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Leo horoscope this week, Sun and Saturn are placed opposite each other exactly 180 degrees apart. There will be considerable running around and at times although you will be putting in a lot of effort the expected results might be missing. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
In Aug-Sept Sun will be back in LAGNA so due to that Lots of your complications problems will be resolved. Download your Leo YearlyA Horoscope brochure containing your Tasks, Chanting and Precautions for the month. Download your Leo Yearly Horoscope brochure containing your Tasks, Chanting and Precautions for the year. Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius by Deborah Browning: This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to advance your creative ideas and concepts to those in power.
Weekly Horoscope for Virgo by Deborah Browning: This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to work quietly behind the scenes for the best possible results. If you can't personally participate in an adventure, you will be very interested in observing others' maneuvers. If you are trying to convince someone to agree to your ideas or opinions today, be aware that they could end up changing your opinion in the process!

There will be a lot of tension in your family relationships but it will be temporary and with time it will lessen.
People born under this Zodiac sign are a perfect combination of strength, boldness, confidence, grace and poise.
The position of Sun-Mercury in 5th house due to this union you will be blessed with new plans and recognition.From 14th Jan till 12th Feb SUN will be in 6th House so due to this you will have lots of secret tensions your expenditures will be high. From 14th April Sun will be in 9th House so due to that Your income resources will be flourished and come across many opportunities. Yes, Mercury is retrograde in your career house; that's supposed to be a cause for concern. Do your best to maintain good family relations and keep talking to each other and don’t be detached from your loved ones over small matters. Sporting a Leo tattoo is an excellent way to display your amazing personality ruled by the fire element. In MAY-JUNE Sun-Sat will be in straight contact so you must look after your profession and personal life. From 17th Oct till 16th Nov 2015 Sun will be in Libra so you must look after your health, wealth & way of prosperity.
Listen to and respect other people’s views and even if there are differences of opinion you don’t have to argue about the same.

Jupiter’s position in Leo with Rahu could serve to make you somewhat isolated and trapped in a situation. Since it is a fire sign, the Leo tattoos are often inked in red, yellow and orange – the shades of fire. From 13th Feb Your Sun will be in 7th House due to that You will face rise in status & prestige. July-Aug your Sun is in 12th House so there will be few struggle full situations you must look after your eyes sight and any kind of headaches. There will be few complications and technical setbacks but please try to take some TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE. 22) **** Sometimes you might gain an insight only because someone makes it so obvious that an aspect of your logic is off. Leo tattoos meant for men are generally darker in color while those designed for the Leo women are sometimes feature pictures of flowers and stars so that they look more feminine. You can combine your Leo tattoo with your birth date or some motivational phrase that defines your character even further.

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