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Twitter can barely keep their servers up trying to handle the load of serving text 140 characters at a time. They are working at it, this stuff takes time and the first step is to do the launch…and let users test it out, collect data, etc.
John Battelle, 45, is an entrepreneur, journalist, professor, and author who has founded or co-founded scores of online, conference, magazine, and other media businesses. Offensive pictures, depressing tweets, political statuses, and just plain old dumb comments are only a few of the reasons why people unfriend or unfollow others on social media sites.
Who Unfriended You on Facebook?The most popular social media tool in the world actually has a really easy way to find out if anyone unfriends you.
Who Uncircled You on Google +?Chrome has an extension called Uncircle Uncirclers +, which helps you find and remove people in your circles who you aren't following or have not followed you back.

Who Unfollowed You on Tumblr?The popular microblogging platform Tumblr also has an unfollow checker called Friend or Follow.
I Hope You Find Someone Pinterest Pictures, I Hope You Find Someone Facebook Images, I Hope You Find Someone Photos for Tumblr. As search becomes totally incorporated into the Twitter interface, the service will hit a critical inflection point.
Search will help solve that, and at the same time, create the inventory for TweetSense to emerge. Sometimes it's just social spring cleaning, other times there's no reason at all.Personally, when I find out that someone unfriended me, I simply don't care.
All you have to do is "like" the Unfriend Finder page and allow the app to have permissions (not dangerous) and it will keep track of anyone who unfollows you after that.

Search as its interface is the problem and the solution, and it’s great to see the progress being made (yes, finally). Over time, obviously more keywords will be added and more answers provided for the end user as. Then I realize that I'm lying to myself and I ever so slowly let the hurt in, until it ends with me crying in the shower.

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