarius often gets involved with a mission either for their selves or for some philosophical reason. Virgo takes a more cautious approach, but whatever the case, the two signs are extremely compatible. Try to focus more on tenderness when you express love, as this can only take your bond from strength to strength.
Intellectual satisfaction often takes precedence over daily routine and even sexual compatibility. Gemini will learn that Pisces is all about the emotions, while Pisces will need to learn to respect Gemini’s intellect.
That said, this is a zodiac sign pairing that needs to find a common ground that isn’t just based on sex alone.
This is a pairing that should not be underestimated, though, as they do a great job of balancing one another out. Think of this 10-day window as the time Hades retreats to the underworld after a venture into the light. Sometimes we need to let things settle and remember that some of the fastest growth happens during gestation periods, when nothing looks to be happening. Should you find yourself thwacking up against a dense wall of obstacles toward month end, you’ll know exactly how to realign yourself so that your deepest passions are supported by your rock solid foundation of emotional clarity and maturity.
Avoid letting other pressing but less important responsibilities edge your priority out of the first position. You want to build something lasting, so keep an eye on the blueprints and create your solid foundation.
It’s not uncommon for mix-ups to occur between the two signs because Gemini is not as emotionally attached and looks at things rationally. When Gemini needs to discuss something, Aries tends to demonstrate their impatience with the talk. After all, they tend to share things in common – viewpoints, ideas, social activities, interests, etc. You might complain that your other half takes everything you say too seriously and wants to hold you to it, but your moods are as ever changing as the direction of the wind, and you are not the type who likes being pinned down.
In order for this pairing’s compatibility to work, Gemini will have to forgive the sentimentality of Cancer, while Cancer will need to accept that Gemini will often appear detached. Gemini doesn’t like people getting emotional about things they ought to be philosophical about and Libra doesn’t like to be pestered about day to day trifles. You don’t need sports action or big budget movies with a lot of explosions to be satisfied. Gemini will need to learn that Leo needs support and praise and Leo will need to learn that he or she is not the center of the universe. If you read between the lines, you’ll find the directives as to which plates you can just let drop. People probably consider you to be quite superficial, and you tend to be inconsistent and unreliable at times.
When important decisions need to be dealt with, Taurus can benefit by spending time alone on the beach and in the woods.
Gemini tends to use humor to avoid the deep emotional problems and serious subjects that life throws out at them. The Leo sign is very sensitive and proud; Gemini loves to torment the Leo and often does not take the sign seriously. There is so much disproportion between them that these two signs need to work together to make those differences work for them.
Yes, there are going to be challenges the two will share but they have a rapport like no other relationship.
So it’s fairly easy for the two of you to build relationship compatibility based on shared knowledge and quiet intimate moments.
Scorpio will hang on to the problem and stick with it till it’s solved, which is a major issue for Gemini.
Gemini regards the Pisces as being a puzzle; Pisces doesn’t like the nervous energy that Gemini tends to portray. But, here’s some reality: the qualities that annoy each sign also attract them to each other. When it comes to making money, make sure that you set up a system that is as self maintaining and self completing as possible. Gemini has a wit that Cancer loves and Cancer has a sensitivity that Gemini is attracted to.
Gemini needs to understand that Aries doesn’t like holding conversations and shouldn’t rely on them for it. When handled in a positive manner, Gemini can provide various ways to deal with the impulsive ideas that Aries has. While either approach can work, there may be instances where an agreement cannot be reached on the proper course to go.

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