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This week, we explain what to look for when searching for a strength coach or personal trainer. A: For many, the general thought is that strength coaches, or personal trainers, are all the same. At the present time, it’s relatively simple to achieve certification to be a “personal trainer”. Finding a personal trainer can be difficult, but once you have found one, they will help you meet your fitness goals that you might have found difficult to reach on your own. There are a lot of personal trainers about, so it’s just a case of looking in the right place. Google – Simply searching on Google for personal trainers in your area can be a good way to find personal trainers who train in private gyms or at your home. PT Directory – Looking in PT Directories is the perfect way to find personal trainers near you. Facebook – A lot of personal trainers are likely to have a Facebook page advertising their services.
Gym – If you have a local gym nearby, then they are likely to have personal trainers for you to hire.
Friends – Asking friends and people you know if they’ve heard about any good personal trainers is a good way to find one. Once you’ve found a potential personal trainer, you need to make sure that they’re right for you, and that you’re going to get the best value for money.
If they’re based in a private gym or at their home, consider the type of equipment they have, especially if you have a specific niche goal in mind. Before committing to a personal trainer, it’s important to make sure you’re happy and comfortable with them and what they can offer you. If you’re going to get a personal trainer, you want to make sure that they know what they’re doing. If you’re looking for a niche trainer, for example, someone who specialises in bodybuilding, find out what qualifications they have for this niche. A personal trainer can tell you they’re the best in the world, but without any proof you’ll never know if what they’re telling you is the truth. March 12, 2012 by Brett Kirkland Leave a Comment Being a Personal Trainer myself, many might think that I have a biased opinion when it comes to making a choice between a gym membership and hiring a trainer.
Motivation: When working with a trainer he or she should always be able to help you reach that next level. Variety of program: Everyone knows someone who has been going to gym for years and continues to do the same routine. Activating the proper muscle groups in each exercise significantly increases the benefits of the workout. Popularity in personal training and smaller personal training studios has happened for a number of different reasons. Most clients come to personal trainers to become educated on fitness and have the idea that they want learn and move on.
Lastly, there really shouldn’t be any contracts to sign when it comes to training in a personal training studio and if there are, tell them you are not comfortable signing it. Hope that answers a few of your questions about finding a hiring the right personal trainer for you! Please feel free to share your questions or experiences, good or bad, below in the comments. First, ask yourself exactly you're looking for: Do you want someone to help you with a general fitness plan, or someone who can train you for a specific sport or competition? One minute a study supports a particular claim, then next it's the worst thing you could humanly do to or for yourself. Their primary role should be to provide encouragement, motivation, and to give a client a good “push” that they wouldn’t be able to give themselves on their own. Granted, a background in exercise science, kinesiology, or human kinetics can be beneficial, but the amount of independent research the trainer does is what matters. Take note of how often a trainer references a cosmetic advantage specific to an exercise (i.e.

Look for strict ‘rep counters’ versus trainers constantly giving cues and feedback during sets of work.
Above all, look for the equipment and methods that are most commonly used with that trainer. In future, hopefully the overall criteria are adjusted so there’s less deviation between ‘good’ and ‘bad’. A former Kinesiology Major, Lee competed as a sprinter and long jumper at the National level. Hiring a personal trainer isn’t free, so it is important that when you’re looking for a personal trainer that you find one that you’re comfortable with, and that can offer you the best value for money.
You can find personal trainers both by online and offline methods, so there are plenty of ways to find the right personal trainer for you. They’re likely to have their own website, so you’ll also be able to find out more information about them before getting in touch.
Searching for personal trainers in your area on Facebook is likely to bring up some results. Speaking to people who have had a first hand experience with a personal trainer will give you more confidence that you’re going to get good value for money. You don’t want to pay loads of money for a trainer, and then have no equipment to use when you’re at your session because it’s all being used.
For some, having a session at home is the ultimate in convenience because you can save time on travelling. If you have a personal trainer that does sessions near you, you can consider having sessions in your lunch hour. Most trainers will offer a free first session, where they will go through you medical history, fitness, goals and then give you a taster session of what they would do in a normal session. Find out what qualifications they have, as all personal trainers need to be qualified before offering sessions. You want to make sure you’re confident that your personal trainer can offer you what you need, and a proof of qualification will give you that confidence. Finding testimonials from others is the perfect way to find proof that the personal trainer can give you the results you need.
This generally happens because either their exercise technique was not performed properly or they jumped into a more advanced workout too quickly. Being able to “feel” the muscles working allows you to grow stronger in the areas of the body that you want to work on which in result will help you reach your goals. I think with fitness and healthy lifestyle literally being plastered all around us everyday people are more concerned about their health and they don’t know where to start. Having a trainer that is certified and educated should allow the client to work out on their own and be confident that they are performing the exercises properly! This way once you have tried two or three different you will know what one is best for you. It will also be much easier to tell what trainer is well educated! Remember they are fighting for you to become a client of theirs!
Almost all training studios have a website with the bios of their trainers and if they don’t, make sure to take extra time to see if they are legit. Sometimes you'll even find the same questions looming around the industry with mixed reviews, perspectives and findings. It’s about being proactive, and making strides to deliver the best service to clients – and that takes time and hard work.
Does he or she follow any protocols that would encourage a consistent, disciplined client to reach set goals? Does the trainer in question often implement the most popular and commercialized methods of training with clients?
It’s a safe move for a coach to go through some form of screening process to determine a client’s muscular and skeletal balance.
Does he or she stay away from key equipment like barbells and dumbbells, to replace them with machines, cables, and bands?
His work has been featured in many major magazines including Men's Health, Musclemag, TNATION, and also on national television.
Our guide will show you how to find a personal trainer, and what to look for when trying to find one that will suit you.

Any good personal trainer should have everything they need for an effective session, but it is still worth finding out a bit more before you commit. If this is what you’re looking for, again, consider the equipment they have and the sort of training they do. Most trainers will do package deals which work out cheaper, so if you’re really committed to getting a personal trainer, find out what deals they offer. Typically, most trainers will have a REPs  (Register of Exercise Professions) qualification, which is an organisation that provides regulation for personal trainers to make sure that they meet the industry’s agreed national standards. If they have a website they’re likely to have testimonials already there, and look for some before and after photos from their other clients so you can see the transformations they’ve helped to do. All personal trainers in the PT Directory will have their very own microsite, so you can see their hourly rate, qualifications and testimonials all in one place, allowing you to find out loads of information before getting in touch. I believe in being physically fit and staying healthy but in some cases, and for some people, one option can help you see better results and reach your goals sooner. Typically between 4-8 weeks of the same workout routine your body adapts and the benefits of that workout decreases significantly. Within an hour you should be able to develop a relationship with trainer and learn to trust them.
Most personal training studios work on “packages.” Buy 5 personal training sessions at $90 session, 10 sessions at $85 and so on. Coaches have the potential to design effective, personalized programming using the correct balance of science and lifestyle anecdote.
Good examples would be overuse of the BOSU ball, CrossFit training, or TRX Suspension training.
Are major primal movement patterns like squats, deadlifts, rows, and presses avoided for instability training, or arm dominant or “core” dominant exercises?
Finding a good personal trainer goes beyond finding someone who can make you sweat, breathe heavy, and get sore the next day.
This will give you a good indication on how they train, and if you think they’ll be right for you. You can have effective sessions using only your own body weight, so consider your goals and if you might need anything more specific. Find out if your personal trainer works in a gym near you or if there is a park you can train in. Having an educated trainer working with you should always keep your body guessing which in result should help you reach your goals faster.
With each and every exercise there are modifications that will allow the client to hit the same muscle groups but at their level.
All of these systems are usable for certain purposes and populations, but should be used with discretion, and not with anyone at all times. Exercise is a science, and choosing the right “scientist” can make the difference between reaching your goals or getting owned by a plateau.
Another JSCR study from 2010 found that men who undertook a weight-training routine built more muscle when they did so in groups of five (five athletes per coach) than they did in larger groups (25 athletes per coach). Your local gym may be the most convenient place to start your search, but there are things you should consider before signing on to any sessions. For starters, there are countless certification organizations, and not all of them put their trainees through a rigorous process.Be sure your trainer is certified by an NCCA-accredited organization, like the NASM, the American College on Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, or the American Council on Exercise.
Would you prefer someone who specializes in weight loss, or in boosting cardiovascular fitness? A coach may not be as involved in the minutia of your gym workouts, but will give you stronger guidance on improving sport-specific skills and preparing for competition.
Either way, having a professional by your side (either literally or figuratively) will likely motivate you to work harder than you would if no one else was watching.

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