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For centuries together, the Hindu scriptures have laid down the principle that a girl, after having been married, should consider her husband as equivalent to God and pull on with him anyhow irrespective of his temperament, character, habits etc.
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A horoscope is also like a STAMP from the manufacturing company of NATURE, which incorporates these features..
Vastu is a holistic concept of architecture and interior design, whose principles are partially utilised in Feng Shui. Horoscope match making analysis includes the birth chart of girl and boy, both plus an analysis of the points they score in the Gun Milan.
About Dhawal BhallaA Astrologer Mr.Dhawal Bhalla Ji comes from a religious and simple living family of northen India. Horoscope Kundli Match Making ; Marriage is an important phase for human being’s life, which brings lots of happiness as well as with lots of responsibilities. Every religion has their own customs and religions and as other religion according to Indian religion matchmaking is one of the most important tasks which were done before marriage. Kundli matching or horoscope match making is a traditional ancient approach that is ongoing from the ancient time period. As everyone knows that in Indian society love marriage is taken as a biggest sin and cause of that, the parent never ever wants that their child does marriage with their love one or in other religion. So these are the some kind of situations where Kundli matchmaking is a must, but if you are the person who has no time to go anywhere then you can take advantage of Mukesh Ji’s Free Online Horoscope Kundli matchmaking service.
Astrology is a complete package of prediction and tradition which hold the related bodies and details that enables us to provide relevant information which is related to our personality, affair and other material issues. Horoscope matching is done generally when a person want to spend his or her life with another one. Getting married to someone is a lifelong commitment, and it is the most important decisions of one’s life.
It is not uncommon in world to lie or manipulate a few facts in order to get a better life partner. So match making is a very important process in vedic astrology and it is seen that it works 100%.
If you are in a search of a professional for match making who can guide you better to make your life better then contact astroshree. A very important yoga which affects the life of victim if present in horoscope but there is also one fact that every kalsarp yoga is not dangerous and no body can stop to get success if there is strong will power. Are you in search of original spiritual jewellery like real rudraksh, parad shivlings, statues of god and goddess, original gems stones, alternative raashi ratna. Fear is very dangerous thing and this is one of the biggest obstacle in the way of success.
In the present article I would like to share my experience with palmistry and also I will tell you how I do matchmaking by palm reading. The above question is very common and every person may look for this option of matchmaking by palmistry.
Such couples, who have been paradigm of compatibility, are important for me so I always keep the palmistry of such people for research. If there is much difference in your life line and your partner’s life line, this is not a suitable match. If your fate line is straight and your partner’s fate line is curved, this is not a good match.
Other than above mentioned points there are health line, Jupiter area, Venus area & Mars area can be analyzed for matchmaking. For palm reading, compatibility check or matchmaking, just shoot a photo of your hand lines with your camera and send me via email. 3 check matchmaking compatibility check or matchmaking compatibility test Fate Line and Matchmaking For palm reading horoscope horoscope matchmaking How matchmaking being done by Palm Reading Lifeline and matchmaking marriage line Marriage Line and Matchmaking match horoscope matching matching horoscope matchmaking palm reading palmistry Why Palm Reading for Matchmaking? Tagged with: 3 check matchmaking compatibility check or matchmaking compatibility test Fate Line and Matchmaking For palm reading horoscope horoscope matchmaking How matchmaking being done by Palm Reading Lifeline and matchmaking marriage line Marriage Line and Matchmaking match horoscope matching matching horoscope matchmaking palm reading palmistry Why Palm Reading for Matchmaking? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In Hinduism and in the Catholic religion at least, marriage is taken to be an indissoluble and sacred institution.

From here a person starts living the new life with a new partner, new happiness, new responsibilities, new hopes and many more things. According to Indian custom astrologer makes prediction of boy and girl’s future that how much compatible they will be with each other for doing this astrologer take help of date of birth of girl and boy and by which they make Kundali of girl and boy and then according to that Kundali astrologer make prediction about boy and girl’s future married life. When two individual get to come to do arranged marriage than in starting they were totally unknown from each other and this is the thing that families take decision for them according to their Kundali match or horoscope matching. Because when love couple does this then society make them out from society and even then couples are not allowed to involve in any of occasion of their own family also. By using which you can make consult to them at online and get the favorable solution of your problems. From the ancient times, it is in existence, people used this vedic astrology for their life. Hence, it is extremely important to perform some basic checks of your partner before committing to a marriage. Getting into an unhappy marriage not only shatters the dreams one has, but also leaves behind a long, lonely and painful life to live. To know that whether partnership will be fruitful or not with a particular person we can use the match making. If you are suffering from this type of problems, if evil eye is disturbing your life, if it is making your love life hell, if black magic is making your marriage life hell, if it is disturbing your business life then it is good to take proper steps to get rid of it as soon as possible. But due to some specific arrangement of planets in horoscope person suffers a lot or success delays so it is good to consult astrologer to know about whether any dosha or negative yoga is present in horoscope or not. Fear or phobia is a feeling in mind which makes a person weak and always keeps the person in dilemma or doubts.
Totkays can show results when privacy is maintained completely and when the person has faith on it. But the fact is if you love each other and your match is not suitable by matchmaking, most people would not accept the truth. The answer is there is much difference in horoscope matchmaking and matchmaking by palmistry but we can determine the required information about matchmaking from palmistry. If your life line longer than your partner or shorter than your partner, this is one negative point for matchmaking.
Computers & softwares are helpful only for the calculation purpose on the other hand full dependency on them will not give you any result but may misguide you. From his childhood he is fond of reading mystical books (granths) and use to search about these subjects.
And its belief that as much as Kundli get a match with each other as much as the future life of couple gets good with each other. Are you the parents who want to get to know about the horoscope match making then you can easily make consult to us. And other then that one more reason which causes a problem in love marriage is that parents think that if the child does love marriage in other religion or caste then they get forget about their own customs and rituals.
It gives a complete prediction of someone's future as it is a diagram of the positions of planets.
It is very important to proceed for match making because through this we are able to know that how the life will be after marriage. Get the best analysis of your problems, get the best solutions of black magic problems, get the powerful kawach, totkay to protect your self and your family.
Due to fear person is unable to express feelings, unable to perform well, unable to live a satisfied life.
If someone denied their matchmaking by reading horoscope, they look for other method of matchmaking. If that is true, you should not go for matchmaking and if you are willing to accept the truth, you are welcome. Other than that there are other parameters to match the fate line like its direction, thickness, color and angle. Difference between you and your partner’s marriage line, would get you many negative points of matchmaking.
The expert advice can save your relationship so you must keep all above things for your knowledge only. These Purusharathas are the subject matter of not only Vedanta and metaphysics, but also the astrological science.

But no one can deny the fact that most of the astrologers use the software for process of Horoscope matchmaking.
You can also find out hear new born baby names and any type of hindu mantra , yantra and stones . Astrologer Mukesh Ji is the astrologer who offers Free Horoscope matchmaking service for people so by that boy couple lives a happy, healthy, long lasting and beautiful marriage relationship with each other. So one and all whatever the reason is the conclusion is one that parents and society are just again to love marriage and on other hand couple obstinacy towards their decision.
Protect your business, protect your love.Black Magic SolutionsRead Here Some Best Astrologer Articles-1. If your fate line is moving to left or Sun Line, your partner’s fate line must go to the direction of left or Sun line or right to Jupiter, not to straight to the Saturn. In Indian astrology, Zodiac is divided in to twelve parts or divisions, named as houses. If you want to know about your future that use different type of our services.thank you for coming astrology world and used our services .
And running this kind of Questions in mind is natural because marriage is really a very big and time changing moment in life.
And at the end in some cases situation is that Childs get success to agree their parents for love marriage decision. Get the reasons and remedies of fear directly from astrologer asthroshree and make your life strong, smooth and successful. Original rudraksh if charged properly then no doubt it can enhance the luck and open the way of success in life.
This is technical enough so I would suggest that you should leave it to scholar to analyze. But one more thing which becomes hurdle is matchmaking because in love plus arranged marriage you have already chosen your life partner and after that you are going to matchmaking and marriage, so in that case what to do if your Kundli is not getting a match with your loved one?? If you are also the one who is facing the same issue where you and your loved one’s horoscope is not getting matched then don’t worry just take a deep breath and make thanks to god that god have blessed human being with astrology. It can really do wonders in mitigating the evil effects of the planets by scrutinizing the horoscopes of both the boy and the girl properly. Indian astrology has the solution of this thing also you can make consult to Mukesh Ji for getting Solutions for horoscope matching in love with arranged marriage problems. Enemy Problems and Solutions Motivational Articles By AstrologerIn life we face different types of circumstances and in that some are positive and some are negative. There are various methods of matching the horoscopes (Horoscope Compatibility).All the systems have got their own significance and each system has its own identity or sanctity as per the nation or the culture, but Indian Traditional system of matching the horoscopes (kundali milan) is above all.
Mukesh Ji will help you by getting the solution of this typical situation and help you to resolve that miss matching problem with the help of astrological remedies. We feel good when every thing goes positive but at the time of negative situations or time period we loose our control and start taking negative decisions. In Shashtras only Indian traditional system of astrology is treated to be most competent for the purpose of matching the horoscopes.
So here Astrologer is presenting some best motivating articles which will definitely help you to gain positive atmosphere again to live a successful life. No other system is given any authentication for this purpose.As per our view is concerned we admit it and agree with the system of astrology to give importance to the Indian Traditional System of Astrology. The more significance and importance needs to be given to the Indian Traditional Astrology for this desired system.
But it would be wise, if one can view or match the horoscopes with all the systems of astrology to have the excellent results of the marriage, to avert the complicacies and to lead a happy and married life.Vedic Astrology has an excellent and proven method of horoscope matching (Horoscope Compatibility) based on nakshatras (Lunar Constellations), which is called Ashtakoot milan or simply guna milap. Though this method is not restricted to marriage only and can be used for compatibility analysis between boy and girl with slight modification.In Ashta-Kuta system of match making (marriage compatibility), the maximum number of Gunas are 36.

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