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May 2016 Monthly Overview Love Money Health Time to hunker down?
As rebellious Uranus opposes your sign, you continue to be challenged at home, in finances, with partners, and with health this week. The Sun beams its way through Taurus and your emotional eighth house until May 20, inviting you to hibernate in your personal cocoon. However, there are great opportunities on the horizons with other people’s resources, interaction with kids and leisure activities, education, foreign contacts and foreign travel, as well as legal actions. Your singular focus could also help you on the business front, perhaps to score financial backing, make a savvy career switch or ink a lucrative deal. Neptune might bring illusions in regards to work, or perhaps there might be unpleasant rumors behind your back – while this energy in not easy to deal with, don’t give up on your goals and stay calm while the storm takes it’s course. The winds of luck will be slowly turning your way and helping you to resolve difficult issues as well as steering your way out of the fog safely with great mental aptitude and positivity, which will be the key to impress everybody.
You could have a major spiritual awakening, or enter into a time of deep emotional healing.
Pay attention to any information and advice right now, as it will help to propel you forward. With your money-manifesting prowess magnified under this cosmic influence, you might make a calculated financial move that will pay off later, or collaborate on a joint artistic venture with a heavy-hitter. You could also feel emotionally raw, so listen deeply to your intuition, even if you don't necessarily like the message.
Strong "signs" could definitely be guiding you near this new moon, laying a path that will unfold in the coming six months. The retrograde-brigade includes mental Mercury in Taurus and your willful, intense eighth house from April 28-May 22. Your suspicions could get the best of you, so watch out for obsessive and possessive behavior around a key relationship.
You might get easily lost in thought as you're wading through the emotion ocean, so schedule time with friends or a therapist to vent.
Financial entanglements could get complicated, too, so avoid borrowing and loaning money—and take precautions against identity theft.
It's not an ideal time to make a lucrative deal official, so hold out until Mercury goes direct (forward) on May 22 if you can. Jupiter's been retrograde in Virgo since January 9, which has left many Libras in a bit of a funk.
It's possible you haven't felt like your usual, social self as your energy reserves have been depleted. Your desire for escapism has also dialed up to an all-time high (not that this is necessarily a bad thing).
Jupiter will linger in Virgo until September 9, clarifying where you need to let go of expectations and allow divine forces take over. We realize this is not easy for ANY human to do, but miracles will occur when you stop fighting the tides and swimming upstream.
You'll have extra emotional support to move past pain and suffering now, and could experience remarkable synchronicities along the way. May 8 ignites a Grand Mutable Cross—a four-way cosmic showdown—between the moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. You could feel pulled into too many different directions as you try to multitask and micromanage, failing to please everyone in the process. You might struggle over communication and control issues, or just realize you're teeming with stress.
Your persistent need to keep everything in perfect order could actually generate a ton of unnecessary heartache. Yes, you deserve to be celebrated, but it may not happen according to your exact specifications. You could get lost in a library or bookstore as you peruse the stacks for metaphysical morsels that excite your inner student.
Or, you might schedule an impromptu trip to learn about a new culture or rediscover yourself in an unfamiliar environment. You could feel the urge to clear the air with a troublesome person, or hash out unresolved issues and conflicts in your relationships. Luckily, if you flail on the communication front, you get a rare second chance on June 20 when the second of two consecutive Sagittarius full moons spotlights your self-expression once again.

If you're waiting impatiently for an answer or news, you may also have to wait until June for all your questions to be addressed. You'll be glad you didn't put all your eggs in one basket.  Look who's bringing sexy back! Magnetic Venus burns through Taurus and your eighth house of intimacy until May 24, stirring up sensuality and titillating connections. You're in for some serious hot-blooded intensity, and could reveal the most tender of your vulnerabilities. Solo Libras might step out from your comfort zone and do more to channel your sensual side (tantric massage or pole dancing class, anyone?). On May 10, sultry Venus forms a helpful trine with generous Jupiter in Virgo and your twelfth house of surrender. Your mate may surprise you with a sensitive, loving response as you bare your heart and soul. This serendipitous starmap could lead to an engagement, a pregnancy or a chance encounter with a soulmate. If you and your partner have outgrown one another or simply want different things, this is also a good day to let go with love.
But if you're not willing to walk away, you may decide to visit a therapist together to work out repeating issues and patterns. This primer  could help put you in a productive state of mind if you do go the counseling route.
Single Libras, stay open—the stars are definitely conspiring to match you up with someone special now.
Spend extra time with your honey and sort out any future planning to ensure you're on the same page. You could feel extra emotionally in-tune with your partner, and ready for the next step: a key exchange, buying a home together, getting engaged, expanding your family.
Combative Mars is retrograde from April 17-June 29, which could make even your famously Zen sign abrupt and impatient.
Until May 27, Mars is in Sagittarius, where it will backspin through your communicative third house. You and your partner just might not be seeing eye-to-eye now, especially when it comes to friends and social activities.
An ex could resurface, or a disruptive pal could plant a seed of doubt by voicing "concern" about your current love interest. Be careful not to take that bait, Libra—is it really this person's business anyway? On May 27, the red planet backs into Scorpio for the duration of the retrograde, spotlighting your second house of security and self-esteem for a month. If you have a shakeup around financial or emotional matters, this retrograde phase is an important time to talk these charged topics through (deep breath!) and try to reach a resolution. Remember, if you're not giving yourself the love you deserve, then the REAL work starts there. Rise above pettiness and get to the exciting task of exploring love and all the metaphorical shores it has to offer.
Single Libras might want to bust out from your normal "type." Sparks could fly with someone from another culture or a long-distance attraction could ignite. On May 24, Venus forms a tense opposition to fiery Mars retrograde, which could serve up a painful dose of truth serum.
Honest talk could give you the opportunity to get on the same page, but choose your words wisely. Try not to be too brutal with your delivery—and don't take someone else's harsh words to heart. If someone IS upset with you, clean up your side of the street, but draw the line if the conversation devolves into unfair blaming or below-the-belt jabs.
You could demand answers, only to find out that the truth hurts—but at least you'll know what you're dealing with here. The Sun powers through Taurus and your eighth of long-term finances and joint ventures until May 20. You could hash out a win-win arrangement or start thinking about investments and future plans.
Perhaps you'll build your nest egg through passive income—perhaps through royalties or commissions. On this page-turning day, an expansive professional opportunity could arise once you actively decide to let go of fixed expectations and micromanaging.

Maybe you'll see the spiritual side of a situation, or delve more deeply into mystical or creative work.
Tap into the Law of Attraction instead of trying to force an outcome, or visualize winning that prestigious award or scoring a raise. On May 9, abundant Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde in Virgo, your twelfth house of endings and hidden information. It's been a confusing period to say the least, and the skies won't entirely clear until September 9, when Jupiter leaves Virgo and moves into Libra for a year.
Since the twelfth house rules closure, you may realize that you're ready to leave a negative or draining situation.
You might not like the unvarnished view, but you can still keep your eyes AND your heart open at the same time. While things may not totally gel for you until September, this is an opportunity to banish any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Keep the faith! Meantime, combative Mars is retrograde April 17-June 29, which could cause a few potholes in the interpersonal department.
The red planet is back-spinning through Sagittarius and your communicative third house until May 27, causing tension with partners and collaborators. You may need to bite your tongue completely or exude extra clarity and precision in your speaking, writing and thinking—especially since stern Saturn is also retrograde here.
Guard against burnout by limiting your multitasking and being realistic about how many projects you can take on at once.
For the next four weeks, give yourself permission to soar by really honing in on your greater purpose. Whatever creative endeavor you choose—publishing, entrepreneurship, travel—it's time to spread your wings, Libra.
However, intense Mars retrograde is traveling in tandem with this full moon, so you may deal with a competitor or rival, or there could be a misunderstanding with a collaborator that needs to be smoothed out. This is the second of two such squares in 2016—the first was on March 23—so you may see a recurring issue flare up. Perhaps this person, a colleague or so-called friend, pretended to have your best interests at heart, but now their shady behavior is being revealed. Libras should also get crystal clear about doing what you say, and saying what you mean—and put any important requests in writing. Information could slip easily through the cracks, especially if you multitask or double-book. While the Sun is in Taurus until May 20, your holistic, detoxifying eighth house is activated, prompting introspection and internal healing. Dive deep and process the heavier emotions that have been building since the start of the year. With clever Mercury retrograde in full swing until May 22, you could be feeling extra pensive or reflective about the past.
Allow yourself to gaze through the looking glass and go back in time so you can (eventually!) spring forward. On May 6, the Taurus new moon is an ideal day to start (or revamp) a spiritual practice like meditation, cranial sacral therapy or acupuncture. When Jupiter goes direct (forward) in Virgo and your twelfth house of healing on May 9, you could suddenly feel like a blossoming lotus.
Let any sadness wash you clear now, as melancholy can often serve as a bridge to a new spiritual plane. Mark your calendar for September 9, when prosperous Jupiter shifts into Libra and resets your clock, kicking off a fresh 12-year life cycle. Don't overdo it with physical activity because it can make you more accident-prone—and who needs a freak mishap to get in the way of progress? Be extra careful on anything with wheels now—bikes, skateboards, cars—because Mars is backsliding through your transportation sector.

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