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Submission guidelines happy woman magazine, Submission guidelines for happy woman magazine . Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Vierge (23 août – 22 septembre) votre horoscope 2015Laissez s'exprimer la Vierge folle qui est en vous ! Retrouvez la redaction d'Avantages et tous ses bons plans et ses infos beaute, bien-etre, sante, cuisine, escapades, DIY et deco. If you’re wondering what 2015 holds for you, here is some good news – a lot less stress than 2012, 2013 and 2014 and all twelve signs in the zodiac will get the chance to come to ITALY!
One thing we know for sure is that 2015 is going to be easier on Aries than the past three years. Your life in 2015 is going to be rather more slow-going than usual for you, in a good way.  Choose one of the many wonderful off-the-beaten-track destinations and work out a slow paced itinerary to enjoy every second of your Italian vacation.
As the planets align in your favor, you may find yourself uncharacteristically optimistic in 2015 and feel like you can do anything. It is highly likely that you will travel around the country this year, so your trip to Italy will include visits to different regions, some in the North, others in the South. Aquarians who are interested in improving their Italian language skills may finally succeed in coming to an Italian city to attend a course at a specialised language school. Finally, this year you have the blessing of lucky Jupiter in your love zone, a once-every-12-years event. Je vous trouve trop collantes et égocentriques les balances et en plus j'arrête pas d'en rencontrer pleins comme si je les attirais comme des mouches, beurk!!!
Il va falloir être patiente pour récolter les fruits de votre labeur, mais votre satisfaction n'en sera que plus grande les Verseau ! Ouvrez les yeux sur le monde qui vous entoure, vous serez sollicitée en tous points.

You need to be patient though and get through to March to really start to relax a little and get travelling. The perfect size gourmet cities in Emilia Romagna like Bologna, Modena or Parma are places you are likely to visit this year with your family. While you are usually most comfortable at home, close to family and friends, this year you will finally get the energy to come to Italy and make new friends. In early summer the Leos may plan a tour with their 'amore' which will be touched with passion and true enjoyment. That usually means doing some yoga or any activity which takes you into the next dimension in a healthy way. Even travelling is more likely to be an important life changing experience rather than a trip in 2015.
You will also travel solo to some special destinations that have been on your wish list for too long and share your experience with your friends on social networks. Vous sentirez le besoin de vous exprimer et de faire valoir vos idées autant dans votre vie amoureuse que dans votre vie professionnelle. Avec notre horoscope gratuit, faites le point sur ce que vous réserve les astres en 2015. Vous vous sentirez utile et comblée les Poissons ! Misez sur votre nature intuitive, les Poissons ! People keep you particularly busy with fun in May and June, so an early summer trip with a stop to one of Italy's theme parks could be really the right type of holiday this year. However, you tend to work too hard on anything that matters to you,  even when organising a holiday. Choose an Italian destination that will help you reconnect to your spiritual self  like Biella's Alpine Secret or Assisi.
While business seminars and deals will both be the important reasons for trips around the world, you are more likely to choose Italy for a vacations with friends.

Be confident and you will get some amazing results which might include a business trip to Italy. 2015 is also a year dedicated to your family in particular. You may find yourselves in an Italian location because of a new job or having acquired a new house. Holiday romances are definitely more likely and, for some pisces, even the classic handsome foreigner might be on the cards! Vous pourrez en effet faire de nombreuses rencontres pendant lesquelles votre naturel et votre charme si particulier feront mouche. You feel equally sure that, on the other side of that unyielding entrance is the answer to your prayers. Un amour sur-mesure pourrait bien voir le jour, à condition de sortir pour rencontrer du monde !TravailSachez rester ouverte.
Perhaps the one which won't respond is actually the one you should be glad you can't get past. Vous récolterez les fruits de vos efforts assez rapidement ce qui vous boostera dans les projets futurs. Alors étudiez bien la question avant de vous lancer.ChanceVous en aurez au travail c'est certain !
Vous n'aurez même pas à faire de demande de changement de poste puisque l'on vous proposera celui que vous convoitez, sans que vous en parliez ! Votre charisme impressionnera tellement que vous en épaterez plus d'un sur le plan professionnel. Ainsi rares seront les moments de faiblesses pendant lesquels vous vous sentirez amoindrie et enclin à de possibles petits virus.

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