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Cafe astrology, Features articles, astrology book reviews, celebrity information, horoscopes and charting services. We work hard to bring you the best free love horoscopes for 2016 yearly, monthly, weekly and daily. Our horoscope website organizes free Cancer horoscopes astrology predictions, listing out the best Cancer horoscope forecasts for tomorrow, next week, month and all year. Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac in western astrology and is the first of the water signs. The sun sign of Cancer is feminine, as are all earth and water signs, giving them more than any other sign the passivity and receptivity characteristic of yang energy and the female nature, which gives life. On the shadow side, Cancer can go to extremes in giving and not receive from others properly. Professionally, Cancer does well where they can use their ability to get inside people's heads, or where they can organize and "keep house" so to speak. These traits may appear in Cancer rising and those with Cancer moon in their natal chart as well. If you would like to know more about western astrology or Cancer rising and moon signs, take a look at our zodiac astrology primer or our deeper overview of the zodiac signs. You might like to learn more by visiting our special section on the best astrologers on the web to get their take on the astrology of Cancer, horoscope predictions and astrology forecasts. By tracing development potential, you get a better understanding of an appropriate path for your child to pursue, you are able to make adjustments based on confirmation of your child’s most distinctive characteristics and abilities which can be identified and encouraged in a self-assured way. Followers of Western horoscopes will find Mayan astrology to be an entirely different animal.
Mayan astrology is based on the Mayan calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar that guides Western astrology. Also referred to as the Sacred Round, the Tzolkin (pronounced zol-keen or chol-kin) calendar is a perpetual calendar system. According to the Mayan tradition, while each person's core sign carries certain energies, there are other complimentary energies that work together to help each person along her life path. Since Mayan and western calendars are so different, you'll need to figure out your Mayan birth date before you know which sign you belong to. Imix (Red Dragon) is the first of the Mayan day signs, and it can sometimes manifest as a personality that likes to begin new projects.
Ik (White Wind) embodies the ability to communicate and share ideas and thoughts to others. Akbal (Blue Night): People born under the sign of Akbal can be romantic and dreamy, and there is a certain artistic quality to these individuals. Kan (Yellow Seed): Kans are sensual and romantic natives, and they tend to operate in a rather leisurely manner.
Cimi (White World-Bridger): Cimi individuals have inherent psychic abilities, but they also have a soft manner to them. Manik (Blue Hand): Manik is a spiritual day sign that tends to embody a peace-loving yet strong stature.
Oc (White Dog): Oc natives are warm, smart, loyal and brave, and these qualities alone often make this sign well loved. Eb (Yellow Human): Devoted to their fellow humans, Ebs are focused on their community, future generations and the planet Earth.
Men (Blue Eagle): If you were born under the sign of Men, the Maya believed that you would be ambitious and have high aspirations in life. Cib (Yellow Warrior): If you feel as though you are living with a huge karmic burden, it's possible that you were born under the sign of the Cib.
Caban (Red Earth): If you are familiar with the concept of "earth" signs in Western astrology, you may think that Caban or Earth natives are silent in nature.
Etzab (White Mirror): The most important thing to an Etzab is truth, and these natives have a remarkable gift for discerning truth. Cauac (Blue Storm): People born under the Cauac day sign are fun to be around, and perhaps this is the very reason why they never seem to age. Ahau (Yellow Sun): The birthright of Ahau is spirituality, but this is not always easy to maintain.

Cancer horoscopes daily and Cancer monthly astrology predictions are featured by astrologer, with reviews of each astrology website in directory format. Well known for being gentle, nurturing and defensive, the latter apparent in the Cancer symbol, the Crab and its shell. Of course, everyone possesses both yin and yang energy, regardless of whether you are a man or woman.
They are diverse though, as they may manifest an artistic or creative personality or entrepreneurial streak. Be sure to bookmark us at free horoscopes astrology and visit each day to see updates for the week, month and year. Though the placement of the stars remains the same from culture to culture, the names and cosmic interpretive systems can differ greatly. Though there is technically more than one Mayan calendar, the one we are most concerned with for astrological purposes is the Tzolkin calendar.
It's not based on the movement of the planetary systems, but rather on the intangible energy of the cosmos and the greater evolution of creation.
It's broken down into 20 day increments referred to as "solar tribes," and each day is assigned a different astrological sign. This is the basis of the "Life Tree" which is similar to the birth chart concept found in Western astrology. The 365-day Haab calendar bears far more similarity to the West's beloved Gregorian calendar than the Tzolkin.
Intensely creative, Imix natives have a way of tapping into the collective consciousness, but unfortunately follow-through on those projects is not a strong point. Perhaps it's because of this trait that many people born under this sign fear the darkness in themselves and in others, but this is something they need to overcome.
The challenge for Kan people is to learn to appreciate the many gifts they have to offer, not just their more sensual side.
The serpent has long been recognized as a creature of "knowing," and these natives are often very intelligent. In fact, the Maya believed that people born under the sign of Cimi made excellent healers, particularly to pregnant women and parents. Lamat is a fairly easy-going sign that often believes that is best to go with the flow rather than fight it. This is an imaginative sign with psychic properties, but these natives must try to control their emotions. Ocs are sensual, and they sometimes find themselves involved in a romantic complication or two.
Those who are Men natives have a spiritual bent, a keen eye for details and may have a gift for all things technical. In fact, people born under this sign can discern the evil plans and interpersonal problems of others by reflecting them in a mirror of obsidian glass.
Cauac natives are the researchers of the universe and have a tremendous ability to teach what they learn. Many people of this sign are born with artistic abilities, but they may feel disheartened by what they perceive as greed and avarice in the world.
These 20 signs each represent a day in a Mayan calendar month, allowing individuals of differing months and years to still share the same day glyph. Our Cancer weekly horoscopes feature links to horoscope forecasts by astrologer as well, but are also organized by day of release throughout the week. They can lose sight of things and become caught up in causes or allegiances when they commit themselves too much. Spiritually, they have introspective and meditative characteristics and make good listeners. We save you the trouble of searching the web for hours by gathering the best astrology websites on the internet in one convenient place! Mayan astrology is every bit as in-depth as the Western methods of charting planetary movement, but its calendar and system operate from an entirely different cultural frame. The Mayans believed that in order to have harmony in your life, you had to understand and align yourself with this universal energy.

Additionally, each day is assigned a "sacred number" between 1 and 13 that correlates to the cycle of the moon and imparts even more characteristics to each sign's personality traits.
The complimentary energies radiate from the core sign like the points of a compass and represent the future and the past, as well as male and female energies, a concept we also find in Chinese astrology.
In fact, the Haab calendar is slightly more accurate than the Gregorian, as explained by Mayan-Calendar.org. Flexible, indecisive and sometimes fickle, these natives can sometimes be destructive to themselves and others. If this is your day sign, the best path to growth is to expand the heart while learning to share your feelings when angry. More positively, Mulucs are also very spontaneous and charming; this attracts others to them. Naturally charming, Chuens may be a bit annoying to others because they so very much love the spotlight. Additionally, Men should try to avoid alcohol and narcotics because these things are not helpful to their well-being. Cibs usually appear jolly and happy, but they are actually quite serious underneath that exterior. We've spent about a thousand hours finding the best Cancer horoscopes online, including Cancer yearly horoscopes for 2016, featuring the outlook the year ahead. A Cancer man or woman is very self-protective, characteristically family oriented and rather emotional, being ruled by the Moon. In fact, it is this instinct with drives action tendencies, for Cancer has cardinal quality. At last you can find the best Cancer horoscopes and astrology forecasts without a lot of hunting.Further Reading for Cancer, Free Cancer Horoscopes and Free Cancer AstrologyOur description of the sign of Cancer is only a brief overview.
However, despite its precision, the Haab calendar was not commonly used for astrological purposes because the Tzolkin was considered the spiritual and sacred calendar of the Mayans. The challenge then is for these natives to approach the world in a realistic manner that still allows them to retain their idealism. Similar to Western astrology, birth time and year also play a part in forming one's cosmic imprint. Why not have a look at our Cancer love horoscopes, which describe male and female astrology in relationships. They will do what they must to protect their homes and their loved ones, and they treasure family. Some did use the Haab to mark astrological day glyphs, which can be confusing for amateur astrologers in search of definitive Mayan astrology. Still, the astrological culture of the Maya is deeply steeped in ritual and many aspects of their system have simply never translated into Western life. You might also like to explore personality, zodiac characteristics and traits below for men and women. However, this can become overemotional and clingy for either a woman or a man who is their partner. In relationships, Cancer may seem shy at first as they find their place and bearings, but they are very sweet and have unassuming characteristics.
A simple trick to determine whether you are using Haab or Tzolkin glyphs is to note that the Haab features only 19 glyphs whereas Tzolkin will list all 20. Its extensive religious uses and cultural nuances have been either lost with the civilization or esoterically recorded by anthropologists.
These men and women blend in after their initial withdrawal as people find something almost familiar about them. They can be quite matter of fact and to the point, which may leave their partner hurt by their sometimes blunt personality traits.

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