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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. He is closely connected to the Indian scholars and experts on Astrology, and yearly he attends their conferences and workshops along with his students. Initially making a study of traditional astrology and subsequently went over to Bangalore and pursued studies under Professor A.
Coining of names and also identifying the correct letters for a name according to the time of birth. Study of wasthu science connected to housing plans and removal of any errors in order to help to develop the business and for improvements.
What’s stopping you from manifesting the kind of relationship that you cannot wait to be a part of? Remember that every limitation thought pattern is a program that your Subconscious is operating without disruption.
In the area of processing information the unconscious mind is over a thousand times more powerful than the conscious mind. So then you could begin looking for more invigorating questions, like “How do I become more mindful or what is in the path of my vision, or what my inhibiting faith really are”?
What’s stopping you from being offered your ideal job is not due to a bearish economy, or because you lack the suitable connections. Most accounts of inventors thinking on a solution to a problem that has eluded them have said that the solution came in a split second of insight, a dream state or some unrelated situation.
To activate some creative power from the angle of the solution, start to think of what the reply would feel like once it was discovered. That’s the kind of energy you access during the magnetization stages of searching for your ideal job. You must stay humble and focused with your expectations and filter out the negative energy and you will be on your route to realizing your desires.
There are two crystals that every start – up business should have: citrine and tiger’s eye. When it comes to the accounts, use your tiger’s eye, a grounding crystal that is great for sorting out details.
Attracting wealth is one of the oldest uses of crystals – amulets to encourage prosperity have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. As well as aiding concentration and organization, agate has long been considered a good luck stone.  Fluorite is also said to aid concentration and help you to focus on what’s necessary. Keep a bowl of your favorite crystals handy, so that you can hold them when you feel stressed.
Whether it is crystal pendants, consultancy, or computer programming, you will need to deliver your goods or services on time and on budget. Clear quartz or smoky quartz single -- terminated crystals, or jet at the corners of your desk near the floor, help ground you and give you energy.
Computers emit continuous electromagnetic radiation and if you are sensitive, you will find this quite draining after a while.
You can charge two large protective stones – granite, flint, or marble, for example – so that they allow in friends and repel enemies. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Make sure your clothing is loose and comfortable, and that you will not be too hot or too cold if you sit still for half an hour or so.
Choose one crystal.  If you intend to look at it, place it close so that you can easily see it without having to move. Now that you are completely relaxed, notice your breath gently sliding in and out of your nostrils.
If you are holding your crystal, allow its energy and color to spread up your arm, into your body and fill the air around you. When you have finished, drink a large glass of water and give yourself time to come back to the world. The purity and simplicity of crystals can provide a straight and steady connection to the world of the spirit – no matter what you belief system. The best way to start exploring a crystal’s numinous connection is to spend time meditating with it. For the siblings it is the eternal tie of love, for Brahmins the day to take the pledge of Brahmanik rites and for those who depend sea and monsoon, it is the beginning of the new season. On the day of Rakhi, sisters prepares the pooja thali with diya, roli, chawal, rakhi thread and sweets.
Sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers amid chanting of mantras, put roli and rice on his forehead and pray for his well-being. Indian festivals are based on the weather changes and their significance in the lives of people but they do have a story to support the celebrations. It is said that the Raksha Bandhan was a ritual followed by Lord Yama (the Lord of Death) and his sister Yamuna. The story of Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun is the most significant evidence in the history.
Previously, Rakhi festival encompasses the warmth shared between the siblings but now it goes way beyond it.

The significance of Sri Krishna is that he used his life to explain to us the great teachings in Upanishads.
It must be remembered here that Lord Krishna is happy with anything that is offered to him in true devotion. Krishna was happy with sweat drenched beaten rice offered by Kuchela or Sudama. Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.. He had been awarded a Doctorate in Astrology and also had been felicitated with many awards in the subject. Brain scientists have established that the conscious mind only functions at optimal at roughly 5 % of the time. What is keeping you from creating enough money is not due to lacking of the correct set of skills. If there aren’t any counter intentions lurking, what you want will arrive rather quickly. If you want everyone to feel inspired and creative, invest in an Amethyst geode for the office.
Wear it on your left hand or around your neck over the throat, whenever you have to go and sell yourself or your wares – it will draw good deals and money to you. Tiger’s eye is generally a good crystal for business, helping to maintain stability and productivity.
When you’re hiring people you need to be able to listen to your intuition and make sound assessments. It is an all-round good luck stone, once carried by Roman soldiers to protect them from harm, staunch wounds and to overcome enemies.
So once you have thought out your strategy using your lapis lazuli, you should carry a gambler’s lucky amazonite or a green quartz. One of the following crystals between you and the screen will absorb some of the radiation, but don’t rely completely on your crystal. You may want to wrap yourself in a thin blanket, as many people find that they cool down when they are meditating. You should feel as if you head is floating on top of your spine; everything should feel loose and flexible.
You can do this quite quickly, imagining that you are letting go of tension with each exhalation. They can also enhance our awareness of the infinite mystery that is life in a positive way – and help us to connect appropriately to that mystery. The vibration between you and the crystal is unique but repeatable, so that if you find that you respond very well to a particular crystal the first time, it should become easier and more effective the more you use it.  In General, violet, white or transparent crystals are connected with the spiritual plane. Religiously speaking Shravan is a pious month and full moon of this all-important month is considered to be a very holy day. The ritual begins with a prayer in front of God, then the sister ties Rakhi to her brother and wishes for his happiness and well-being. The rich Indian Mythology provides a religious reason to celebrate the day in a specific way. The demon King Brutra was advancing and the Gods lead by lord Indra, were on verge of defeat. Some people tie Rakhi to neighbours and close friends signifying a peaceful co-existence of every individual. The occasion involves a pledge of life-time practice of moral, cultural and spiritual values. The most important mantra recited on the day is ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.’ This can be done while performing pujas or throughout the day. If any images that appear on the website are in violation of copyright law and do not agree with it being shown here, please contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible. Ram at Krishnamurthy Bhawa Kendra and also went in to deep study of Sri Lankan and Indian Vaasthu science and became an expert astrological scholar.
95% or more of our daily lives (for most people 99%) we function our minds on auto mode, the Unconscious . What is holding you apart from your ideal love relationship is NOT that you are too senior, or that all the good ones are employedrecruited~taken}. Use it whenever you feel physically tired, lacking inspiration, or if you really need to get things done.
Malachite is also good for general business success, so you should always have a piece at your place of work.
A basket of green crystals – for example aventurine, chrysoprase, light green jasper, and nephrite – in the far left corner of your desk or tour room will help you prosper. By the time it comes to actually doing the job, they are bored and thinking of the next thing. In turn, the brother acknowledge the love with a promise to stand by his sister through all the good and bad times. The king was touched by her goodwill for his family and her purpose and requested the Lord to accompany her.
Yama was so moved by the serenity of the occasion that he declared thar whoever gets a rakhi tied from his sister and promised her protection will become immortal.

It is said that the great conqueror, King Alexander of Macedonia was shaken by the fury of the Indian king Puru in his first attempt.
Seeing this, Draupathi had torn a strip of cloth from her sari and tied around his wrist to stop the bleeding. Rakhi Utsav was first popularized by Rabindranath Tagore to promote the feeling of unity and a commitment to all members of society to protect each other and encourage a harmonious Social life.
The values and the sentiments attached to the rituals of this festival are worth inculcating by the whole human race, the sentiments of harmony and peaceful coexistence.
Like the numerous names of the festival, Janmashtami is going to celebrate on September 1, 2010. Processions with children dressed as Sri Krishna, Radha and Gopis are held on the occasion. Put them in the wealth corner of your work – that’s the far left corner from the door of the room.
Choose one of these to carry when you need to generate more income – or put one in the till.
Lapis lazuli will give you wisdom and amethyst will heighten your intuition and help you make good judgements.
A good crystal to start with is clear quartz, but as you become more experienced, you will want to choose crystals to meditate with that have the energy that suits your needs for the mood of the moment. Laying down to medicate is also good, but you may need to fight the tendency to drift off the sleep.
The festival finds a mention in most of the epics and its origin can be traced back to the mythological Pouranik times.
Brihaspati asked Indra to tie a sacred thread on his wrist, powered by the sacred mantras on the Shravan Purnima.
When Rani Karnawati the widowed queen of the king of Chittor realised that she could in no way defend the invasion of the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, she sent a rakhi to Emperor Humayun. Upset by this, Alexander’s wife, who had heard of the Rakhi festival, approached King Puru. Lord Krishna, realizing her affections and concern about him, declared himself bounded by her sisterly love. The festival of Raksha Bandhan assumes all forms of Raksha or protection, of righteousness and destroyer of all sin. The true significance of Sri Krishna is that he is relevant in the present and even more relevant for the future. Reciting or listening to Srimad Bhagavad Purana or Bhagavatam is highly auspicious on the day. When we operate with that level of creation we are moving to that other area that Einstein referred to. Keep it on your desk or better still wear it as a piece of jewellery and keep it next to your skin.
The gift symbolizes the physical acceptance of her love, reminder of their togetherness and his pledge. Lord Indra’s Queen Sachi also called Indrani, empowered the thread and tied it on to his hand on the decided day.
King Puru accepted her as his sister and when the opportunity came during the war, he refrained from Alexander. The ritual of Rakhi tying has become so important that come what may, brothers and sisters try to visit each other place on this particular day tin order to bring back the oneness of the family, binding the family together in an emotional bond of love. In a twenty-four hour time span, we remember Sri Krishna superficially and quite often forget his true teachings.
He serves in the capacity of external lecturer at the Yakkala Ayurvedic College, affiliated to the Kelaniya University. The legends and the reference in history repeated, the significance of the festival is emphasized.
Many years later, when the pandavas lost Draupathi in the game of dice and Kauravas were removing her saari, Krishna helped her divinely elongating the saari so that they could not remove it.
He has published a large number of books on Astrology and also conducts classes on the subject, for personnel hailing from diverse levels of society. Throughout, his life there was music and just before getting killed by the hunter’s bow he was playing the flute. On every full moon day, he conducts seminars at his institution free of charge, which is a great service for those who are interested in the subject.
A very important aspect of this exercise is that he provides meals and refreshments for all the participants who attend these workshops, at his own expense.

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