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Dog Horoscopes, Mystic Dog Newf, Like humans, dogs do feel the daily power and pull of the moon, the stars and the heavens.
Reputed to be an ambitious, hard worker, this is usually true, but the part about being ruthless is more of a myth than anything else. Capricorn is crispy on the outside and deeply sensitive on the inside, a fact which most people may miss and which you would do well to inform them (by your actions), so they know. If you have any questions, need customer service or would like to purchase all of these things for one low price, please call Chelsea at (877) 453-8265. I hope these weekly, monthly and birthday horoscopes along with my other Astrolo-free features will put a smile on your face, give you "paws for thought" and let you have a howling good adventure! You prefer the squishy kind of person as a partner, as in emotionally open (in a way that seems daring to you), but they also have to inhabit their gender in a conscious way.

You may love to go to estate sales and visit antique shops, not only because you like old things but because you like to contemplate the way things were in different times in history. This is the sign of the winter solstice, associated with the dark days of impending cold; you love the security of the home fires burning. The sign of reserve is the one associated with the impressive debauchery of the Roman festival of Saturnalia.
You believe that there are lessons to be learned from the past, and we would all be better off for learning them.
Well, that and it’s nice to have a good job where your skills are tested and where you can grow and develop. Saturn, your ruling planet, is considered the very stalwart of stuck, but is in reality the most dependable agent of change.

Study the position of Saturn in your chart and you will learn a lot about yourself — promise. You are similarly versatile, embracing the new with a mix of eagerness and skepticism, and honoring tradition as a source of information about right now.

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