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Putting Cold Meat Into the Barbecue - Take the meat out of the refrigerator and let it warm up (at room temperature) for 30-45 minutes. Monitor the temperature as the meat cooks to be sure the barbecue stays at theA desired temperature. Better than your local restaurant and sure to make you the most popular person in your neighborhood. Or, are you looking to improve your barbecue skills and create meals that your family and friends will rave about?

When grilling, you are usually cooking at high temperatures, such as 500 degrees and higher.
The heat in the barbecue is typically between 200 and 250 degrees, and the meat is not over the heat source. If you barbecue at the wrong temperature or for the wrong period of time, the meat can be tough. This barbecuing process creates tender, mouth-watering meat due to the slower cooking of the meat.

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