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There is now a way for you to get someone's phone number without sounding too aggressive or creepy, but rather, sly and impressive. Let them know that this is the only piece of information about their number that you will need. At the exclusive SOEFEST conference for Tier 1a optimising professionals I had the pleasure of spending some time with a high level Google hygiene engineer who revealed details of a new development that the struggling search engine is hoping to launch this summer! The Google-Oculars combines the data captured using the camera-otimeter with the location data to establish where a user was when they last saw an item, and then uses their RelRank algorithm to measure the importance of the object to the wearer based on their heart rate and other biometric information which is collected constantly. The Nano Googler which has been developed specially for these new devices benefits from vast advancements in technology instigated by Roger Moore.
By combining the technology of the new nano-Googler with the Google-Oculars and tracking the various differing pieces of information in near real time, the device is able to track up to 17% of all the things that a wearer does. As we all know, after wasps, the most irritating thing on the planet is losing important things like Phones or wedding rings. According to tests conducted at the Googlingplex in America somewhere, a Google-Ocular wearer was able to locate a mis-placed set of keys in just 7 minutes, using the device, compared to 7 minutes and 17 seconds without – a saving of almost 5%. As an added benefit, if the Google-Oculars are unable to find the object that the user has lost, they can provide useful advertisements for tangentially related services.
My unnamed source at Google informed me that the Google-Oculars will be available in time for people’s summer holidays although a price is yet to be confirmed! Some of the high level SOE professionals at the conference talked about how excited they were at the prospect of optimising for the new device, and there was much talk about using the Shatner Bassoon technique to correlate data sources and apply a transceptional algorithm across phase space to subvert the location based technology and provide prefered results in near real time within a standard radius.
What’s certain is that this opens a new chapter in the SOE adventure that we’re all a part of! Ever since we revealed existence of the portable internet in January 2010, web owners and so called SOE experts around the world have been struggling to try and understand the best ways of getting a number one in it. During a recent conversation with a highly ranked member of the Google hierarchy at a top secret invitation only conference for level 12 SOE professionals, I came into some priceless informations that will blow the world of the portable internets wide open, and for the first time allow even ordinary webbers to get their own webbing onto people’s phones.
These special techniques are immensely powerful, and can only be used safely by internet owners who have achieved a level 4 status or been ordained as a SOE ninja. To begin with, you must always remember that the screen on a portable internet is much smaller than on a proper one, so normal webs will not work properly. Although it is still people who will be reading your internet on go, they are different to the kind of person who uses the internets at home.
The portable Googler uses a different polynomial distribution in its crawling subroutines to allow for the doppler matrix changes that come from it’s distributed code base. A normal web has a full matrix of informational sub structures inherent within the underlying codes, and these can be updated manually by the internet managers once an hour. You can disable the standard doppler matrix of your web by setting the server permissions for your portable website to 888 rather than the normal settings.

In order to make up for the linguistic modification allowances outlined above, it is important for professional webbers to add images to the portable version of their pages.
To calculate the correct number of images for your portable page, simply add the integer value of 7.5 times the difference in word count between your full page and your portable page divided by pi to the number of images used on your full page. If you have exactly 200 words on your proper internet, and 50 words on your portable version, then the number of images required to make up the difference in the content differential value is 358%, which means you need 4 more images than you would normally. For convenience on smaller devices, you should always shrink image size by the same 0.25 shrinking factor that you use for the page as a whole.
Getting your website ready for the portable internet age doesn’t need to be a challenge for SOE professionals, and can be achieved easily using the techniques above. Pandas are the hottest trend in SOE right now, and pretty much every SOE expert has been looking at ways to get one for their sites.
Google have been really secretive about how ordinary web owners can get their own panda bonus, but despite the rarity of a Google Panda, savvy webbers have managed to come up with some sure fire ways of getting one quickly. Google’s pandas use a technology called a content vector to find interesting web pages. Once a Googling panda has arrived in your web, you need to keep it for as long as possible. Pandas might be quite flighty creatures in real life, but according to rumours I’ve heard from deep inside the real Googleplex, each Google Panda uses military grade cognitive semantics and becomes exclusively fixated on a subject. A question I often get asked by up and coming SOE types is how they can find some more linking juices for their webs.
If you have more than 10 link juices, your website has enough power to support being Googled, which means that you can start to be searched. Clearly, the more linking juices that you have, the more pages you can have in your webs, and the more people will be able to come and visit our webs. Given that more linking juice means more clickers coming from Alta Vista and Google, SOE people are competing to get the most linking juices to their website as they can.
You will need a lot of links to get yourself enough linking juice to get you to the top of the pile, so you might need to send a lot of emails. Some web owners do not like to share their linking juice with other people, so you might need to offer them something in return.
Following rumours that the ever growing artificial intelligence of the Googler had caused the internet robot to become mad with power, and faced by ongoing protests about lack of personal freedom, and demands for greater democracy on the Internets, it appears that Google has finally admitted defeat, and is set to cede control over the world’s information to the general population.
According to a well placed source within the secretive inner circle of advisors at Google,  the president of the popular not-for-profit company has decided to embrace democracy and abandon their plans to use robots to enslave the world’s population.
Off the record, my source suggested that many within the powerful inner circle had wanted to avoid full democracy, but growing fear that the recently upgraded Googler would enslave the whole world led to a swift capitulation within the ranks.
The once powerful Googler has had it’s strength down graded by 30% as it now only needs to count votes, rather than calculate keyword density and check that the Meta Rank tag had been used.

What this means for the 250 SOE professionals worldwide is not yet clear, but it is thought that unless there is some way in which voting could be manipulated, many SOE experts are likely to find themselves out of work. As any well informed SOE professional above tier 3 knows, until very recently, the key to getting a good rank from the Googler was to have fully optimal content that has a keyword destiny of precisely 16.7% and includes a demonstrable range of high quality interaction eigenvectors.
I was one of just 13 people who were invited to an exclusive launch event at an exclusive restaurant serving contemporary American Cuisine close to the fabled Google Castle in America where we were shown the astonishing new iGoogler2 in all of it’s glory. Thanks to some heavy dieting, and having bits cut off, the new version is some 23.4% thinner than the outgoing model. The full implications of the new iGoogler2 are yet to become apparent, but many of the top SOE specialists in the world will be scrambling to uncover its many secrets. Aside from the four figure salary, and the satisfaction of getting one of my keywords into the top 20 results, one of the most rewarding things about being a world leading SOE expert is the endless adulation. Sometimes this goes too far however, and it is not unusual for sneaky black cap SOEs to try and steal my top secret techniques by sitting next to me and trying to catch a glimpse of my notes.
No-one is completely certain why the Googler should be so keen to steal other peoples internets, as it is widely believed that it already has more than 700 webs inside its dating centre, although I have my suspectings. I think that the Insiders at the Googleplex have discovered that someone has cracked the secret code of what will make a website go number one forever. Full-time employees of the Vancouver Canucks began working a four-day week on Monday with a corresponding reduction in pay. One good NHL lockout development for Cory Schneider is that being part of the NHLPA negotiating committee has kept the Vancouver Canucks goaltender from following his beloved sad-sack Boston Red Sox.
Centre Maxim Lapierre has added 15 pounds of muscle to his 6-foot-2 frame to be a stronger presence on the puck for the Vancouver Canucks. Right now it’s clear that the NHL cares about hockey as much as any executive for a big record label cares about music.
Earlier this morning, I posted this article detailing the opening salvo for both the owners and the players during this 3rd consecutive lockout. Dan Murphy, long known as the leagues best dressed team reporter, broke the news on twitter today that Alex Burrows had re-signed with the Vancouver Canucks for four years, at 4.5 million per year. Sharad in dialogue with Chef, Entrepreneur, & Dragon, Vikram Vij (VIDEO)Posted on Mar 16, 2015Winning or developing? Those that bought the game already and are going to read my review to try and see if they agree with me or not.

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