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Each of us is born with a unique combination of energies, represented by the luminaries (planets) (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) – and we mature with the use of these energies throughout our lives. Each of our luminaries (planets) have characteristics represented by the signs of the zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces).
If you are not familiar with your birth chart, you can go directly to the sign of the zodiac associated with your sun sign. It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.
Loving Venus will pass into Leo your fire sign cousin August 12 and just a week later she’ll meet up again with outgoing benevolent Jupiter. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will join the Sun in your 4th house of home, family and domestic matters this month Taureans. The New Moon of last month was in your solar 4th house of home, family and domestic matters, Taurus, so a great deal of time and energy has gone into keeping things running on an even keel. And for those of you who haven’t been listening to a family member so far this year, you really do need to listen up today.
As of August 12, both loving Venus and generous Jupiter will be on duty in Leo, your solar 3rd house of conversations and communications Gemini’s.
All those planets currently on duty in romantic Leo are holding court in your communication zone. Any planet that squares off with Uranus takes its life into its own hands Gemini, so when Venus the goddess of love does just that August 1, something major could happen to change your financial situation or your love life.
A Full Moon August 10 in your solar 8th house of joint resources and finances could activate a tug of war in your life Cancer and the subject will be money. Sexy Mars the planet of passion sets off for Scorpio and your solar 5th house of romance, creativity and self–fulfillment where he spends 7 weeks re–firing all of your cylinders. If you’ve been seeing someone casually for the past few weeks, Mars forces the issue to find out if you two have what it takes to sizzle in the sack. Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all spend time this month in your sign, Leo, turning up the heat in your solar first house of personality and appearance. August 10 a Full Moon charges up your relationship axis and you may decide it’s time to tie down that often elusive new lover. Once Mercury the communicator takes off for your solar 2nd house of personal finances August 15, you’ll be in the mood to make some quick deals, and the better they look, the faster you’ll want to move. A domestic situation that has been brewing for months now may come to a boil around August 25 when a New Moon combines energies with feisty Mars and no–nonsense Saturn in your solar 4th house of home.
This month, lots of planetary energies will be flowing easily from your solar 4th house of home to your solar 8th house of intimate partners and into your solar 12th house of secret moments. You might not see this coming Virgos but right around the 1st of the month and possibly again around August 26, loving Venus might decide to call on you to support someone you love, and whether or not you have the rainy day funds put aside will be the deciding factor. And while you’re not usually fond of spending time alone Virgos, some of you will be working on a project right now that you just can’t trust to anyone else. The New Moon in your sign August 25 – your solar 1st house of personality and physical appearance means not only that your look is due for a change but that you’re ready to get the show on the road. Your social schedule will be quite busy this month, Libra, thanks to Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun and your ruling planet charming Venus. The Full Moon August 10 activates your 5th house of romance, creativity and fun – in Aquarius – it’s really a Moon that’s very unique and solo. Mars and Saturn will collide in intense Scorpio August 25, a little while after the New Moon arrives. With motivating Mars your co–ruler on duty in your sign through mid September, August is set to be a very passionate month for the majority of you.
You tend to do slow boils when angry Scorpios, but every now and then, something annoys you enough that you blow up and steam over. Think twice before agreeing to relocate for work this month, especially if the offer arrives early August.
Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter and Venus will all spend time in your fellow fire sign of Leo this month, your 9th house of philosophical thinking and adventure. With Jupiter your ruler and other planets in Leo spending most of the month in this important 9th house of far off places, you suddenly remember how much you loved one of the places you visited over the years – mostly because you had a wonderfully romantic time there.
The New Moon will occur August 25 and along with busy Mercury will inspire you to get out of town. A relationship that’s gotten rather serious lately could turn quite passionate this month thanks to Mars the planet of passion which has settled into your hopes, wishes and dreams zone where he recharges your love batteries through September 15. The Full Moon August 10 will shine its spotlight on your axis of financial matters Capricorn and since the emotional Moon in inventive Aquarius will be the star of the show, you’re due to come up with a business plan that’s anything but conservative. Keep in mind that Jupiter moved into your 8th house of joint resources and financial last month and it’s a great time for you to invest with your partner, business partner or with people you feel you can trust and move forward with your big plans and make money – more money than you had thought possible a few months ago.
You need to stop avoiding the mirror Aquarius and if you won’t do it on your own, the Full Moon August 10 in your own sign and your solar 1st house will certainly draw your attention back to your physical self. You’ll be in the mood to spend on your sweetheart this month and to spend big too, especially around August 17 & 18.
As the month winds down Aquarians, you may feel as if you’re lodged firmly behind a rock and a hard place, thanks of course to Saturn, who just loves roadblocks. The Sun, Mercury and Venus will take turns passing through your solar 6th house of work and health related matters this month Pisces, and all of your dealings with vocational and medical personnel will come to light.
Your solar 7th house of one on one relationships will be activated, big time, by the new Moon this month Pisces – as well as just about every corner of your life. Once chatty Mercury and serious Saturn get together in your solar 9th house of opinions August 25 Pisces, there’s really no telling what you’ll do or say. Jupiter the big Kahuna of the zodiac moved into Leo your 6th house of hard work, service to others, health and well–being mid–July and has finally settled in to its place.
The Chariot is about attaining balance – between emotional and mental faculties; between the material and the spiritual planes. The Tower is a card that foretells of catastrophes, sudden calamities and unforeseen events out of which comes wisdom and understanding. The Universal Year number applies to us as a collective and talks of what we as a whole will be experiencing in the coming year. PERSONAL YEAR 1 – New beginnings, leadership, putting things into action, taking the initiative …. The Personal Year 1 is a time when you can use your strength and courage to create new foundations in your life.
To use the energy of the Personal Year 1 in the Universal Year 7: This is a perfect time to begin down the path of self-discovery, of exploring those spiritual practices that you have often thought about trying but have put off for whatever reason.
The Personal Year 2 is about seeking balance and harmony in your life through working in association with others.
To use the energy of the Personal Year 2 in the Universal Year 7: Undertake some spiritual study that involves working within groups – a meditation group that sends love and healing out to the universe would be a wonderful use of these two energies. To use the energy of the Personal Year 3 in the Universal Year 7: Use your creativity to express your spiritual beliefs or abilities – draw mandalas, do Tarot readings for others, create your own cards, angel cards, animal cards, paint what comes to you in your dreams … again, the possibilities are endless.
This is a year of consolidation and purpose, a practical year where you make inroads towards material security without material security being the goal.
To use the energy of the Personal Year 4 in the Universal Year 7: This is a perfect time to commit to some spiritual practice or discipline that is of benefit not only to you but to the world – group meditation is an excellent example.
To use the energy of the Personal Year 5 in the Universal Year 7: Look around for new community or spiritually based projects in which you can become involved.
A personal year 6 tends to bring increased responsibilities especially when it comes to family and close friends. To use the energy of the Personal Year 6 in the Universal Year 7: Spend time with family or friends getting involved in community or humanitarian based projects.
This year may be a very introspective year when you tend to spend time alone with your thoughts reflecting on the past and analysing your goals, projects and relationships going into the future. Opportunities for advancement and increased responsibility and authority may come your way this year.
To use the energy of the Personal Year 8 in the Universal Year 7: It is time to consider whether there is any area where you would like to lead instead of follow?
PERSONAL YEAR 9 – Completions, endings, time to make way for new things to come into your life …. To use the energy of the Personal Year 9 in the Universal Year 7: You may find that some of the spiritual and metaphysical realms that have served you well in your journey will now pass out of your life to allow new and deeper realms to open up for you. My Children, It is almost time to celebrate the Great Winter Harvest, the following are your keys for the entire month of October.
Outgoing Jupiter’s presence in your solar 5th house continues to make your encounters with your kids or other people’s kids enjoyable and this is a great month for spontaneous trips to fun places with the family. In fact, with the Sun and Venus in Libra and your Lunar Eclipse, October 8, all connecting along with Uranus in your sign and Jupiter in your romance zone, the Universe is intent on you and your other half settling your differences. Mercury will turn retrograde October 4 in your one on one relationship zone – and when he does, he’ll definitely have an impact on every different relationship in your life – from the one with your partner, to your mother, to your daughter and coworkers. If you’re single, someone from the past could come back into your life and some of you could be tempted to give them a second shot.
A Solar Eclipse in your one to one relationships will occur October 23 – a highly charged New Moon with enough energy to change any relationship at a moment’s notice. If you’ve recently met someone and think he or she could be a contender for ’the one’ – Mercury’s retrograde activity in Libra October 11–25 could definitely put the kibosh on things for a while – if not permanently. If you’re in business with a partner, or even if you’re just contemplating it, you need to have that follow up financial sit–down talk sooner than later Geminis.
The heavens have a distinctly plutonian flavor to them this month – thanks to the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio at stages throughout October – bumping into Saturn in the same intense sign. There will be 2 eclipses this month – and being ruled by the Moon – very important dates for you to write down. Just about everyone will be in a good mood around October 5 Leo – and if you happen to be in the company of someone you love or are extremely attracted to – all the better! If you’ve made promises to a dear one to keep the peace recently Leos, you may be called on the carpet around October 4 or October 8 to make good on those promises. Saturn the ruler of career aspirations has been on duty in your solar 4th house for some time now – urging you to crack the whip, demanding that you put domestic matters first, even if professional matters are far more urgent. Once fiery, love making Mars moves into Capricorn October 26 – December 5, there really won’t be much you can do to keep your admirers at bay. October is very much a learning month for you – a time when your family and domestic zone will be very much in the spotlight too – and a time when your first line of defense will be making light of any upsetting or undesirable situations. Mercury, the Communicator and the King of Words, goes out of phase in Scorpio October 4–11.
Venus the lover remains in Libra for most of the month – through October 24 – where she is happy and does good work for those of you in a relationship or looking to meet someone new. A lunar eclipse in Aries, October 8, jolts everyone out of their relationship slumber and will force many of us to take a long, hard look at where we are and how we feel. Mars, the sex machine of astrology, remains in Sagittarius through October 27, before he moves into earthy, sensual Capricorn where he stays through early December.
All in all October is a balanced month however Mercury offline is sure to throw more than a few spanners in the cosmic works. Mercury out of phase in your sign will urge you to take another look at how your personality and appearance have affected your relationships. Venus in your sign will face off with shocking Uranus on October 11 from her spot in your sign. Up until October 23, Venus will spend her time tiptoeing through your solar house of Privacy, please, urging you to spend some quality time alone with someone you trust implicitly.
With optimistic Mars in Sagittarius, your ’spend it if you’ve got it’ zone, you’ve probably not been a font of willpower lately Scorpio. An easy and cooperative trine between impetuous Uranus in Aries and fiery Mars in your own sign and your solar first house of personality and appearance occurs October 5.

There’s going to be a Lunar Eclipse October 8 in Aries and this one is set to be a real doozy!
If you’ve been very angry about something for the past month or so but not yet ready to let it out, you may find yourself a lot more willing to clear the air around October 5.
With so much happening in your solar 10th house of career matters Capricorn, you’ve probably not had much else on your mind but work. Changing conditions in your home life, thanks to startling Uranus in your 4th house of home and family have kept family issues on edge for some time now goats. You’ve never been shy about expressing your opinions Aquarius – especially if you happen to be discussing something close to your heart.
With partner oriented Venus in Libra on duty in your solar 9th house of long distance travel – and Jupiter who wrote the book on that subject in your 7th house of relationships, it’s easy to see how you two might decide to take a spontaneous jaunt this month. Avoid signing anything before October 25 – with Neptune’s presence in your 2nd house of money and self–esteem tempting you to make large charitable donations and purchases this month.
Just when you thought things were beginning to settle down career wise, a solar eclipse in Scorpio October 23 will shake things up a bit. Fiery Mars will see to it that you’re noticed this month Pisces so any time you feel like stepping up into the spotlight, microphone in hand – go for it!
It might be too easy for you to allow new admirers’ access to your secret side this month Pisces.
If you are familiar with your birth chart, you can also view the signs of the zodiac section below which are associated with your moon sign, ascendent (rising sign) as well as the signs of the zodiac in which you have several luminaries (planets). This pairing reflects the heaven’s most generous planets in one of the most generous signs. The Sun, Mercury the cosmic Messenger will get together August 8 in Leo and your solar 5th house of lovers and recreational activity. This urges you to use your charisma and personality to shine through and to really put on your bravest face in the world. You’ll have help renovating your home, looking at real estate and updating your home with new towels, sheets and curtains.
First of all they might be right and have been right the whole time, and secondly, the Universe might be in the mood to arrange fortunate encounters for you now. The good news for you this month is that your personal spotlight will be operated by several planets in appreciative Leo and your home and family zone and people who might not be family but with whom you share a bond just as strong as any DNA.
Now these 2 planets are the heaven’s most benevolent energies and when they come together, anything and everything is possible. This will help to make you even more charming than usual and even more persuasive – which is kind of scary!
Look for August 1st for sudden news about a long distance venture to bring a smile to your face. Joint finances, inheritances and unpaid or past–due loans could be involved, in which case you will need to spend more time than you’d like untangling the details.
If they are feeling the same way and on the same page, everything will go the way you want it to go.
This may be the case now and all month as Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Sun all spend time in your 12th house of past karma and self–renewal which could have many of you rethinking some of your old actions and the consequences of your actions and wishing things had turned out differently. This pack of wonderful planets will move through dramatic Leo, the sign that most loves the applause of a crowd, and no matter where you go, you can count on being the star of the show.
And a Moon that is ripe for you to do for you for a change and not cave in to what everyone else wants you to do. And with Jupiter the planet of adventure and optimism moving into Leo July 17 for a year, this is a time for you to really enjoy life and set goals for the year ahead.
Now New Moons such as the one on the 25th mark new beginnings but Mars and Saturn often inspire taking steps to say goodbye. The best news of all this month is that for single Scorpios, the quiet power you have been oozing from every pore has finally caught the attention of someone just as fond of total commitment. That may well be the case August 25 when red–hot Mars in your sign provokes Saturn into giving up control from his powerful throne in your sign where he has been for a while.
There may be more to this position than you realize and it may be a difficult time for you and your partner, family, pets, etc.
You may suddenly realize it’s time for you to up and get moving – around the country, around the world or even pack up and make a permanent move somewhere. Remember that our memories are often selective, and be sure you’re seeing things clearly before you spontaneously rent that U–Haul. Several planets in your solar 9th house of higher education might even talk you into going back to school or doing some teaching yourself. It’s a perfect cosmic line up of the planets in Leo – which is one of your best matches and most comfortable star signs for you to hang with. The Sun, Mercury and Venus join fun loving Jupiter in playful Leo this month – and if this isn’t the astrological information formula for fun, nothing is.
You’re not usually prone to spontaneous decisions, but if you think about it, you’ll realize you’ve been mulling this over in the back of your mind for some time… so why not? While you’re not normally sappy and romantic, this month if you feel like loosening up, being more sensitive, romantic and sexual, this is the month to do so. This is a great time to do a test run on possible investors if for no other reason than to get their input and advice.
For most of August however, you’ll enjoy the fiery, run loving energy of several planets in Leo and your solar 7th house of one to one encounters. The good news is that you’ll have found suitable, trustworthy professionals to work with by August 25. You’ll feel a change in the air for a while before that, and you’d do well to pay attention. The good news is that you’ll finally be willing to tell it like it is, sure that the consequences of sharing what you know won’t be any worse than trying to keep the details secret. Following on from the Universal Year 6 which was about service to others, this is really a very special time and it is asking us to join together in connecting with the divine spirit. Your Personal Year number talks of what you as an individual will be experiencing in the coming year.
This is not a time of forcing any issues or asserting your independence but rather for cooperation and building relationships. If your life feels chaotic, the energy of this year will help you bring order out of that chaos.
Or commit some time on a regular basis to an activity that is of benefit to the community of which you are a part. Many of us believe that freedom means being able to do what we want, when we want, how we want. It is not a year of major accomplishment but of completing projects already started and making necessary adjustments in your life.
This will strengthen your relationships while you help the community within which you live. This is an ideal time to seek wisdom and understanding of the deeper truths as your capacity for research and investigation is strong at this time. This can be a year when your motives for using power and authority will be tested – will you use it for personal gain and ego or will you use it for the greater good?
Are there things you would like to see happen in your local community or the broader community where you could take an active leadership role? If you find things ending in your life during this year or people leaving your life, do not struggle to hang on to them, rather let them go, this is happening for a reason. Plus, with your ruler Mars in fun loving Sagittarius through October 27 – and with the Sun and Venus spending most of October in Libra – your opposite sign and relationship zone – this is actually one of the best months of 2014 for you. The longer the dispute goes on, the more other people feed into it and the more time you have to boil over in anger it will be hard to find a happy medium Aries.
Retrogrades are all about redoing things – anything with the letters ’re’ before the word – redo, rebuild, rethink, research, etc. Be sure you have new solutions to old problems or you could feel as if you are in a constant repeat reel – nothing has changed and you are simply further behind than before as you may waste time trying to fix this relationship yet again.
Telling you to stay calm is impossible, but rehearsing what you want to say couldn’t hurt – and might keep you from saying something you will regret. In fact you thrive on the unexpected and erratic changes, you’re going to love everything October has to offer you –especially when loving Venus and the Sun take turns expecting Uranus on October 7 & 11 – and a pairing you will be more equipped to handle than others.
Information about your new flame could arrive that will cause you to rethink your relationship (such as he’s not separated at all, or that she has a boyfriend or dated your best friend)…however for many of you that’s not a deal breaker and with some flexibility and maybe a time out to work things out it might all work out and by November you will work your way back to each other. Too many important details may have been missed and this time, it would serve you well to hire a seasoned yet neutral professional to come in and give their opinion. October 8 – a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries, your 10th house of career and ambition will be joined by a testy square between Venus and intense Pluto.
Sagittarians and Aries are both excellent matches, fyi – however until you know your new lover a little better you might want to put off that cross country drive or trip to Bali with them – just for now!
If there’s any way you can come through, make it happen, but if you can’t, there’s only one thing to do – admit defeat and claim all responsibility and finally beg forgiveness. October 23 you will finally see that all that hard work wasn’t in vain and you will be well rewarded – not necessarily financially but by your coworkers acknowledging a job well done.Mercury turns retrograde October 4 Leo and from his initial spot in your solar 4th house of home and family matters, he’ll see to it that you revisit a recent decision you made with an eye towards loosening up. Loving Venus, the Sun and your ruler Mercury will take turns making their presence known in your 2nd house of cash flow and self–esteem throughout the month. He then goes further offline – sliding backwards into Libra October 11– 25, where he remains through November 9. Moving into Scorpio October 24 – November 17 will make things a little different and much more secretive and furtive.
Venus and the Sun in Libra try to keep the balance and play judge in many cases, however let’s not forget Mercury offlines in Libra too – October 11–25 – which means that they will have their own battles to fight, win and lose! It’s kind of downhill from there on out due to the fact that Mercury, the planet of communication and clear thinking, decides to go out of phase, first in Scorpio, your 2nd house of money and self–worth October 4–11, then in your sign, your first house of personality and ego, October 11–25. Now Uranus is the celestial King of Unpredictability, so one knows what might happen, but it’s a given that you won’t let anyone tell you what to do, when to do it, or who to do it with. The urge to shop till you drop and wreak havoc on your checkbook or plastic will arise October 5, for what will probably seem like a very good reason. And while you’ve never shied away from taking chances Sags, you’ll be even more optimistic and reckless now. Fiery Mars in your solar 12th house of secrets has been stewing and suffering in silence, only allowing you to express your frustrations when you’re alone. The good news is that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are on duty, doing their very best to connect you with prospective business partners, mentors and elders who admire and respect your ambition.
And while there may be a couple more of them on tap this month, you won’t be as emotionally involved as before. So when the Lunar Eclipse on October 8 lights up the sky, all done up in warrior like Aries, your 3rd house of communication and conversation, you may be called upon to champion a cause or take up the reins for a group that has recently lost its leader. All proceed with caution flags flying with Mercury out of phase – the planet of travel – however if you are determined to go, go between October 11–16. October 27 will provide you with solid facts you might have been missing and if a trusted mentor has advice – listen up. This might mark the beginning of a power struggle between you and one of the Powers that be – especially if you’re under the impression that they are trying to manipulate you in some way. Along with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all crowding into your fellow fire sign of Leo, your 5th house of romance, fun and self–fulfillment, this is a wonderful time for you to enjoy the sweet successes of life and all the fun and games you can enjoy. You will really benefit this month from being open to new things, people and adventures and not allowing the mundane day to day things get in the way of your life. There’s nothing like spring cleaning in the middle of winter for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!
If you are trying to talk someone into doing something, give it your best shot around August 18.
You have the gift of the gab more than any other sign and to think you might be even more talkative and enthusiastic is really going to be something to see.

While relocating is never easy and can mean you leave someone or many people behind, career wise it’s definitely the move to make.
But with Mercury the planet of communication in your 2nd solar house of self–esteem and money, you’ll have plenty of energy to tackle the job. Scorpios, Capricorns and Pisces are all great matches for you and you will find them in the most unexpected places.
Is it the stuff that long–term relationships are made of?All those planets racing around in gregarious Leo your 2nd house aren’t in the mood to make money for anyone else but you Cancers. If not, you’ll know it sooner than later and it’s best to let go, no hard feelings and be ready for the next suitors to come your way.
Woozy, romantic Neptune is on duty in your solar 8th house of joint resources – plenty of reason to avoid signing anything with the bank or any sort of financial agreements without getting it looked over first. If you put your own special blend of charm and determination into it, you can and your will make it work Leos.
Fortunately you’re far more practical than most of us, so rather than going along blindly, you’ll think about the motivation behind your attraction, and even if you don’t like the answer, you’ll react accordingly.
Just don’t do anything now that you don’t want the world to hear about – because they most certainly will.
If you want to have some quiet time with your partner or by yourself, the Full Moon is the perfect time.
In your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship, this is the perfect time for you to visit friends overseas, make new friends and fall in and out of love several times and learn from it every single time. If people came with warning labels, you would be wearing one this month, especially around the 25th when a New Moon in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship has you trying to run the ship your way. Plus the way the relocation is handled may not seem to be as savory as it should be to you with other coworkers feeling looked over or having their feelings hurt and dreams dashed. All these planets in your 9th house takes center stage in your life and since that’s where issues of politics, religion and higher education are dealt with, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to make a bit of a splash in one of those departments.
You’ll need to be on stage now, and even if it’s just to talk about your worldwide travel experiences with a group of friends, your audience will be appreciative. You may need to put out a couple of bucks to make a dream trip a reality but you’re guaranteed to feel like a brand new person when you get back.
Fortunately serious Saturn will stop you before you do anything too foolish on August 25 & 26. Jupiter in Leo is a great match for you – and Jupiter hangs out for a whole year and makes this a year to remember. Even though you may need to reveal a bit more about yourself than you had planned, you’ll be sure that they have your interests at heart.
If your antennae tells you it’s time to move on but your heart resists, let your antennae have its way. The ancients revered this mystic number and associated it with higher knowledge and cosmic wisdom and it was referred to as the divine number of God. Any changes that you wish to make in your life – career, relationships, study – now is the time to take steps to make it happen. You may feel as though nothing much is happening during this year, but those contributions, of helping and working with others, will serve you well in the coming years.
This is also a time when you may expand your creative talents, especially those related to the arts and verbal skills. You can begin this process by making some form of physical activity a part of your day and committing to that practice.
There is a deeper and more profound freedom that is based upon self-discipline and self-mastery which was the Personal Year 4. You may find life has a slower pace during this Personal Year and it is a time to enjoy the peace and harmony that comes from connection with others.
Success will come if you use your power and authority for the equal benefit of those with the power and those without it. This could be something as simple as setting up a website that spreads your message and invites others to become involved, or it could be using your leadership skills to form a community group. October 8, a Total Lunar Eclipse in your sign connects with erratic Uranus also in your sign. However, once Venus moves into Scorpio October 24 and Mars moves into Capricorn October 27, it will be a whole new dating ball game for those of you looking!
The thing is, twins – oppositions tend to act out in our relationships, and in your case it might mean deciding whether a friend is really a lover – or if a lover would really make a better friend. With Pluto himself on duty in your solar 7th house of one to one relationships, you’ve been a bit more likely to blow emotional situations out of proportion, but the real danger now is obsession.
Not very lion like of you or Leo of you but sometimes you’ve got to give in and surrender and do the best thing for everyone all round.
Mercury goes out of phase October 4–11 in your communications zone and then further goes offline in Libra –once again your 2nd house of money.
It’s constantly striving for balance and this sign tends to end up in unfair situations or face to face with situations that seem to be out of control – with no hope for compromise. The worst possible scenario will be that you have way too many first dates and no long–term relationships. This Mercury retrograde affects everyone – air and water signs mainly but with offshoots to fire and earth as well.
It’s going to occur in your 5th house of lovers, creative associates and dealings with kids, so someone from at least one of these groups may have something up their sleeve that will absolutely blow your socks off! On October 5 however, startling Uranus – who never did care what the other planets think of him…will prompt Mars to seize the moment and speak!! Keep in mind that with Mercury out of phase in your friendship zone October 4–11 and then your career zone October 11–25, you are facing a roller–coaster ride this month. You would never have started this if you didn’t feel unfairly taken advantage of – so remember this and don’t take any low ball offers. Before letting anyone new get too comfy in your home or at home in your mind, be sure that they deserve that kind of trust. You do tend to worry about life’s little ups and downs way too much – bills, relationships dramas and what your kids are up to. Falling in love will be easy this month and for the next year with Jupiter in Leo as he will bring more than a few suitable admirers your way. Either way, August is a fun month to do things with your family, flat mates and people you love sharing time with.
Mars the motivator in your 6th house of hard work and dedication to others through mid–September along with Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication and busy activities. Whatever you do, don’t try to remain friends with someone who led you on or backed out of a commitment or whatever it is you wanted.
The good news is that since nature does, indeed, detest voids, once you’ve cleared the decks, all things become possible.
Be as understanding as possible if friends have trouble making up their minds about something you made up your mind about a long time ago. Particularly for those of you who just started the job and are now being handed a plum promotion.
Jupiter has well and truly settled into Leo now – your one on one relationship zone and for single Aquarius, this is a great time to meet someone new. However there is no need to rush things – if you have your eye on someone, you don’t have to make them feel overwhelmed by your ardor. It is this higher knowledge and link to the divine that connects us all regardless of race, colour, religion, political or other alliances. So if your birthday is 15th November, you are running in a personal year number 6 during 2014. This could be anything from writing, art, acting, public speaking; anything that tugs at your heart. Use this year to take what you are passionate about doing and lay foundations to make it a productive and fruitful part of your life; remember the saying “find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life”.
This is a time to let go of old routines that are no longer serving you and to seek out new directions.
FYI – those Rams born April 8 are set to have a watermark year, as well as those Librans born October 8. If you’re smart however, you’ll take the best from what they all offer and spin it into gold. You’re dealing with a lot of intense energy this month, with Mercury out of phase in your sign October 4–11 and the Sun making its way into your sign October 24 –not to mention Saturn, the strict planet of the zodiac in your sign, for the remainder of 2014. All very exciting but can be fraught with danger – like spending way too much money or doing something fun but silly or slightly dangerous when you think about it afterwards. However with the Sun and Venus moving into Scorpio October 23, the last week of the month will be all that you dreamt of and more.
Keep in mind that with Mercury out of phase in your philosophical zone October 4–11 and then in your 8th house of joint monies October 11–25, this is very much a situation that needs to be addressed.
That will hold true in your life around August 1, 8 and 9, when startling Uranus will step in, urging you to strike out on your own and work for yourself, even if it’s just part–time. If you’re single however you’re in for some fun – and some seriously lavish evenings out too. Leos, Aries and Gemini’s are all your perfect matches and all people you will naturally get along with.
This is the perfect time to begin a journal, writing down your thoughts and hopes and wishes, or writing down your dreams and exploring their meaning.
Control freak Pluto will get into a testy square with Venus on the same day, who just so happens to be in charge of finances. The second solar eclipse October 24 in Scorpio is a feel good eclipse – a great day for a first date or special date with your other half.
Maybe you try too hard to be ’on the fence’ about everything and never really step forward when you know in your gut something is wrong? A solar eclipse in your sign, along with Mercury’s direct station could draw you inwards for a bit to lick your wounds, but you won’t have long to do so. With Jupiter the planet of abundance and gifts in your sign for the next year, life is going to grow, expand and blossom for you. For partnered up Aquarians, this is the perfect time for you to work out all and any differences you have with others and move forward with your relationships. Jupiter is the big enthusiasm planet of the zodiac and in driven Leo, it will help everyone with their plans and help them move forward with their dreams – big and small. So no matter what you and your other half, bff, coworker, mum, dad or sibling are arguing about – and arguing about loudly – anger definitely won’t solve it. Plus, your best friends may really need your backing on something and if you continue to try to play peacemaker and keep out of the drama, you could alienate yourself from some really good friends and people you like having around. Just whatever you do, don’t get caught up in a messy love affair and let the rest of your life slide by.
Just watch out that you don’t get caught up with a player or someone who is a bit of a Casanova – female or male and end up getting hurt in the process. Unless all you are looking for is something hot and feisty then you need to pick carefully. With Venus the matchmaker all done up in her most charming Libra outfit most of the month, passing through your 4th house of domesticity and family, your encounters with relatives, kids and friends you think of more as family will go along smoothly.
It may take a while, but your efforts will eventually restore your relationship to its former closeness.

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