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Your stars indicate that you are in a rather reflective mood and you are likely to lose yourself in daydreams, particularly about the past. You are believing too many tales and not looking at enough facts, particularly where your career is concerned. Someone you have always doubted in business is about to show you his or her hidden talent, which can have a great financial benefit for you. Those that you meet after 3pm today can be of particular assistance to your career so listen when they speak please.

Slowing your pace in your career and looking at options you have not previously considered before can make all the difference to your future earnings. Just make sure you don’t neglect to thank the person who got you such contacts in the first place. Look at the way you have got away with telling so many white lies this month, and unnecessary ones at that too. Flanked with a single strand of glistening natural zircon, this accessory embodies one-of-a-kind wonder.

Flanked with a single strand of glistening natural zircon, centred by a jewel-toned station, this accessory embodies one-of-a-kind wonder.

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