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As recently as a few thousand years ago, Western scientists considered the whole earth to be made of 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
A person with 2-4 planets in fire in her chart will be enthusiastic and idealistic, and could also be insecure, egocentric and impractical.
5 or more planets in fire appears deceptively quiet and shy until she feels safe enough to open up.
0-1 planets in fire indicates a person with a lower energy level who seeks out others to inspire or motivate her. Practical and dependable, earth signs provide the resources necessary for the functions of life.
Someone with 2-4 planets in earth signs is resourceful and possesses talent in dealing with reality and material things, such as money, business, or crafts.
A person with 5 or more planets in earth signs can get so stuck in the material aspects of things that they do not see the deeper meanings. Air symbolizes mental processes, language, intellect, reason, human communication and social relationships. 5 or more planets in air in a chart often manifests as someone who feels disconnected from what is happening around her. A person with 5 or more planets in water signs is so sensitive that she holds back, and may appear detached or aloof. Each sign corresponds to an element (these are fairly well-known) and a modality (these are not so well known). People with no earth tend to have few problems with money and resources (Bill Gates for example). People with no water tend to be quite perceptive and deeply emotional, but often don't know what to do about their feelings, or how to go about getting their needs met. Since meeting him I have lost alot of sleep and my thought process is of him 99 percent of the time. I have written a whole astrology tutorial, the answers to your questions are mere clicks away. Are “planets” limited to the true astronomical planets, or do they include the Moon? In your above descriptions, would this count as three (just the planets), four (planets+sun), or five (planets+sun+ascendant) ‘planets in fire’ ? Just going through the what the number of planets of each element indicates and I noticed that for Air you have explained 0-1 planets and 5 or more but not 2-4?
So thanks again for this great website-really explains things and peaks my interest in Astrology.

I just found out that I have the earth element, my husband have the water element, my oldest daughter have the air element and my baby girl(21) have the fire element. Doesn’t Edgar Cayce have 4 elements in water (all Pisces, in 8th house) and North Node there as well? I was looking at your tutorials and I can’t seem to figure out which tutorial to figure out my dilemma. Interesting article, I have mainly fire and air myself, And consider myself shy, In the past Ive at least fairly often been described as quite by others as well.
It may be worth noting though,that my Mars at 18 Aquarius is conjunct my rising at 23 Aquarius. I wanted to leave my comments on the article even though I myself don’t have the specific 5 or more planets in fire the article is focused on.
Just realized I left my comment in the wrong thread, It was intended for the Lots and lots of Fire thread, Sorry about that. In March 2012 I found a gold designed mens wedding band a few week later I found a ladies gold wedding band that also had designs in printed. But what if someone wanted to be connected to all the elements?& what if someone had personality traits from each? I would say with all that Earth going on, how you operate on the material level is an important issue or theme in your life.
Sometimes i heard sun sign only give 2% from the entire natal chart, sociallife maybe depends on what sign of His ( i dont know what planet ). Ok I get it and all but we’ll what if when you was like littl and you was out side and. I do not agree with your definition for lacking in air sign people [That is “People with 0-1 planets in air usually have no problem with the intellectual side of life and are often highly educated.”] Your explanations are not satisfactory.
What I did not include in this article is that air sign people often hold advanced degrees but often end up working in fields unrelated to their education. When an element is lacking, the energy is there in spades, but the person tends to be out of touch with it. It seems that people with a lack of fire doesn’t tend to compensate it by developing within themselves but by associating with other fire abundant people, in contrast with any other element, like developing mental skills (air) their own place and share of the world (earth) or getting to know and discover their feelings (water). Hence the thinking for: I may be biased for just one experience (and some others), maybe I have yet to meet a person who does something about his or her lack of fire without looking to others. I don’t know where you are but if you are ever on Oahu, Hawaii can you meet me and my sister? Does the same thing here, as in,if your birthdays, say, the 23 of August it means you have the sign of the next month or do you stay as fire.

I’ve been doing some research on other websites alike this and have gotten all kinds of answers. Apart from that you’ve done really well in this site and moth of the meanings are quite good. Molly's Astrology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. I read on somethings about signs, it said that my horoscope has something to do with the moon.
We have three children One Earth, and two Air, we all fit our signs to a T, we all have our days but mostly we flow together very smooth. MOON IN ARIES RISING , CAPRICORN IN THE TENTH WITH MERCURY MY QUESTION IS HOW COMMON OR HOW RARE IS IT FOR SOME ONE TO HAVE 5 P. For example, the earth sign weighted people try to compensate their intellectuality by means of entering intellectual areas, such as taking higher education degrees.
Since fire is the Will to… to live, to do, to think, to feel, whatever, but always the Will to act, even if sometimes just by themselves.
Yet at the moment is how I see it: lack of fire is a lack of self, of will, to do something about doing something, even if we all do have a self, as we all do have feelings even lacking water people. My sun moon and rising are in fire signs, (sag sun moon leo risings) and that feels about right i just dismiss the other panets because they seem to describe me straight at that sign. But, their end results are only keeping the intellectual position and not having ideas as air signs carry on.
I may be a sagittarius but my venus is in capricorn and other websites will tell me im straight power hungry materialistic and not open about my feelings which isnt true.
I used to think that maybe because I was supposed to be born in September therefore a Virgo that would have influenced me. Initially I was just trying to figure out which Astrology signs both Scorpio and Sagittarius get along with best but now I’m just confused and interested in figuring this all out!
They can not deep into the subject as philosophical minds can do.(air sign) Education does not show intellectuality.

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