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Starrene Rhett Rocque is a recovering journalist who often fantasizes about becoming a shotgun-toting B-movie heroine.
How about naming mixtapes and projects after folks that didn’t sell drugs and kill people? Q-Tip chats with BBC about new music, forthcoming TV series and 25th anniversary edition of the Low End Theory.
Starrene Rhett Rocque is a New York City-based entertainment and lifestyle journalist and author who enjoys telling the stories of people who are hiding in plain sight.
Of course, that’s a naA?ve and oversimplified view of metadata, which turns out to be a surprisingly rich source of information on who people are, who they know and what they do.
Put aside for the moment the question of whether monitoring metadata is reading public information or is more analogous to a pen register. But the NSA surveillance of email and phone networks, and the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program have no such limits. Sociologist Kieran Healy shows another set of applications of these techniques, using a much smaller, historical data set. If you are a member of a secret organization planning overthrow of the government, you’ve probably already thought hard about what your metadata might reveal.
I think it’s possible to be both a heavy user of social media, and concerned about the security of your metadata. As it happens, I have a pretty good sense for what my email metadata might tell an investigator. The largest node in the graph, the person I exchange the most email with, is my wife, Rachel. While popular outcry over revelations about the NSA has been somewhat muted so far, it’s possible that widespread protests planned for July 4th will spark more dialog about what represents unconstitutional surveillance.

He first gave me his blessings and then expressed his need for us both to find a way to relive his mothera€™s legacy and portray her in a way that the media never did. I will take what I have learned from doing my research on Griselda Blanco and continue to empower myself and other females. Congress has historically recognized that metadata is important and deserves protection – while the Supreme Court ruled in Smith vs. He looks at a small number of 18th century colonists and the societies in Boston they were members of to identify Paul Revere as a key bridge tie between different organizations. I find this reassuring, but Daniel and Deepak have told me that people’s romantic partners are rarely their largest node. Rebecca is my co-founder at Global Voices and Ivan and Georgia run the organization day-to-day – they dominate the green cluster, which includes key people in that organization. It’s to make the case that this metadata paints a very revealing portrait of oneself. One major constraint on pen registers and mail covers historically has been the sheer amount of data they generate. And, since the costs of NSA surveillance are evidently borne primarily by internet and telephony companies, it’s downright cheap to keep metadata on email and phone calls. In Healy’s brilliant piece, he writes in the voice of a junior analyst reporting his findings to superiors in the British government, and suggests that his superiors consider investigating Revere as a traitor. Two of the students who took the class, Daniel Smilkov and Deepak Jagdish, worked on a project called Immersion which uses Gmail metadata to map someone’s social network. Hal is my chief collaborator at the Berkman Center, and Colin is my boss – they dominate the orange cluster, which includes fellow Berkman folks as well as a number of prominent internet law and policy folks who work closely with the Center. Global Voices emails include Ivan, Georgia, Rebecca and others – people who I email when I email those three get placed in the same cluster.

Mapping Enlisted Troops and Officers The Battle of the Burgs Nathaniel Pearlman – What Makes an Infographic Cool? After speaking with him and realizing the love his mother has for her children she is much more than a common, run of the mill drug dealer.
Potential overreach by law enforcement is held in check by two factors – the need to get court or administrative approval to trace metadata, and the ability to process said metadata. But the prominence of Rachel in the graph is, for me, a reminder that one of the reasons we might be concerned about metadata is that it shows strong relationships, whether those relationships are widely known or are secret. Lorrie is assistant director at Center for Civic Media and is the person I work with most closely at MIT – the red cluster represents the people I work with at the Media Lab. People who exist as bridges between clusters are particularly interesting, as they are people who appear in multiple roles in your social network.
As a result, USPS insiders report that it processes about 15,000 – 20,000 mail covers a year related to crime, and as security researcher Chris Soghoian discovered, internet and telecommunications companies charge law enforcement agencies for pen registers, putting some practical limits on their use. In other words, absence from a social network map is at least as revealing as presence on it.
And, perhaps, the policymakers who approved NSA’s surveillance projects would argue that the logic applies to email headers as well. But he’s colored red, as a Media Lab person, whereas other bridge figures like danah boyd show up as blue, as they have close relationships with Rachel as well. In other words, I have important, long-standing, multifaceted relationships with both danah and Joi, but danah is part of my family life as well, while Joi is not.

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