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Rising astrological signs have a lot to do with how others perceive you, your style and your appearance. The following is a general rundown of the different rising astrological signs, and how they manifest themselves in your life. The individual with Libra rising is very lucky indeed, for chances are they will always be perceived as beautiful. Those with Scorpio rising tend to have a strong physique with a tremendous amount of physical stamina. If you have Sagittarius rising, you already know that to others, you appear flexible with boundless amounts energy. A stubborn streak, a sturdy physique and tremendous physical stamina aptly sums up those with Taurus rising. Additionally, you also tend to marry later in life (usually to someone who is a bit of an authority figure), but you need to watch your addictive personality. Few aspects in an astrological chart give others in your life as much information about the way you see the world as the rising sign does.
As a side note, keep in mind that men tend to look like their moon signs, while women look (physically speaking) like their rising signs.
You need a lot of freedom and independence, so you may find yourself in different, changeable, environments throughout your life.
Comfortable with formality, you strongly identify with the material world and tangible assets. You stay cool under pressure, and take in stride the kind of sudden shocks and surprises that would lay others flat on their backs!

You can be highly emotional and shy, but you need to watch a tendency to play the "victim". Ruler Mars usually lends a slight red cast to the hair, a ruddy complexion, or a distinctive birthmark on the head or face. Usually physically attractive (thanks to Venus), you have a tendency towards overindulgence.
You always give the impression of being mentally alert, even when you're not paying attention!
Although you usually mask this vulnerability with a tough exterior (think Tom Cruise in S.E Hinton's The Outsiders), you usually don't fool anyone for long.
Keep in mind, you could be the most bullish of Taureans or the most liberal of Aquarians, but if you have, for example, Cancer rising, all people will say is, "She's so sweet". Additionally, Libra rising gives a distinctly metal orientation, so your expressions and mannerisms may have a slightly "scholarly" feel to them. You also have remarkable recuperative powers from mental, physical or economic adversities.
On the more physical side, sensitive skin, finely textured hair, brittle bones (this is true of Cap natives as well) and dental difficulties are all common complaints. In terms of your physical nature, you do have a lot of stamina, but need to watch your general sense of nervousness.
While you usually have strong mechanical abilities, your list of medical complaints is long. Your air of adaptability may be so pronounced that even your physical appearance can seem startlingly diverse to different people.

With Cancer rising, there is usually a roundness to the face, pale, sensitive skin and finely textured hair. On the other hand, you have a ton of energy and a lot of enthusiasm; qualities that often win you friends.
If your sun sign is who you are, the foundation or the church of your beliefs, then the rising sign is the stain glass window through which you see that world. Possible problems can occur with the lower legs, and ankles, as well as a general stiffness of joints and bones. Therefore, watch out for injuries to the head and face, skin rashes, migraines and insect bites.
Vulnerable areas include the lungs and hands; take care with illness and injuries to these areas. Usual physical complaints include heart problems, lower back pain and ailments connected to overindulgence. Therefore, the rising sign at your time of birth completely colors, or influences, how you see your surroundings and how others see you. An additional sensitivity to medicine and anesthesia, along with the feet, are typical complaints.

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