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The sun in Taurus lights a fire beneath your ambition – and it’ll feel as if your hopes and dreams are all being laid out in front of you. Want to hear more?For a more in-depth analysis of cancer join Frank’s membership FREE today and get EXCLUSIVE access to his in-depth weekly, monthly & yearly videoscopes. The Cancer man has a remarkable self defence system, when he is not busy protecting his family and loved ones that is! Sometimes seen to be crabby and snappy, as his starsign symbol portrays, and this man will take offence if people start to move too close and start to hurt him, even unintentionally.
His feelings are soft under that Cancerian shell and he intuitively picks up on other people's motives. It's no accident that Cancer's birthstone, the pearl, bears a resemblance to Cancer's ruling planet , the moon.

Dear Frank, Just wanted to send you a small note to express my great joy at having had a 40-minute telephone reading with you.Your style is upbeat and compassionate, you have a really good sense of humour, and for the foreign clients among us,an enchanting Scottish accent ! Frank Pilkington is an extremely gifted and insightful psychic and twice in my life his readings and insight into my future have armed me with knowledge that has given me strength and hope to persevere amidst difficult circumstances.
Insecure if she's not loved and cherished, she will cling like the proverbial crab to people who provide tenderness and appreciation. The watery sign of Cancer and the pearl enjoy an intimate association with the sea and the many cross cultural incarnations of the mother Goddesses - Isis, Diana, Neptune and Aphrodite. The first reading was over twenty years ago, when, as a young woman, I faced problems and could see no way out. Frank guided me towards my future and the hope it held, giving me the strength to move forward.

The second time was last week, as a mature woman and yet facing what seemed like insurmountable problems. Yet again Frank has, with compassion and wisdom guided me towards my future, lifted my spirits and given me strength.

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