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Get free yearly 2014 horoscopes and astrology predictions on love, career, business, finance, education and health for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces zodiac signs right away. Find out what 2014 has in store for you in all aspects of your personal and professional life.
The 2014 predictions for Aries indicate that you need to keep changing for a successful year. 2014 Gemini predictions forecast the people of this sun sign can expect to live life in the fast lane this year. 2014 Cancer horoscope predicts that this will be a year filled with happenings for people of this zodiac sign.
The 2014 predictions for Leo horoscope indicate a happy new year when you can shed unnecessary elements and proceed with a fresh view point. On the whole, 2014 is a year for moving forward for the Sagittarius star sign, although not without stumbling blocks. Virgo, When the New Moon on August 25th passes through your sign, Virgo it is time for a personality and possibly physical makeover.
Around August 1st and again on the 26th Venue will decide to influence you to help someone else.
NEW DELHI: It was an year of triumphs for the  Congress, including its success in its agitation against the NDA Government on the Amendments in the Land Acquisition Act, the  Electoral win in the Bihar assembly elections and the party  managing to turn the legal setback in the National Herald   case  into a political victory. The year 2015 also saw Congress  vice president Rahul Gandhi emerge as one of the most potent forces with the  huge victory of the Grand alliance in Bihar and the NDA backtracking on the  amendments in the Land Bill being seen in political circles as a consequence of  the strong leadership provided by the Congress youth icon.

However, amid the emergence of Rahul from the shadow of his mother and Congress  president Sonia Gandhi, Mrs Gandhi continued to provide a strong and inspiring  leadership to the party as she led the combined Opposition onslaught against the  government against the Land Bill and also led a party delegation to the  President on the issue of intolerance last month. In fact, the  post sabbatical makeover of the Congress vice president has set the stage firmly  for his elevation as party president in the coming months, a demand vehemently  raised by several senior leaders of the  party of late. The last several months have witnessed Rahul undertake padyatras across the  country to meet farmers, labourers, the family of the victims of the Dadri  lynching incident and also the FTII students to express his support for their  cause. Several rallies conducted by the Congress vice president  also saw him launch a strong attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on issues  like the Land Bill, his frequent foreign visits and his frequent jibes at home  and abroad on the non achievement by the previous UPA Government at the Centre. The huge victory of the Grand alliance  of non BJP parties in the Bihar Assembly polls last month with the Congress  showing a huge improvement over its position in the state compared to the last  assembly elections, reinforced the confidence of the party and its workers on  Rahul’s ability to take on the Modi magic that has led the BJP to a series of  electoral successes since the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Scorpio decans - scorpio rising, decan astrology, Learn about scorpio decans and scorpio rising sign. Leo horoscope 2016 – astrology king, Leo horoscope 2016 with decans for a more accurate forecast. Leo horoscope 2016 : over the past years the square of saturn in scorpio put you through quite a hard time, but now you are finally getting over it and are more aware. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. You may need to watch your finances and think about your health but a little caution should keep you on track. If you are working on a project and you don't like anyone's involvement into that project is a good time, however, to work alone.

You have to admit that everyone is curious to a certain extent about how his or her future will turn out to be. Work may involve some changes and some testing of your skills and knowledge, but on the whole it appears to be successful year. The Taurus temperament blends discretion with productivity and an open heart with practicality easily.
It is possible an old acquaintance reappears and is the time when you will be making new friends.
You will not feel like mingling when Mercury and Pluto get together in your house of solitude. Saturn influences 2014 strongly and the benefits from many years will come to you now forecast the 2014 Taurus horoscope predictions.
Modern Printers and Excelsior Printer Pvt Ltd, Janipura, Jammu and published from EXCELSIOR HOUSE, Janipura, Jammu 180007 (J&K). On the 25th you have an exceptional bad day: you lose your keys, your wallet is stolen and your computer does not boot up.

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