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Pisces General Horoscopes for 2014Pisces, there will be a lot of change going on for you this year, however change can often be a good thing.
You will not be alone this year , as many people will be around you to either pick you up, give you advice and to help point you in the right direction. There will be plenty of invites to parties, special occasions, weddings and anniversaries and you will have the opportunity to spend much time with friends and family.
You may also find that this is the year where you reconnect with old friends or loved ones from the past.
There could also be some instances where there are disagreements with family or friends, so try to not to get all emotional and be diplomatic in these circumstances.
Keep your eye on savings and frivolous spending, as it is important for you to build a rock solid foundation this year in both your personal life, career and in your finances.Pisces Career 2014The first half of the year will be in your favor, when making decisions about finances or career. Projects can also get off the ground, or take off immensely during this time, so it would be extremely wise to pour your energy into these around this time.

You are extremely intuitive around this time and are able to find the right contacts, advice and help for what is needed to help you advance in your current profession. Those who started projects in 2013, will also see the fruits of their labor start to shine in the beginning of 2014 and continuing on throughout the year. Slow and steady wins the race and this analogy is extremely relevant for Pisceans this year, as you have most certainly created a foundation and have worked hard in your career and professional life. You are on the right track and although you may not always see the rewards, they are coming and you are most definitely on the right track.Pisces Love 2014You will be feeling quite emotional particularly in the first half of the year Pisces and this could also be a time when those in a relationship could discuss marriage. Things are going along nicely , however do not make any irrational decisions and it would be better to see how the rest of of the year pans out before rushing in. For those in a relationship, you can be assured that there are plenty of tender and romantic moments this year and also lot’s of moments and event spent with friends and family. Travel could be a on the cards, however it would be better to wait until after August for any potential overseas trips.

There will be plenty of opportunities for weekends or mini vacations away throughout the year and it will be a good opportunity for your and your loved one to get out of the rat race or enjoy some peace and quiet with nature. For those who are single, you may in fact find that you meet someone nice during one your vacations or trips away and there will most definitely be an opportunity, if not more than one for singletons to find their dreams partner this year.Want to know more about the traits and characteristics of those with the Pisces star sign? We also have the best horoscopes for Pisces daily star sign , Pisces weekly star signs and Pisces monthly sun signs.
Should you still have burning questions about love, career, finance and more, we have a wonderful list of live psychics waiting to chat today.

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