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The planets are a roadmap to events and opportunities, they do not affect us in anyway, but they can help us to take advantage of coming opportunities or warn of of possible stumbling blocks to come. Enter your email address to subscribe and you'll get an email each time a new post goes up. The most powerful point that the Taurus can use well is their practicality and patience when encountering unexpected troubles. The Libra-born has to endure an unstable environment, and it can make them feel stressful. Although the Scorpios are full of new ideas to carry out new things, they have some worries about the result.

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Most people are not fortunate enough to find their path to enlightenment,  but one should always stay hopeful and motivated. For me, happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. The only people who deny the usefulness of astrology are those silly bigots who have never made an intelligent study of astrology.
They’re falling into a hard time, so they need to be patient to deal with each in order to get the best result.

Reading a newspaper horoscope is not a study of astrology and when idiotic bigots like Randi and Shermer and other professional pseudo skeptics use the newspaper horoscopes as their proof they are in reality only demonstrating and expressing their ignorance and bigotry with using the newspaper horoscopes as an example. Please contact Randi and ask him before he dies why he lied to weasel out of the Bill Perron astrology challenge. We will give all the information that you wish to get today, tomorrow, even next month or next year.

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