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Home » Day Zero Project » How To Find Out Your Blood Type?How To Find Out Your Blood Type? For those of you who have visited my site before you may already know about my Day Zero Project that I started on December 17, 2010. So the long of the story was that I was hospitalized for 10 days if I recall, was transfered to MCV to be closer to home and my family and had Plasmapheresis done for several days. I have donated before, but didn’t keep any info from it so because of my little incident years ago I thought it would be easy to get it. Basically I was hooked to a machine that removed my blood, circulated it through a cleaning process that removed plasma and recirculated it back into my body. If I was never hospitalized I would have to specifically request and pay for the test to be done in order to know. It seems easy at first thought, but just making the list is difficult and then following through with it is even harder. If this didn’t work they would have had to remove one or both kidneys so it was pretty serious.

You have to make a conscious effort and even print it out and check it often to not only remember some of the items, but mark off what you may have done and since you last looked at it. So from that I was sent on my way, but was told as part of my physical to go get blood work done at LabCorp.
For a few days the news wasn’t good, but eventually my body kicked in and started fighting again.
Now that I know what I know I could find it much easier but here was my method of figuring this out the hard way. I remember the day that I peed for the first time and it was like I’d won the Superbowl.
I was told I had to contact their 3rd party records company Health Port and would have to fill out a release waiver in order to obtain this information. Not like it would personally do me any good to know your blood type, but if the point of this entire process was security what the heck kind of security was that? The event was physical challenge which was right up my alley, however, due to lack of sleep, plenty of alcohol and no water, dehydration set in and took me down.

Ah ok, I have been hospitalized and they would have to know my blood type because I had to get Plasmapheresis. Pains in my back and stomach were getting unbearable and my team decided to take me to the Sentara Hospital in Virginia Beach where I was put in a waiting room and pumped with fluids thinking that’s what my body needed to recover. When they came in and noticed the fluids weren’t doing the job it became more serious. My kidneys were shutting down because of the exertion I had put my body along with taking 4 Motrins while being completely dehydrated. capricorn
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