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ELLE’s resident astrologer Dianne Garven shares her insight for the first quarter of the Moon. This week you struggle to balance your needs with those of your partner or people close to you, but an experience this week will provide you with insight into how to juggle your free time and your commitments. This week you are determined to live up to your reputation of getting the job done properly. A joint project at work has the potential to make you look good, but you are going to need to open your mind to other people’s suggestions as you seem to have your mind set on doing things your way, which may not be the best option.
Your sensitivity to those around you and your immediate environment is particularly strong this week; you will feel discontent and insecure. You are feeling warm, sunny and enthusiastic about life, and are given the opportunity to shine in the professional arena. This week you seem to take the role of mediator for everybody in your immediate environment. This week the onus seems to be on you to sort out the complicated issues at work, but you are more than capable of achieving the desired results.
This week brings some new faces into your environment and the potential of a new friendship. Your joint resources with your partner become a source of contention between the two of you this week. Dianne Garven has been practicing as an astrologer for over 10 years and is the Chairman of the Cape Astrology Association. Fortunately the most intense days of the current planetary configuration have passed and hopefully it didn’t cause too much damage on a personal level.

You seem to see-saw between wanting your freedom and dedicating your time to your partner’s needs. Your attention and focus is on your responsibilities, especially at work, but you will struggle to get the cooperation of those around you.
You seem to be particularly popular at the moment too, but things are not all as rosy as they seem – you still have a lot on your plate. You have been feeling a bit of a financial pinch and hard as you try, you have not managed to get on top of it.
Just about everyone is calling on your skills of objectivity and diplomacy to help them to sort out their niggling problems with others. You are completely committed to the task and doing what is necessary, but don’t try and do it all yourself.
This is a fortunate week for you, as whatever you tackle brings you success, but you will need to practice some patience as you certainly are feeling the desire for your goals and intentions to manifest instantly.
Everything you attempt will be thwarted, even the menial tasks you take on will become complicated and challenging. Even though things are generally good, there seems to be a lack of clarity about who is responsible for what expenses or how your expenses are shared.
Dianne trained under celebrated South African astrologer Rod Suskin and now runs her own astrology courses, as well as offering readings. Just be careful you are not just trying to draw attention to yourself because you are feeling neglected or left out.
Fortunately, you have the ability and resilience to cope and to meet all your necessary commitments both at work and in your personal life.

There is some relief for you though, as you have the opportunity this week to talk to the appropriate people at work about an increase, which is very likely to be given, but be prepared to compromise.
Your gift of seeing many sides of an issue and bringing a balanced resolution with your gift for fair talking will certainly be useful this week. This is likely to bring resistance from those around you, especially in your home environment. This is the perfect opportunity for you to air your financial concerns and resolve any differences of opinion you may have about your joint expenses.
You will find it near impossible to keep your feelings to yourself, but don’t forget that other people are not necessarily as intuitive as you are – you need to just ask for what you want instead of having an emotional outburst. Be careful not to come across as too bossy, though, as this will lead to tension with your colleagues. This does have a downside though as you are going to find it challenging to balance your needs with the demands and needs of others. You are impatient with people who cannot keep to your pace and this impatience may lead to an unexpected outburst on your part, but at least you will have the ability to control your temper very quickly. In order to get the cooperation of others, try asking instead of telling them what you want from them.
Just because you are intensely focused, does not mean they have the same level of desire for organisation as you do.

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