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On this page, you'll find a list of the 12 Chinese horoscope signs as well as a brief description of each zodiac sign's characteristics. Even though industrialization and modern scientific thinking has been shaping life in Taiwan for decades, Chinese people on the island still put a lot of importance on the influence of the Zodiac and the 12 Chinese horoscope signs.
Taiwanese always consult ancient almanacs and Chinese fortune tellers before important events such as births, weddings, funerals, moving into a new house, or opening a business.
The Chinese zodiac (Chinese astrology) is subtle and complex - only experienced Chinese mediums master it perfectly.
Calm and tranquil, the ox inspires trust, but his bad temper and inconsistency often make him lose patience.
In the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is believed to be extremely talented and to have good taste.

Horses in the Chinese zodiac are optimistic, intuitive, sure of themselves, sociable and talkative.
In the Chinese horoscope, sheep are honest, generous, and they know how to show sympathy with those who are hit by bad luck. Chinese astrology is a vast and ancient art of predicting things - personality, auspicious dates, marriage and conception - based on the lunar calendar.
If you look at the Chinese zodiac on a wheel, you will notice that the incompatible are signs directly across from one another. A birth chart is important if you want to learn how to predict what your future has in store for you. Many people think that learning about Chinese astrology signs compatibility might make it possible for you to find your one true love.

Read about Pizza Rock: the fastest growing gourmet pizza chain in Taiwan, which I started with my wife! The Chinese conception calendar is essentially a way of predicting whether an unborn child will be a boy or a girl.
If you want to find out about the traits and characteristics of each Chinese Zodiac animal, read on!

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