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2015 was an unmitigated cack-fest in most regards, but the planets finally give their blessings in 2016. You are the 'doers' of the zodiac, your restless energy and pioneering spirit keep the world moving. Why can't others see what you can see: that the world sucks, and that humanity is irreparably flawed? Horoscopy is not a precise science, but your husband will definitely cheat on you on August 25, at 7.32pm, at the Acacia Motor Lodge. How to have a healthy high2:00:00 PMYou want to feel on top of the world but you don't want the hangover later?
Why do men commit suicide?1:30:00 PMFilm director Tony Scott's suicide may have been down to illness, but why do so many more men than women choose this tragic course? Should you forgive a cheating girlfriend?10:30:00 AMShould a man take back his cheating girlfriend, and can a relationship split asunder by infidelity ever be truly complete again? But your hot-headed response to any perceived slight will cause at least one inner-city barista to write the Lithuanian word for 'lagoon troll' on your cup. You seem to move through life like a carefree breeze, messing up people's newspapers, getting sand in their chips.
According to a recent UK study by NHS, men go to their GP on average half as often as women. This year, you’ll have the chance to see Trelise Cooper's sophisticated designs on the runway with her first showing at Fashion Weekend. Just like your sign, the goat-or-sheep-or-whatever, you like to go with the crowd, especially when the crowd knows where to find good grass.

The planet Jupiter blesses you with gassiness and increased mass a€“ but this magnitude will bring influential people to orbit around you.
Do you need an automated snap-shot of your face to be taken every seven seconds and posted to all major social networking sites? In August, a hyper-specific Buzzfeed listicle a€“ 18 Reasons it's Great to be a 48-year-old Divorcee Grammar Pedant and IBS Sufferer from Masterton a€“ will change your world-view. One of your claws is sometimes larger than the other, which is useful for communicating, or attracting a mate a€“ although your love forecast for 2016 isn't great, on account of your tendency to be sexually dimorphic. And if you're below the age of maturity then your mother will take to secretly breastfeeding a stranger's child. A road-trip with a friend to critique the misplaced apostrophes of the South Island's fruit vendors will end in a hail of kumquats. A lengthy meditation on a chicken nugget in an airport restaurant will cause you existential grief. Your actual detriment is Streets Viennetta and shouting Jemain Clement's name during intercourse. The high will be your lawsuit to successfully make all other Pisceans refer to themselves as 'Old Pisces'. Sure, you have a hard outer shell, but inside is a soft, vulnerable flesh that tastes fantastic with Szechuan sauce or a little garlic butter. Are all the follies and vicissitudes of humanity not encapsulated in this tiny asteroid of obliterated chicken remnants coated in a layer of bleached flour, spices and partially hydrogenated soybean oil? Anything said to you should only be responded to with a slit-eyed stare, or at best an: 'Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?' Your decision to 'reclaim' a harmful epithet will leave others baffled, since you are neither gay, nor Mexican.

Your optimism will be tested late in the year when you discover your neighbour going through your rubbish.
The low will be when your unsolicited audition-tape for The Bachelor gets posted to YouTube by a disgruntled former lover. Your quiet strength will lead others to entrust you with their confidences, and this will give you a ton of ammo when you finally come to dick them over.
Your guests, all nine of them, are banished to the next room where the tinkling of the bells on their collars and their plaintive mews will taint every mouthful of that underwhelming confection. When your little brother Yuri would go out in the crisp morning to gather eggs in Mother's apron, and Uncle Vanya would call from his chair on the porch, 'Not too many, Yuri!' Not too many.
Who could have imagined that this great cosmos, with all its countless trillion stars and planets, could be all about you. Not some random disgorgement of celestial objects, but rather a precisely engineered machine whose purpose is the exacting analysis of the petty cares of a carbon based life-form on a tiny planet on the edge of a spiral galaxy.
Beware of men in v-neck tees and bead-heavy neck adornments spouting half-baked conspiracy theories. Life is a charity half-marathon toward the grave, sponsored by misery, and spiritual discord, and Bunnings.
In October, a house guest will de-alphabetise your books by moving Alain de Botton's The Consolations of Philosophy three places to the left.

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