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It’s important to keep in mind that while power chords are easy and fun to play, the beginner guitarist too often gets caught up with the sound. As always, the web provides numerous opportunities to expand your knowledge and learn about guitar chords. Cyclocross started in Europe more than one hundred years ago when cyclist were looking for a way to stay fit in winter. Cyclocross requires the power of a sprinter, the speed and endurance of a time trialist, the bike-handling skills of a mountain biker and the tactics of a road racer.
It is not surprising that cyclocross has become the fastest growing part of the sport of cycling in the U.S. Events foster a festive atmosphere and encourage everyone to have fun while racing as hard as possible. An ethereal blend of two voices, guided by fate to find each other, travels the wire from iTunes to earbuds and into my ear canal a€” so exquisite, ita€™s almost unbearable. Hannah and Maggiea€™s almost unearthly harmonies evoke descriptions like a€?Simon and Garfunkel crossed with the Indigo Girls.a€? Indeed, they have been included in a number of Simon and Garfunkel tributes. When Hannah was around 10, there was an electric guitar sitting in the living room, a leftover from one of her fathera€™s stage roles. The drama club would host coffeehouses every first Friday and that was where Hannah first performed solo, singing her songs and accompanying herself on guitar.
Maggie was in chorus, but switched her energies to forming rock bands when she was still in middle school.
Although Hannah earned a degree in American Studies with a focus on Race and Ethnicity and Maggie in Comparative Literature with a focus on English and Spanish Literature, it would be music that defined their path going forward.
The house to which Hannah was assigned was an old, Victorian-style residence (the oldest on campus) that, at 50 coeds, was smaller than most. At some point they harmonized on one anothera€™s songs and some friends suggested that they sing together. Hannah graduated in 2011 and moved to New York City, with Maggie still having one year left. In January of 2012, they recorded their second album, the aforementioned Muscle & Bone, and released it in May. Hea€™d come backstage to change costumes and she would witness the transformation of her father to an actor with a€?elaborate costumes and crazy makeup.a€? She absorbed the idea that investing onea€™s time into performance and the arts was a valuable thing.
Maggiea€™s dad was happy that she was playing acoustic, and wasna€™t thrilled that her goal was to play rock. There was a broad range of types of performance, ranging from poetry and music (Hannah would sing and play guitar) to displays of visual art or even hair styling. In 2010, Hannaha€™s junior year, they sat down to play music together working on covers and originals. Hannah graduatedA  in 2011 and moved to New York City, with Maggie still having one year left. In January of 2012, they recorded their second album, the aforementioned Muscle & Bone, andA  released it in May. Indeed, as they hit their stride on the Melody Walker-penned rock anthem-like title track of their latest CD, Sake of the Sound, I envision an imaginary snippet of an un-PC dialogue between certain members of U2 a€¦ Edge: a€?Eha€¦ Bono, wea€™re gonna do a little alt-country, bluegrassy thing on this number a€¦ wea€™ve got this chick singer a€¦ you wanna sit down and take a load off?a€? It might seem like a stretch to compare Melody to Bono a€” not to a growing legion of fans a€” but after listening to the entire album and watching numerous videos, Ia€™m convinced therea€™s no genre out of her (and the banda€™s) reach. I contacted Front Country core members Melody Walker and Jacob Groopman in early December, and they filled in a few gaps in my knowledge of the banda€™s history.
Jacob moved to San Francisco in 2005, where he knew many of the areaa€™s bluegrass players. Melody was living in northern California in the redwoods area and in 2010 moved back to San Francisco.
About six months after the group formed, they worked up about six numbers and decided to enter the band competition for the 2012 Rockygrass Festival held each summer in Lyons, Colo.
Sake of the Sound was released in September, 2014 and can be heard in its entirety on all streaming services: YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and the banda€™s website. Front Country has fallen in love with Colorado, both for its vistas and the hospitality of its residents. There was almost always music happening, but not necessarily with her active participation.
Dartmouth had a relationship with the Royal College of London and Lindsay spent a semester there. This is where her life starts to resemble five miles of twisting water slide at an amusement park.
Also, while she was still in college, she saw a flyer on which a rock (but rootsy, folky) band was looking for a cellist. While she had made strides in breaking free of classical constraints, there was a lot more to be done.
I'd done classical harmony, but that was about looking at the page -- it was like math -- it wasn't about what I heard.
The switch to standing with the cello had its genesis with a 5-song demo CD she'd made when she was with the band in New Hampshire.
Another new development during this period was the coordination between playing and singing. Dev Ray, her manager, was part of the recording and believed in the product and what she was doing. Local concertgoers can hear her sing what's real and true on January 9 at The Outpost in the Burbs in Montclair, NJ. They may ring off this thunderous, complex sound in your earlobe, but these chords are accessible for both the advanced and beginner guitarist.
It is here where you will understand the many, many different chords available at your disposal. Hannah Hickok and Maggie Kraus, a lesbian folk-pop duo, look at all the facets of living a€” loving, losing, friendship a€” as if peering through a microscope, taking the facets apart and reassembling them with delicate, faerie fingers. In a perfect world, I think their articulate expression of lives so sharply felt and lived could change a listenera€™s DNA.
Her parents were actors but her mother quit the theater when Hannah was born in favor of another career path.

In addition to the exposure to Broadway musical theater tunes, folk revival classics like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell were played often. She was a member of the all-female and coed a capella groups and the chorus all four years of high school. After learning the basics, she and a small group of other campers performed for everyone in camp.
Shea€™d coax boys into being members of her bands, selecting roles for them (a€?OK, Brian, youa€™re gonna play drumsa€¦a€?), regardless of their lack of experience.
She hated the results and invested in an MBox, a portable computer recording interface (with mic and instrument ports) for computers.
Hannah ran the coffeehouse events each month with few exceptions, and with even more regularity when she was house president in her junior and senior years. So Maggie visited Hannah regularly at Hannaha€™s campus residence and found the vibe relaxed and inviting, more so than her own residence. At the end of the summer they completed a two-week Northeast tour, their first extended travel on the road.
After Maggie graduated they embarked on their first national tour, jumping from Portland, Maine to Nashville to Salt Lake City.
We were thrilled to include them in our late-night guerrilla showcase at the 2013 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference and wea€™re eager to help them promote their new album.
However, it doesna€™t take a genius a€” my good luck a€” to figure out that Front Country is not your ordinary bluegrass ensemble. She met Jacob, who toured with her on her 2011 solo release, Gold Rush Goddess (in 2013, they collaborated on the album We Made it Home). Melody has said the song of that title on Sake of the Sound is kind of a a€?Dear Johna€? letter to California.
Founding members Jordan Klein and Zach Sharpe both had day jobs and couldna€™t tour steadily. Then it hit me between the eyes like that nasty thing that Javier Bardem used in No Country for Old Men. Then, she started studying cello in the fourth grade, and this would be her primary instrument from then on, but she still took piano lessons for 12 years in total. She then spent another semester at Dartmouth and followed that with a summer in San Francisco as a bike messenger. She'd given it to one of the production professors at Berklee, then figured they were too busy to do anything with it. This was in addition to playing the New Year's Eve Concert for Peace at the Cathedral of St.
This CD has been chosen to be played on all American Airlines flights this year and has been named #2 in Music Connection's TOP 25 New Music Critiques Of 2008. As she sings about the protagonist's sad dance around the kitchen, all your old ghosts will come dancing out as well. It's a metaphor for her own life and the world, a hope to preserve what's decent about humanity. This CD has been chosen to be played on all American Airlines flights this year andA  has been named #2 in Music Connection's TOP 25 New Music Critiques Of 2008. Also, Guitar Allegiance provides a nice lesson for free and as always, Guitar Lessons Critic features a detailed review of some of the best guitar courses available.
Because Hannah and Maggie plunge a rapier of emotional honesty into the psyche, the listener might become a better person, more empathetic. She performed in musical plays a€” her first was when she was 5 a€” and was in chorus all through grade school and high school. He taught her how to play The Beatlesa€™ a€?Blackbird,a€? the first song she ever learned on guitar. She always liked music and, like Hannah, she was exposed to folk revivalists James Taylor and Joni Mitchell. There was supposed to be an a€?officiala€? staged performance at the end of the camp session, but it never happened. In 2001, Maggie was 11 going on 12 when, with her own allowance, she bought the Fender Stratocaster that she still occasionally plays. In high school, tired of wrangling other students into supporting her, she returned to acoustic guitar and performed with two friends as an acoustic trio. Using her acoustic guitar, she began making her own digital recordings of songs using Pro Tools software. There was a large living room where everyone would gather together at teatime once a week on Fridays. Shea€™d roam the halls, listening for good voices singing, perhaps idly, that she might recruit for the a capella group.
Toward the end of Maggiea€™s freshman year, there was an event where graduating seniors were given a send-off banquet. Later, in December, they opened for Dar Williams, an inspirational figure and thus, for them, their most notable performance to date. In 2011, banjoist Jordan Klein and Adam got an informal jam-style monthly gig at the Atlas Cafe in San Francisco. Melody came to the monthly gig, where she was asked to sit in and quickly became a member of the band. Students wore uniforms and a major and minor was required She majored in cello and minored in choral.
While there had been the choral experience in early childhood and at Interlochen during high school, singing was pushed far into the background. Not by pushing harder, but by getting better contact; by putting the weight of your arm into the bow, into the string, and then it comes naturally. She sings about a girl who tries to protect a lighthouse from storms with just seven stones, She wants to protect something sacred to her. As you’ll note from above, the 1st note in the C Major is C while the 5th note of the scale G. A case in point is the stark beauty of a€?Curfewa€? from their second album, Muscle & Bone.

Initially, shea€™d crank the sound up on a little amp, playing a€?awful musica€? in her bedroom.
At some point in high school, the computer crashed, taking hundreds of hours of recordings with it.
When Hannah had settled in, she wanted to replicate the coffeehouses shea€™d experienced in high school, so she offered to organize a coffeehouse event at teatime one Friday per month. We recommend a visit to their website, where their blog will provide more insight into their gentle, quirky humor as well as photographic glimpses of their adventures on tour. As Jacob put it, a€?none of us were fantastic singers or songwriters.a€? In Melody they hit the motherlode. The contest is first-come, first-served and they needed to use the same phone line as ticket-buyers to become one of the 12 bands selected. They surprised the crowd at a festival on a recent tour in the UK with a King Crimson tune.
Depending on the needs of the set, banjo chores are shared by various members of the group.
However, the band will be playing The Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan on Tuesday, Jan 26 at 9 p.m. Hannah wrote the song and sings the lead vocal with a call-and-response from Maggie in a passage near the end. Her first performance was in sixth grade in a school function called a€?The Extreme Concert,a€? a faculty showcase she was allowed to enter.
Nevertheless, she continued writing and performing at a lot of fundraisers, open mics, showcases and other school events. Hannah, visibly moved, thought, a€?Wow, this girl knows what shea€™s doing.a€? The song is on their first album and Hannah stated that it has been a fan favorite and has won two songwriting awards.
They were upset but not discouraged and committed wholeheartedly to continue playing together.
Hannah wrote the song andA  sings the lead vocal with a call-and-response from Maggie in a passage near the end. In their rooftop video of a€?Boys of Summera€? from Don Henleya€™s classic solo album, lead singer Melody Walker exhibits an aplomb worthy of a rock diva. The group needed a name for the competition and Leif came up with a€?Front Country.a€? They won the band contest and, seeing a future as a group, released a five-song EP, This is Front Country.
There was this really cool thing, when I started to sing and I hadn't had any lessons -- I could go up or down -- finally it fell into this groove of what felt real and right and natural.
For me, it's like, make a sound in your belly and try to not interfere with it on its way out. What I mean by this, is that a chord is defined as a musical presence that utilizes three or more notes. It might simply be an unrequited love song, but it could easily describe a heartbreaking failed connection between two people, one who is gay and one who is straight or who is latently gay but not ready to accept a same-sex relationship. She took lessons in her first year of high school and then learned more on her own by figuring out how to play covers. Maggie quickly seized the opportunity to organize her own a€?unpluggeda€? coffeehouse events. This past summer, I attended the 2013 CT Folk Festival and saw them perform and introduce new contestants for the songwriting competition.
Her vocal power has been described as a€?rafter-shaking.a€? The band fills in all the appropriate nuances and ita€™s almost easy to forget Henleya€™s version. Although Jacob played in rock bands in high school and later studied jazz guitar at Oberlin College (Ohio), his interest in roots music and bluegrass intensified during his later high school years and in college. At present, she contributes lyrics for all songs while Adam usually composes the instrumentals. They followed up in 2013 with a win at the Telluride (Colo.) Bluegrass Festival a€” photo-op below a€” becoming only the third band in history to win both contests (Spring Creek was one other). Hours were spent learning chords for songs she wanted to sing by researching guitar tabs on the Internet, figuring out how to play them. This past year also saw them begin recording their third album, In the Company of Strangers, their first with Purebred. This past year also saw them begin recording their third album,A  In the Company of Strangers, their first with Purebred. Melody perceived that bluegrass and folk were Americaa€™s contribution to world music and, learning guitar, dove headfirst into that genre. Maybe if I learned something about jazz, or how to write chords and songs, it would get me where I needed to go. Having gotten acquainted with Hannah in the Smiffenpoofs, Maggie had watched YouTube videos of her playing acoustic guitar and singing, so she invited Hannah to perform at her coffeehouse. Having gotten acquainted with Hannah in the Smiffenpoofs, Maggie had watched YouTube videos of her playing acoustic guitar and singing, so she invited HannahA  to perform at her coffeehouse. For our friends in Connecticut, theya€™ll be at the Acoustic Cafe (2926 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport near the Fairfield town line) on Jan. It turned out that, while all the players were top notch, she was tired of hearing regurgitation of standard pieces, tired of accuracy and excellence but with a lack of heart, genuineness and inspiration. Hannaha€™s performance at Maggiea€™s residence would be the first time either witnessed the other playing live. I studied jazz, songwriting, cello performance in general, ear training and harmony, all that stuff. People were always talking about 'one-four-five' [chord progression] -- I had no idea what they were talking about. Like a smack addict, I play the track again and again, nodding off over and over in rushes of aching, sweet melancholy.

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