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Theme for the coming waxing cycle: Be bold in your actions and let your ancestral legacy remind you of what is important for your actions and intentions.
Gemini: The foreign and unusual has caught your fancy and has your mental body writing some very imaginative tales. Embodiment and retreats are an excellent use of your time as a resource for grounding, checking in and nourishing yourself.
Virgo: As Mercury exalts in your head on the 29th, your mental body is activated and charged. Sagittarius: Old wisdom is keeping your heart afloat, but Ketu is provoking change, restructuring and necessary shifts that stir you within.
As Mars moves to your 12th house on 9.04, retreats, alone time, meditation and vacations may get more attention as a result in the coming weeks.
Pisces: You are actively cutting ties that bind you and the attachments that have been holding you back for quite some time. You may feel as if others do not get you, or perhaps they pretend they do but really do not. AboutEligible Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for urban men and women who want the best from their dating life, their relationships and themselves. This is a time of dancing with our shadows, needing to be diligent with self exploration, and bravely looking at the parts of our being that need transformation. Simultaneously, this two week period holds extreme changes, transformations and a very cosmic dance with the planets. On October 17th, Sun shifts into its sign of debilitation, Libra, on the 17th where it joins exalted Saturn. I’ll be sharing more about the day to day details of this powerful time in my Moon Mind Calendar. Cancer: Your shadow dance is between the heart and the courage it takes to live your dreams. Capricorn: The biggest question you face is how to merge all of these seemingly different pieces of yourself into one offering.
Pisces: The theme of endings and transformations continues for you and your relationship matters. Wisdom and knowledge seem to be the fuel you need for increasing passion and creativity in your life right now, but don’t neglect the role your emotional body and intuitive wisdom play in your awareness and growth. During this period, you should find yourself more involved with matters of transportation and communication. You may be seeking to mentally escape from pressures by daydreaming or fantasizing too much! This transit urges you to go beyond your local awareness levels — you feel like exploring or traveling in mind or body. Although Uranus in your sign is angled towards Pluto, as it has been for some time, you're likely noticing the difference as you master its energies. Over the coming weeks you have the opportunity to apply what you've recently learnt in fresh and exciting ways. As Mercury emerges from an intense journey through your sector of transformation and moves into your sector of exploration, you may feel a sense of relief. Fostering an association based on new interests and opportunities can be a good investment of your time. You're in for an exciting time over the coming few weeks, for Mercury dances into your zone of leisure and romance from today.
This can be an exciting time if you take advantage of the opportunities that are about to come your way.
If an emotional or financial issue has been limiting your options, then you may get some positive news over coming days. If a nagging feeling arises inferring you should get your life in order, you may feel duty bound to do so. Although you can have the reputation of being indecisive, the present tie between assertive Mars and confident Jupiter may mean you're determined to make the most of a new connection.
Now you can have a complete map of your personality without having to pay $50 to some skanky old gypsy hag at your local travelling freak show. If you don't know the lattitude and longitude co-ordinatesfor your town of birth then you can look them up here.
Though your tendency is often to cling to a conditioned sense of comfort, you are courageously expanding, growing and developing right now in some very new ways. Some of these stories are very old and familiar and have kept you head locked for a very long time. This is especially important because the tendency right now is to be very externally motivated. Look out for overdrive and excess worry and fear though as it conjuncts Rahu the shadow node—also sitting in your head. As Mars moves to your 3rd house on 9.04, courage and creativity get a jump start, which fuels your career.
As Mars moves out of your 12th house and into your first house on 9.04, part of you comes out of hiding! Emotional wisdom is finding a new way with you and helping you ripen and find more inner stability.
Just do it, even if you do not get the exact results you wanted to achieve, it is okay, at least you set a good path of karma for yourself, just for doing more than trying.
Try not to procrastinate, it will only hold you back from getting things done in a timely manner.
If they are not asking, but you still want to offer advice unsolicited, then do it with grace. It does not matter if you are dealing with people at work or in love, it is always best to express yourself thoroughly to avoid any future conflicts or difficulty.
If you are not a friend on social networks then this person will find you through a friend. It features articles and video content on dating, relationships, sex, wellness and lifestyle by some of the country's foremost experts.
These big shifts and changes are sealed with the Solar Eclipse occurring on October 23rd, which auspiciously is also Diwali, the day of light and a celebration of Maha Lakshmi.

Saturn will be sandhi at this time (in the gap) and perched at the edge of Libra, ready to jump into Scorpio for a 2.5 year transit on November 2nd! We need this time of shift over the next two weeks to help us weigh and measure our options before we make some big changes for ourselves over the next few months.
The emotional body wisdom is crying to you, “Listen to me!” The illusions have been so strong that you have likely been missing these vital messages for quite some time; these are the resources that demand your full attention though. These are the pieces of your being that are forcing their way up from your shadows and begging you to see them.
Your heart is getting clearer in the process of much restructuring; you are definitely lightening your load.
And if you’ve really been paying attention, you’ve noticed how important this standstill has been for you and your inner transformational process.
You may find yourself interacting with the public (in a crowd or in front of one) or with assertive women. Labor difficulties, boundary disputes and government decisions on safety or security matters are issues.
Meetings with foreigners are possible and connections with publishing, advertising, law and education may arise. As long as our plans are realistic, and we don't get too far ahead of ourselves, so much is possible. As long as our plans are realistic, and we don't get too far ahead of ourselves, so much is possible. If it seems you've been held in thrall by an almost impossible situation for a number of years, this too may begin to change for the better.
This can be particularly pertinent if you're hoping to make a breakthrough with your job or other plans. This can happen for you now, and the link between Mars and Jupiter can coincide with genuine feelings of goodwill on their behalf.
In fact, the developing Saturn Uranus planetary angle suggests your connection with someone new may give you more pleasure than you experience with some of your long-term friends. For instance, you might never realize the personal cost to you of a habit or routine until you've considered it in some depth. This is an opportunity to get out and about, particularly after the events of recent weeks. However, as Jupiter continues its rewind in your worldly sector they may come in clusters and in varying degrees of importance. Failing this, new information can put a fresh complexion on things, and this alone can mean you feel more capable of tackling any challenges. As long as you don't attempt to please or to be inappropriately generous, you might find this developing association could make a positive difference to your situation. Fill out the form below and press the Render button to see an arbitary bunch of numbers and lines which supposedly represent what your personality would look like if you were on acid. Perhaps this is allowing you to push beyond your comfort zone and sense your limits, your edge?
Sparks of imagination are moving you and inspiring possibility and options like never before. The frustrations and tensions in your head ease up once Mars moves to your 2nd house and into Scorpio on 9.04. More shine, more aim and more action are provoked, but remember that balance is always the name of the game.
In other words, the relationships that feel comfortable are the ones you have put the required effort into. Keep some aloe vera on hand for any second hand burns, but be mindful that you aren’t the one spitting the fire. Your intuition is stronger as a result; trust this and trust your self as you stretch into this new sense of self.
Her Jyotish work is especially well suited to the extra sensitive artists, mystics and healers—and those who need insights for their dharmic path and personal transformation process. As long as you use common sense and practicality then you will gain many pertinent benefits.
Sometimes a Libra can say things in the heat of the moment not realizing that it is difficult to take it back later when the flared emotions are calmed. It is true, they may not get you, and yes they may pretend to, but at the end of the day at least they like you and are willing to get to know you. Television appearances on MUCH MUSIC, SUN NEWS TV, Infomercials and more) Cerise has helped individuals enhance their life in the areas of love, career, finances, family and self-esteem. The magazine is available online, for sale on Apple's Newsstand for your iPad or iPhone and soon to be in print. First, Mercury retrogrades back into its sign of exaltation, Virgo (where Rahu is currently) on October 16th.
The very next day, on October 18th, Mars jumps into Sagittarius for a short 5 week transit, while Virgo shifts into Libra, its own sign. Who and what in your life is helping you move forward, and who and what are holding you back?
These hold wisdom for you about what you need in your life to thrive and where you might be holding back. How much longer will you bypass your body wisdom, your intuitive wisdom, for the imaginal realms of the mind? The trick is to capture these illusions when you catch yourself dancing with them, then bring some new light to them once you do. Dancing with feet, legs and pelvis as a primary resource can offer a magnified creative flow and help you find the stability and comfort you are seeking so desperately. As life begins to simplify more and more, you’ll begin to notice the basic requirements that you need for your true nourishment and satisfaction.
Is it possible that all of you can be shared with the world, in order to shine brightly and magnificently? Activities involving organizations or groups that seek to learn, grow, travel and play (such as a class or team) should be positive and successful now. It’s a favorable time for a presentation, particularly something of a first-time nature.

But in everyday matters it can also pay you to think imaginatively, not only in terms of everyday matters, but in regards to your love life too.
Even so, continuing to digest this and your feelings over coming days can help to bring a sense of real closure. Indeed, making a few adjustments could leave you both emotionally and financially better off, with more time to focus on what really does matter. But more than that, you deserve this chance to unwind and to do the things you don't often have time for, but long to indulge. Nevertheless, as Mercury heads into your sign from today, pre-planned efforts may not bring speedy results, whereas fresh insights and spontaneous actions just might, Aquarius. Ketu is provoking change, endings and letting go of your perceived comforts and support right now.
It is from your roots and the stability created here, that your infinite creativity arises from. Let friends nourish and support you, even if it’s through the computer or only with quick conversations.
Ground, connect and get embodied in order to create sustainable action steps and make all this expansion lasting. Career is getting a boost from your connections and friendships—especially from the old, true blue variety. Work to communicate effectively with others as you may be easily misunderstood at this time.
Everyone needs a little coaching or advice sometime in life, however, some of us don't know who to trust, who will listen to us, or who will understand us.
Find the stability and answers you need in your gut, your instincts, your digestion and assimilation of nourishment. Do not stuff them back into your heart- as disappointments, only to become more haunts and torments.
Less is more; but use this time to determine radically what needs to be let go of in order to really be nourished by what truly serves you. This distressing transit often coincides with serious crises within organizations — leaders lack confidence, there are resignations, failures of plans and confusion about security and safety factors. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart. As Mars moves into your 7th house on 9.04, relationships pack a punch and offer you a very new way to co-create. Enjoy the stability and support and pay close attention to what feels nourishing and supportive, and what does not. You can join her newsletter for special astrological insights or register for her weekly Jyotish Basics classes for an extra dose of healing wisdom.
Zoom in on your bad habits; these are the things that are holding you back from moving forward in your life. Transforming your bad habits will come from finding a new sense of balance with what you need and what you don’t need.
Now is the time to courageously face your set backs, the emotional wounds you are carrying, and passionately transform them. This includes bravely addressing your emotions in new ways and being willing to look at their messages in new ways. This pulling in multiple directions can be your downfall, only if you neglect the natural cycles and rhythms of Nature.
A rich harvest is coming, but continue to digest and assimilate, nourish and be nourished by learning and wisdom. Your expectations for yourself and for your friends become more expansive and you seek improvements in the quality of life. You will likely need to re-structure the way you have wanted your relationships to be in order to get what you actually need.
As Mars moves into your 5th house, a new demand for play, intelligence and intuitive guidance sets in.
Use this powerful time period to dream big, get motivated and to share in bigger and bolder ways. Sun and Venus in your 8th house are requiring you to navigate some old patterns and tendencies, inadequacies and emotional wounds. Watch out for drinking, drugs and excess sugar at this time as well as pieces of you that are manipulating yourself and others out of fear. It will take a radical approach to loosen and remove these old pieces, the blockages that are holding you back.
This is a unique time, one that can untie head and heart, and let them dance more purposefully in duet. The best way for you to amplify this is through teaching and giving what you know away to others. As Mars and Venus shift on the 18th, you’ll get some support with transforming from your depths.
Wherever you are losing your spark, your ability to transform and transcend your shadows, shows the blockages that need your greatest attention and intention. As Mars moves to your 6th house on 9.04, action steps are necessary, but may be a source of confusion. With Sun moving out of your shadowed realms and into your head, there’s a sense of rise and shine, though his debilitation softens his shine. Forcing, pushing and over working are the shadows that need your greatest attention and intention at this time.
It is very important to get embodied and use somatic awareness right now to keep you grounded.

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