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These listings are just a snippet of the generalized Astrology predictions for different zodiac signs and it makes sense to heed free astrology reports 2015 and personalized yearly horoscope for detailed overview of your life in the year 2015. For Librans, the year 2015 seems to be a fantastic time straight out of some fairytale book. In addition, love birds and romantic couples will be able to score blissful time for most parts of the year 2015. Astrology prediction prophesizes the future based on the movement, formation or the alignment of the present planets and constellation of stars and how they intermingle with people, environment, and some forces connecting everyday situations and influences. Astrology prediction involves the forecast of a person’s life based on his birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and goes into transition through his marriage, life and future.
Astrology prediction has gone way back to old civilization even way back before medieval times.
Astrology prediction involves career, relationships, money, travel, marriage, destiny, friends and family, past lives, love, passion, forecast and horoscope. Predictions can give impact to some people as it provides them forewarnings on to some things that will bring bad influences, omens, forewarning and bad lucks. In 2014 the majority of what is good and what is poor is going to take place because the outcome of the movements of Jupiter by way of the heavens. Jupiter stays in Taurus exactly where it has been most of 2011 till May when it enters the happy-go-lucky sign of Gemini.
To add for the sense that things are a little out of manage the planet Neptune will also be within the sign of Pisces all of this year. Astrology is a generic term that contains within itself a knowledge base of a pseudoscience as practiced in different parts of the world. Among different astrology theories of the world that have their roots in ancient philosophies, it is the Hindu astrology that is supposed to be most broad based and significant.
Horoscope is a document that is made by astrologers based upon the date and time of birth of an individual as every moment is different in relation to the positions and movements of heavenly bodies. Love Astrology helps you understand oneself improved and creates a conclusion that explain why you act the way you do. Love Astrology or love numerology is observed as a valuable consultation on how to act and behave with your partner so that you can entice them extra.
Each zodiac sign has its own special personalities and inherent behavior and there are distinct zodiac signs which are in full contrast with others but would actually fill up the gaps on an additional, making them a perfect match.
How can numerology enjoy compatibility help you locate the individual ideal suited for your life or enjoy? It is important to have the ability to identify your numberology enjoy compatibility to prevent undesirable conditions or controversies in the future. Love and astrology is popular sense suggestions that you within your hyped up emotional and love stuck state fail to think on your personal.
Many believe on horoscopes that could make them aware of the events that may possibly happen to them on the day, and so everyday they will look for a paper or magazines to find their horoscope for the day. In the online astrology prediction services, there are astrologers who write the free horoscope which base on the sun sign horoscope.
So if you have questions about career, marriage, love, finance, health or any other important aspect of your life you would want to know can provide the answers you want to obtain.
Therefore in order to get the complete and accurate online astrology prediction, it will based on the information and the details they want and need you will provide like your full name, gender, birthdate, birth place, time of birth, and your complete address. If you want to have the most updated online astrology prediction, you can consult your astrology compatibility chart very soon. Taurus 2013 horoscope is that which gives predictions for people who are from Taurus sun sign. Read aries 2013 horoscope and leo 2013 horoscope to know what’s in store, find also about cancer 2013 horoscope, aquarius 2013 horoscope for actual prediction and more.
When it comes to psychic and astrology predictions, we predict the stars will collide this year for several of our favorite celebrities.
Read My Chart If you want to have your astrological chart read using Western or Traditional methods and do not post an astrological interpretation along with your chart request, your postings go here.
I wonder if anyone has done a serious attempt to compare modern economic prediction with astrological prediction. Ramesh Pokhriyal wasted no time in making 25 bold predictions, for the year 2015 and beyond, in his new role as daily astrologer for a leading news channel. It is often difficult to understand what the upcoming year 2015 - The Year of the Green Wood Sheep will often hold. When we understand the characteristics of each Chinese Animal sign and receive clues of what 2015 will bring, it is then easier to prepare for a new year. In each 2015 Chinese Animal Sign horoscope predictions, there are five main topics of interest. The first is career which helps a person understand if they should stay on the current career track or perhaps find another one.
With the knowledge of each Chinese zodiac sign's interest there are certain positions that would be enjoyed over others.
Read on to know about the 2015 Chinese astrology predictions for each of the 12 animal signs in the Year of the Sheep. The world needs more people like the Chinese horse individuals and this is felt more so in 2015. The Chinese horoscope 2015 for the Monkey zodiac sign forecasts that just being intelligent will not be enough for you to be successful in the coming year. People born under the Rooster Chinese astrology sign are usually confident, proud and courageous. The loyalty of this Chinese horoscope sign will help the Dog people succeed in all aspects in 2015. Written by Debra Gould - Leave a comment on this Post I love the start of a new year and the sense of wide open possibility it brings. To celebrate the new year and have a little fun on what is often a quiet day at home, I’ve decided to share the Staging Diva 2009 Home Staging Horoscope. No matter your zodiac sign, you’ll find my predictions for your home staging business for the coming year.
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This is THE script home staging expert Debra Gould used to go from zero to $10,000 a month in sales within 2 years.
We're committed to growing a community of successful home stagers and teaching them how to make money doing what they love. Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. If you are searching for horoscope predictions for 2013, then you have come to the right place! Taurus (April 20th-May 20th) – This year is going to be filled with challenges for Tauruses, but you should use your creativity to be resourceful when challenging situations arise. Gemini (May 21st-June 20th) – 2013 is going to offer much needed stability to Gemini in your professional life, love life, and finances.
Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd) – The year of 2013 is going to be relatively calm and uneventful for Cancers.
While your nature, Gemini, might be to focus on doing as much as possible, this year you need to find your point of balance. No one wants to hear they are going to have troubles, Leo, so don’t think of 2013 as this sort of year. Libra, you already consider yourself to be a strong sign, someone who is able to do more than the average person and face more than others might be willing to face. Though every moment might seem to present a new decision, Sagittarius, realize that it’s not always that simple. Most of the time, Taurus, you have a keen ability to navigate conflict well, but during this year, your patience may be tested.
With all of the things you have taken on in the past few years, Virgo, it may begin to feel like you’re getting nowhere.
Astrology Signs Compatibility Astrology Signs Compatibility Astrology Love Compatibility to Find Mr. Celebrity Emilio Navaira Dead At 53 From Heart Attack Entertainment Comedian Margarito Esparza Dies From Pneumonia Sports Miss BumBum Sends Pique Explicit Photos! Donovan Longo Twitter Google Plus RSSDonovan Longo, staff reporter, joined the Latin Times team in February 2013 and has quickly become our resident pop culture expert. You will be able to achieve a sense of gratification and indulgence in your family life for most parts of the upcoming year. Those of you who have been planning to tie the knots of togetherness may expect the wedding bells are all set to ring. Professionals may suffer terribly in their jobs and careers in the first half of the month. Though some of you may find it difficult to manage your family relations, the harmony and love in the relation will not be disturbed. Job seekers and professionals will find the time difficult with respect to career and profession. It plays a key role in the charging of your destiny with theoretical energy forces endowed with mystical powers to prophesize your destiny with such cosmic forces. A reading on his interaction within the sphere of his life cycle all throughout his life span would shed light on the accuracy of his yearly forecast and prediction. It has been the practiced since early civilization when therapies, cure, ailment remedies, and healing were practiced by old healers, shaman, druid, wizards, warlocks, witches, and even psychic mediums. People who are read by clairvoyants on some things concerning their careers can be given insights as to how their careers will cope and get on.
It would provide advises, plans, and certain strategies on how to manage company, corporation or individual finances in daily situation cases.
Jupiter is the planet that is accountable for the well being in the economic systems in all of the countries inside the world as well as for the wealth and well-being of folks. This indicates that governments will probably be slowed down in all that they do this year. This is because of his desire for improvement, and to get rid of whatever problems he finds himself surrounded with in the present. Astrology is believed to be a near science in India where people take it seriously in their daily lives and important events such as birth, marriage and careers. The positions of the sun, mars, moon and other planets are different at the time of birth of every individual which is why every person has got a unique horoscope based upon astrology. There are 12 zodiac signs, and every individual is assigned a particular sun sign depending upon his date and time of birth. And it also identifies the best interactive partner for you by matching your astrology love zodiac signs with an additional and looking for compatibility. And that’s what love astrology hopes to accomplish by giving you suggestions on what to do and how to respond to distinct conditions in life according to star as well as other celestial bodies patterned movements. Unfortunately, this strategy has not been understood by persons as a result of their ignorance of this subject. The promises of lovers to obtain the moon and also the comparison of fairly belles with star and moonlight has extra to do with flowery language. Even after marriage, some marital issues may possibly arise on account of incompatibility among the spouses that had been not apparent just before marriage. But the truth that it can be coming from somebody who can read the stars and also the future makes you put extra value to that suggestions. In the horoscopes, you can find predictions about your love life, work, finance, and health. The online astrology prediction can give you free personal daily horoscope and daily email horoscope.
You will learn that there are many types of astrologers who read you in different angle of your life. Once you open any astrology prediction website, you will be given instructions on how to furnish them the necessary information so they can work on their ways to make some predictions about you. People who were born in the month of march-April belong to the Aries sun sign and can check their daily forecast under Aries 2013 horoscope. These people are generally bright and have a mass of crowd who are influenced by cancerians. To know more about marriage compatibility, relationship, love life and career related queries, one can get advice from professional astrologers.
It also has its drawbacks as it can lead to emotional trauma if there is a negative prediction proposed.
In light of all the resolutions we know you’re going to keep, and of all the romantic adventures in your future, we wanted to give you some insight into 2014.
There is mystery and worry around every corner as the months tick on to show what the future will dish out. It is a year of small changes and for the most part of the year there will be peace and harmony. When experiencing periods of good fortune it is also important to start preparing for periods of negativity.
Your diplomatic and kind nature can help you climb the career ladder and also have good love relationships. You are smart enough to look at the two sides of a situation before making a final decision. You will be prosperous and successful in the coming year, thanks to your devotion and hard work.
If you want to be successful in 2015, then you will need to be more flexible and adapt to the situations on hand.
I’ve been putting together my goals for my home staging business and planning new home staging training courses to offer Staging Diva students in 2009. A great way to get leads on staging jobs and be "in the know" about making money as a home stager! Learn word for word what she says when a homeowner calls and why she never does free estimates. Planning for the New Year can seem like a daunting challenge, but when you know what to expect, it can be made much easier.
19th-March 20th) – This is going to be a year of much personal and professional growth for you.
For your 2013 printable calendar, expect your roles in your personal and professional life to be reinforced in a positive light. Set your goals early in the year and create a plan that is going to allow you to begin working on them from day one.
22nd) – A printable blank calendar 2013 is going to be ideal for you, because events are going to be happening rapidly throughout the year. 22nd-December 21st) – Get your 2013 printable calendars today, because this year is going to be one of growth in all facets of your life, both personal and professional.

Plan your events using our 2013 printable calendars and you will be able to fill in your special times!
But this is a year of possibility, so maybe it’s time to think about those dreams more often. You have had times when you’ve stepped aside for legitimate reasons, but also for reasons that might not have been as truthful as you said they were.
Instead, think about this year as being a time when thinking about the next step becomes crucial for the outcomes you want. In the past, when you have felt unstable, you may have been drawn to taking large steps to correct the situation. Your direct manner and your ability to be decisive has certainly helped you, but it can also cause you to be less effective in the thinking process. You might find yourself in situations that were not of your own actions, but they still impact you. In 2015, some of you may also experience a sudden change in the behavior of your family members. It is vital to grab a copy of personalized yearly horoscope for a detailed overview of your life in 2015. However, it makes sense to watch when you speak for your harsh tone may spoil your romance. Get personalized yearly horoscope if you wish to get a glimpse of your life in the year 2015. Forecast should also be based on the sun sign, such as: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, and pisces.
Astrology Prediction can be useful and at the same time beneficial to some people, and most of them seek astrological advises as to how to cope with life when it comes to love affairs, marriage, and death. A forecast on how your company would be faring this year or next year can be a little helpful to provide clarity on the exact financial family or business situation.
Reconnecting to that bond will be extremely advantageous to note that a link has already been established from the past. The year begins with Jupiter finally going in a direct motion inside the sky immediately after moving backwards almost the complete year of 2012. Politically, world governments are going to experience a fantastic deal of backlash to all that they do. This can be time for you to tighten your belt as there might be mass layoffs, shortages or perhaps a real down-turn inside the economy. In general, astrology is an attempt to make out something meaningful from the configurations, constellations and the movement and speeds of different planets and stars. This part of astrology, though it is just a part, is very important for most people as it predicts and tells what is in store for not just individuals but even groups, companies, and nations. Most newspapers and magazines carry a daily horoscope section predicting the events in the life of an individual on that day. It is believed that the horoscope of a person can predict his health, future, and even relationships with others at any given point of time in his life. It is based upon the notion that if horoscope can evaluate the individuality of 1 individual, then it ought to be in a position to analyze the compatibility of two personalities. Using love numerology, you can identify no matter if two individuals who plan to live together for the remainder of their lives include particular a natural compatibility or not.
Both individuals ought to understand every others approach to life at the same time as every others desires and demands.
So if you have more questions that you would like to be answered by the astrologers online, you can send it to the astrologers via their website and it would be answered promptly. Some respond a few hours after while others will respond a day after, because you may not be the only client they are entertaining at the time you provided the information needed. Many of them take important decisions based on the predictions which are again based on the position of stars and planets.
Astrology has solutions to any problem, difficulty that one faces in different walks of life.
The astrologers also give advice on gem stones that can be worn in order to find relief to diseases.
Taking things easy and having the spirit of accepting the negative and the positive will be the right attitude if in case you have plans to get your copy of future predictions. 2015 is a year to be enjoyed but be prepared for any circumstances that appear out of nowhere. It might take same work to fix the working environment so that it is more enjoyable but it is better to fix a problem than start a new job. Your view of looking at things from a different perspective helps you in making better decisions. If you want to be successful in this year, then you need to be diplomatic while dealing with people. Do not let your arrogant attitude get into the way of success be it in career, love or relationships. Being straight forward is a good personality trait, but you need to be diplomatic in today's world to get things done without hurting others.
Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. 18th) – When you are ordering your printable blank calendar 2013, be prepared for a more peaceful and serene year than in 2012.
When it comes to your relationships, including the one with your partner, patience is going to be key. Although 2013 is going to bring a surge in financial prosperity, you are encouraged to exercise caution in your expenditures, in order to achieve your goals for this year. Your relationships, both personal and professional, are going to enter a new phase of pleasantness. 22nd) – This year is going to see many of your long term plans come to fruition, but expect your values and personal beliefs to be put to the test.
21st) – Your printable blank calendar 2013 is going to allow you to pursue endeavors that you have not been able to touch for years. All obstacles and hindrances you have previously faced are going to seem to vanish into thin air.
The more that you focus on making it easier to be productive this year, the more you will get done, showing others your potential and your ability to be the one who inspires others. You might want to consider whether holding them back is the right thing for you to do, for your happiness and for your stability. You need to throw away what everyone else seems to think balance looks like – perfection.
Instead of rushing to do something or to say something, stop and think hard about why you are making each decision. To find out if you are being strong in an effective way, it’s helpful to think about how you might be approaching certain situation in your life.
Though this is certainly helpful in some instances, look at this year as finding smaller ways to right your course. Decisions that are well informed come from sitting and thinking about the situation, and what you want the result to be.
Stopping to think about where your intentions line up with your actions is a great way to begin this new way of living in 2013. To ensure you are making the best decisions, you will want to focus on finding the source of the conflict. In addition, those love birds who have been struggling to get a green signal to tie the knots of togetherness will finally get approval from their families. In addition, some of you may find it difficult to maintain love and harmony in their family relations. Their activities involved healing through herbs, potions, concoction, tonic, brew, and other remedies, to fortune telling, forecasting, and prophecy.
Knowing your destiny through Astrology Prediction can be very challenging particularly when you do not have any inkling as to your destiny, future, or fate. Those within the entertainment, culture and media organizations will really begin to flourish. Court choices will probably be delayed and critical matters to do with hospitals, the legal profession and military matters will grow to be chaotic.
Even so on a individual level people will be much more sentimental and most likely to fall in really like! It is believed that these heavenly bodies affect lives of human beings and knowing about the movements reveals a lot about our future.
This is done to en-cash the popularity and acceptance of such predictions as there are millions who believe in these predictions.
This makes sense in case you accept the idea that horoscope can accurately measure anything at all. But you can avoid the hassle of looking for your horoscope in the papers by the utilizing the free online astrology prediction. When you send them these information via their website, the astrologers will respond to you through your email and write all the predictions about you and your life. The astrologer who predicts the future can offer services like remedies for a problem faced by a person. People who took interest in learning this science have become popular for offering remedies for problems faced in life.
In 2015 it might be better to focus on current relationships instead of trying to find new ones. Learn to make the most of the opportunities in the Year of the Sheep without being overstressed. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. Be prepared for many situations that are going to call for swift and decisive action, but do not be too impulsive in the actions that you take, lest they bounce back on you.
At times, you may find yourself facing periods of solitude, but take the opportunity to focus on the chance for personal growth. You will be faced with periods of melancholy and uncertainty, but make a concentrated effort to keep your wits about you.
A future security threat is going to bother you, but you will determine the effect that you allow it to have. There will be a period where you feel devoid of any inspiration, but make sure that you remain in close contact with your loved ones around you. Think about what’s possible, and think about what you could do to make certain ideas come to life.
True, there will be times when you might want to slip back into your old ways, but instead of falling back into old patterns, you need to focus on how you can support yourself in doing what needs to be done.
It’s not about always having things perfectly measured, but that you need to think about how you are overstretching yourself in some areas, while not stretching yourself far enough in others. Think about how you might be able to create a steadier outcome, than one that is the direct opposite of what was already happening.
While there are times when snap decisions are the best actions, there are other times when the impact of your decision is much larger than it appears in the moment.
The more you can focus on the ways in which you make decisions that support your beliefs, the more you can find successful outcomes. At times, this thought process might lead back to you and to something you’ve said or done.
Look at your calendar to see how you can fit in the things you’ve said were important and that were something that you would do. Astrological prediction includes the person’s destiny, character, and traits in giving a full reading on his personal forecast. The news will probably be full of all sorts of announcements about developments and inventions in technology. This influence, too, heralds the birth of amazing new inventions, wonderful new discoveries and possibly even the discovery of a brand new planet. February, June and July will also be terrible occasions for anybody to invest in property, negotiate a loan or make an effort to renegotiate a mortgage.
This is due to the fact all through the majority of 2013 most of us will be ruled by our heads and not our hearts! Astronomy, the study of exact measurements and movements of stars and planets, was once a part of astrology but soon developed into a science in its own right. People are moody all the time and no matter if it can be as a result of planetary arrangement or not, nobody can say for confident, but lovers confident locate excuses in horoscope reports and horoscopes to clarify the highs and lows in their relationships. They usually touch the most important aspects of your life such as family, wealth, health, and love relationships. There are online astrology predictions that deliver unique and informative weekly readings each and every week. There are specialists in these fields who can give accurate details on the future and can even provide remedies for various ups and downs in onea€™s life. However, in order to enjoy this serene year, you are going to need to exercise a considerable amount of tolerance in your day to day life. This year, any obstacles that arise in your path are going to be dealt with tact and diplomacy, resulting in new regard for you as a person. Your materialistic nature is going to soften considerably, but engaging in spiritual or charity pursuits are going to provide you with the peace of mind that you need. You are the one who is ready to show everyone that you are capable and trustworthy this year. Sometimes, you may still need to step back from others, but the more you can give of yourself, the more you will receive in return. The more you can stop and take stock of what you are doing, the more you can see when things need to be rearranged. You may not always have the right answers, and sometimes you might still have reactions that are out of place or that are unhelpful, but the more you can stop to think, the more you will get the results you desire. The time has come for you to decide well, as opposed to checking another decision off your list. While your intentions may have been good, realize that you are not the only person that matters in an interaction.
Follow through on your promises and you’ll end the year with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Neida Sandoval Allegedly Fired From Telemundo For Being Jealous Of Maria Celeste Arraras 85 Shares 5. In addition, some of you may also plan to invest on properties which will fetch you good returns in the course of the upcoming year. For a more detailed reading of how your life will fare in the year 2015, it makes sense to heed free astrology reports 2015 available at leading astrology websites worldwide. They are the person’s barometer in determining his future plus the interplanetary and constellation arrangement when it comes to the movement and placement of the sun to its nearby planets.
2014 is going to be a lot greater for several simply because it’s going to be a year of recovery. Items will become even more upsetting when Saturn, the planet of discipline, moves into Scorpio on October 14th. The predictive part of astrology as we know it today is what intrigues many while many dismiss it outright. Various questions and doubts pertaining to different issues faced by an individual can be answered using these predictions.

Analyzing the horoscope before taking any decisions is one the most oldest traditions followed in most of the countries. 2013 promises to provide you with financial gain that will enable you to venture into new charity fields. You must decide if the effort is worth pursuing, or if you should continue in your current relationship.
Your professional life is in for a significant change, but you will thrive on recognition for your work. This is a year for daydreaming and becoming open to what else might be realistic in your life.
Sometimes, strength comes not from being silent or composed, but from being emotional and open. You want to make sure you’re doing things that are right, rather than things that are easier. By stopping to take responsibility, you can create a peaceful year, one in which you learn more about who you are.
ShutterstockNew Year’s Eve is a time to let go of the past and embrace the future, and with the coming of 2015, many are looking forward to possibly their best and most exciting year! On the positive side, the planet moving forward brings a large influx of cash, specifically towards the signs of Taurus and Gemini.
This can be a cruel, ruthless influence that has little sympathy for ideals or humanitarian concepts. At the end of each year we reflect upon what we learned that year and who we are now as we prepare for a fresh start and of course that dazzling ball drop in Times Square, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we good have a head’s up or a sneak peek at what was set to occur in the pervious year?
This article attempts to find out the differences between these two tools of foretelling the future. Towards the end of the year, your ambitions may materialize if you conduct yourself appropriately. You just need to step a little outside of your comfort zone, and realize that others will return the favors. Your ruling planet, Saturn has been navigating the dark and fixed waters of Scorpio for the past two plus years, teaching you everything there is to know about deep feelings, letting go and resourcefulness. You've been putting a tremendous amount of energy into your career and life goals and committing to the long haul. Cultivate as much time in your daily schedule for soul time, zoning out and tuning into your dreams as possible.
This summer, Saturn will dip back into your house of goals and social networking between June and September. Use this time to finalize any loose ends or revamp any of your bigger schemes that still feel clunky. You have until 2024 to go for the final transformation, but this could be one of the most pivotal of all in terms of a huge growth surge.
You're truly stepping into your power and determination to build work and relationships that last. Integrity is where it's at, as always.  AriesYou're like the horse (Ram) ready to break out of the gate this year, Aries!
The cosmic taskmaster has finally moved on from the underworld sector of your horoscope giving you a break from all of the painful inner work of facing your demons.
You've faced your darkest fears, delved into your deepest insecurities and uncovered the most complex layers of your sexuality.
Now you're ready for a breath of fresh air. 2015 is about breaking new ground and reconnecting with your spiritual path in a new way. Travel beckons and you will be reworking your entire philosophy and worldview while seeking important mentors and guides. You have a discerning eye when it comes to whom you will allow into your sacred world in 2015.
This is the year to get back in touch with your strength so that your inner kid feels totally safe and free to express with wild abandon.
Creativity and work has never felt so compelling and rewarding as it will this year -- especially during the second half of the year.  TaurusRuts be damned -- you're going to break that rusty cage this year, Taurus! 2015 is all about releasing the dross from your life so that you can embrace some glorious new horizons. Letting go is your least favorite endeavor, and yet you've nearly achieved mastery when it comes to non-attachment in your relationships.
You've been there and done that when it comes to enduring the pain that ensues from clinging too tightly. You're learning to appreciate what you have in the moment, count your blessings and stay present in the gratitude of what is rather than what was or what could be. This is a year to make your existing structures stronger and expand on your fabulous vision. Magic is yours for the making in 2015! This is also a year for reconnecting to your roots of strength and creativity in preparation for a steamy little romantic cycle that kicks off this August. Pleasure and love are yours in great abundance from late summer until well into 2016, so savor every second! This good fortune in your love department comes but once every 12 years, so you don't want to miss it by remaining stuck in your loyal zone of duty and responsibility. Give yourself permission to break free for those late summer months to truly indulge in the goodness that life insists on delivering in a major way.  GeminiDouble hurray, all of that diligence and handwork is totally paying off in 2015, Gemini.
You've fought your way through enough bumps and bruises on the road to success over the past few years, and now you're ready to truly claim your foothold and take your vision to the next level.
The cosmic taskmaster is finally taking a break from your work and health zone and will only come back for brief audit and finalization this summer (June-September).
So go ahead and spend the first half of the year pursuing excellent collaborations and stellar people to partner with.
The other sweet news is that life isn't going to be more of that all work and no play non-sense.
You're totally a creative visionary as the New Year begins and that powerful and exuberant influence will push you to new heights for the first half of 2015. Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance and the big picture continues to light up the zone of your horoscope ruling your mind, communication, siblings and daily interactions.
The only caveat is that Jupiter will be retrograde until April, so you may want to wait until spring to launch your biggest-of-the-big-shot projects, Gemini.  CancerThe year starts off with quite a turbulent bang, Cancer!
The good news is that the last of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares will culminate this March. You've reached the final stage of the evolutionary push with Self, career, family and relationships, Cancer.
Home and career continue to be your major areas of focus due to the strong Nodal activity in your 4th (domestic) and 10th (professional) sectors through the end of the year.
Home is definitely where your heart is, and this year you're determined to find or make your dream domicile. The full Moon lunar eclipse hits the bottom of your chart this April, so expect that to be the extreme catalyst to push you onward if you haven't made your big move by then.  Saturn is finally finishing up his work in your love, children and creativity domain this fall.
He'll be back for a brief checkup and finalization, and much of your attention will be on your daily schedule and rituals, and finding some kind of magical alchemy between your work and health.
You have a tendency to work, work, work and then crash and not want to leave the house for days.
This year you will find some boundaries and structure around routines thanks to the presence of the cosmic taskmaster, Saturn, taking up residence in your Sixth House of responsibilities.
There's a nice electric push this March in your career zone when Mars and Uranus meet up to make for something unexpected and immediate. If you've been feeling stuck or stagnant on a professional level, you'll adore this innovative surge of new energy to open up the channels of creativity.  LeoThe royal treatment continues, Leo! You still have the glorious power of Jupiter in your sign for the first half of the 2015, so go ahead and rock that joie de vivre that you rock so well.
As sad as it may seem to part ways with the generous abundance of the big jovial planet in your sign this summer, you can take comfort knowing that the second half of the year will bring you luck and abundance in the financial department. The other positive shift is Saturn finally moving out of the basement of your horoscope after a few years of family sludge. You've had your fill of the heavy feeling in your gut that showed up at the end of 2012 and has found a way to both anchor if not depress you for the past few years. The new phase of Saturn is bringing attention to your house of pleasure, love and creativity. It's also your house of children, so if you've been considering having a child or giving birth to a new creative project, this could be the year that you truly commit your time and energy to making it a reality.  VirgoYour star is totally rising in 2015, Virgo!
Although you will have to be patient until the se-cond half of the year for the real fabulousness to kick in, it's so worth the wait. Jupiter enters your sign in August (for the first time in 12 years) and it's totally worth waiting for! All of the mental focus and contraction of the past few years is going to pay off in substantial ways in your career.
Lucky Jupiter is bringing some amazing expansion, opportunity and recognition your way this summer for an extended period (all the way through the middle of 2016). Since you're more of a planner than a risk-taker by nature, this new phase will break you open to embracing all kinds of new adventures. Of course you'll still need your hermit time, especially during the first part of the year. You're grounded in truth and you've worked on your communication skills hardcore over the past few years, now 2015 is your chance for the big launch. Just note that you'll have maximum power and presence after August, so use the first six months to get all of your ducks in a row, Virgo-style. You can never be too organized and ready!  LibraRelationships and communication are the top two headlining contenders for your life script in 2015, Libra. This is a cosmic and evolutionary push to do your Libra balancing lessons, and to do them well. It's easy to feel hopelessly obsessed with relationships and partnering, regardless of whether you're in a tryst or not. All relationship dynamics will continue to take up the majority of your energy and attention this year as the 'hall of mirrors' theme takes you to the next level of self-discovery. Seeing yourself through the lens of the other is all well and good unless you give away your power and then cease to connect to your own source of beauty and wholeness. The dance between independence and dependence can be dizzying at this point, but it's how you're being stretched to your max, discovering what you're truly made of.
Yet more monumental changes are on their way again after April when a total lunar eclipse hits your stars. It will take a full six months (your birthday is a good marker) before all of the effects from this dramatically altering event are revealed. Eclipses in your own sign only happen but once every 19 years, so trust that this radical time has come to wake you up to something you've never seen before.
The other great news is that the final (seventh) Uranus square Pluto initiations happen this March. You're totally coming into you own on all four levels in 2015: self, relationships, home and career.  ScorpioThis year could not have come fast enough, Scorpio! You're finally breaking out of the dark tunnel of transformation that seemed to last for an eternity. Instead of feeling like a ghost in your own life, you're going to reincarnate into greatness. Saturn is almost finished with your stars for good, minus one last tune-up this summer (June to September). This new phase is about breaking free from the limitations of fear, darkness and insecurity. You have certainly been to hell and back, Scorpio, and now you're ready for a serious reprieve from all of the heaviness that started back at the end of 2012. Enough with feeling exhausted, depleted and anxious; you're ready to return to life with wild abandon. You're totally blessed to redefine yourself from scratch and emerge as the powerful Phoenix you are, darling. Having Jupiter shining brightly at the top of your chart for the first half of the year will bring plenty of of opportunities to combine creativity with worldly experience. You're definitely on a quest for meaning and truth.  SagittariusYou were born to be wild, Sagittarius, and this year you'll be back in your favored rambunctious saddle. After surviving the past few years of feeling pent up, frustrated and in the longest darkest, tunnel of the unknown, you're so ready to break on through to the other side.
You've been shedding layers upon layers of your old, false self in order to make room for this glorious and powerful firebrand now emerging from the shadows. Saturn will back out of your sign between June and September, creating a break in the action of your ongoing self-reinvention process. Considering the level of total metamorphosis you've undergone, it would make sense that you may need to go back and recover a few missing or forgotten pieces of your old self to integrate into the new package. Plus, the summer will bring you back to any unfinished emotional business that started in 2012.
This is your last chance to say goodbye, and part on terms that you can live with for the next 30 years. This is your year to skyrocket and you don't want any emotional baggage standing between you and your utter fiery fabulousness.  AquariusThe pressure is finally easing up in 2015, Aquarius. You can bid farewell to the constant testing and hardships that you've braved and conquered. This year is finally bringing the fruits for all of the arduous labor you've so devotedly mastered. You've been laying down powerful career foundations that you can build on in the new year, Water Bearer. Every level of your integrity has been tested, and you've earned the respect from both friends and colleagues. You've kept your eye on the prize, and in 2015 you're so close you can practically reach out and grab it.
Your social and love life may have had to take a backseat in 2014, but this year you've got Jupiter taking a stronger role in the relationship department without the overshadowing of Saturn.
The one caveat to the moving- on-moving forward-adios-Saturn-story is when the Cosmic Taskmaster moves back into your career zone for one final cleanup job in June. Once you get into mid-September, it's on to the bigger and better horizons of long-term goals, expansive collaborations and high flying.  PiscesGet ready for love, romance and glamour galore in 2015, Pisces. You're an irresistible sexy siren with the added bonus of Jupiter in your opposite sign starting this August.
If you have been having trouble-cutting cords with someone or something on the toxic side, this new phase starting in August will help you to get clear on making the break. Relationships are definitely highlighted with Jupiter in your polar opposite constellation, but that encompasses all of your significant one-to-ones. Your tendency is to merge, but Jupiter brings the wisdom to hold your own while choosing your companionship carefully.

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