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Dawsonrentals is one of the UK’s largest CV rental firms, and one of the few to offer the full range of vehicles from vans to trucks and trailers and the full range of services from daily rental to contract hire and leasing.
Many times, the ego wants the other to be punished or see justice prevail before truly forgiving and letting go. Understanding that there is this Dweller within was a major key for me personally in finally being able to forgive and release things. Some of your issues of non-forgiveness may involve incidents that happened years ago and the matrix established by going over and over these situations in your mind can be very powerful. When you can meet the situation or person in your mind and the sting is no longer there, you know you have successfully forgiven. As you practice forgiving others and yourself, this will automatically connect you more strongly with your Higher Self, and you will find yourself experiencing more happiness and peace. An early adopter of Euro-6 to allow its customers to try before they buy, more than 30% of its truck fleet is now Euro-6. Motor Transport is dedicated to providing fleet operators with the most up to date, relevant and reliable news, researched and written by a 10-strong team of experienced professional journalists. Registered Office: 6th Floor, Chancery House, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, Surrey, England, SM1 1JB. It can be difficult or seemingly impossible to forgive the ones who have caused us such pain or committed heinous acts against us. We can be our own worst enemies, going over and over all our misdeeds and wrongs we have committed. In truly forgiving someone or something, you do not forget the incident – that would be impossible.
Knowing and understanding the Law of Karma (also known as the Law of Cause and Effect) is very helpful in letting go. It allowed me to see that there is a part that can be judged, condemned and not forgiven, while at the same time the soul can be forgiven.
At times, you can even become addicted to the pain and suffering you feel when reliving these events.
An analogy would be having a painful abscess a year ago – the memory is still there, but the pain has been forgotten.
Russ is a spiritual writer who has a particular interest in helping people reunite with their Higher Self.
Many of these situations strongly engage our emotions and energies, which in turn creates an energy matrix (pattern).
Many times as a result of the non-forgiveness of self, you subconsciously end up sabotaging things in your life as punishment.
It states that for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction; which means that if you give happiness, you will receive happiness in return and if you give sorrow, you will receive sorrow in return.
First of all, you need to understand that there is a part of the self that is responsible for these types of acts. Many on a spiritual path understand the need for forgiveness but fall short of being able to do so because they have the false concept that by forgiving they are excusing the offender for his behavior.
You may know then that you have released the person or situation and are no longer bound – you are free from the entrapment of non-forgiveness. Then examine each situation and ask yourself why you have not been able to forgive the persons involved in the situations.
Although unseen, these matrices are every bit as real as any physical object on earth and will stay intact until the situation is resolved or the energies transmuted.

They do not understand that forgiveness of the soul is a two stage process – forgiving on one hand but lawful judgment and justice on the other. See that your own hardness of heart, resentment or pride could be contributing to your non-forgiveness of the other. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you do things that you know are wrong and wonder why in the world you would ever do anything like that? Once you COMMIT from your heart and state your clear intention to forgive, the power of that energy will begin to undo and shatter the old matrix while at the same time establishing a new blueprint for forgiving.
Everything which conflicts with good is an operation of the Dweller, which can prevent you from taking actions which would be better ones. If you continue to bring up these situations and go over and over them in your mind, you feed the energy matrix and cause it to grow stronger. The past is dead and gone, and yet the past is kept "alive" by non-resolution of the matter. By the Universal Law of Attraction, this in turn attracts like energy to you based on what you are outputting emotionally concerning the incident. If you are angry, anger returns to you, multiplying and fueling the original energy output. The non-resolution of the issue continues to link you to the situation and karmically binds you to any others involved until the situation is resolved – in this lifetime or another. So it is essential to include forgiveness of self, along with forgiving others.Forgive and Forget?Sometimes we are told we must "forgive and forget". In truly forgiving someone or something, you do not forget the incident - that would be impossible.
You can still acknowledge that you or someone else did something "wrong" while at the same time forgiving.Many times, the ego wants the other to be punished or see justice prevail before truly forgiving and letting go.
Thus you may know that Divine Justice will prevail.Key to forgiving and letting goSo how do you go about this process of forgiveness and letting go? It is known as the "enemy within" and has been called many names throughout the centuries - the "dweller on the threshold" (Dweller), the anti-self, the Not Self, etc.
Everything which conflicts with good is an operation of the Dweller, which can prevent you from taking actions which would be better ones.Understanding that there is this Dweller within was a major key for me personally in finally being able to forgive and release things. They do not understand that forgiveness of the soul is a two stage process - forgiving on one hand but lawful judgment and justice on the other. We offer our customers a better age profile of equipment so the vehicles aren't breaking down. Some of our competitors have got their own workshops and it's cheaper for them to repair the vehicles.
We couldn't run an old fleet of trucks and make money.” Dawson has a long-standing relationship with Mercedes-Benz on both trucks and vans, though it also buys from MAN and Volvo. I thought I would never love like that again but I did and still do but I can't understand why I love someone who I KNOW loves me yet never let me love her was she just insecure or was I a fling I did tell her to guard her heart.
Wish I hadn't but I am going to give her her space as hard as it is to do that it's harder to get ignored I thought things might have been going where I wanted but maybe I misunderstood her reaction when I brought her the card and one red rose I thought I saw that smile inher eyes I'm sure I did but might be she thinks I have more baggage than benifitA  but she is and always has been kind I'm not closing the door on her just stepping back a bit.
If she or any other woman cost me money fifty grand or fifty million it wouldn't matter I can make do with or without money and I canalways make more but I can never replace her she's worth more to me than any amount of money I'm happiest when with her just talking and listeningA  everywhere I go I look for her even though I KNOW she is at work I don't know what to do or say if there is anything I can but I can't stop wondering did I ever really matter but I feel like I did even though she never let me love her.I think I'm Charlie brown as I can make her smile and I'm snoopy cuz I have been a dog but I am Cecil and you are ??? It began to get cold so the little bird took off south all alone but the weather was very cold and her wings began to freeze the bird was unable to fly and fell to the ground in a pasture wings frozen and unable to fly our feathered friend thought it was the end. The manure began to thaw out the little bird warm and happy the bird began to chirp and sing.

Since the coming out of the recession, the pallet networks are very much in vogue so curtainsider rigids are in big demand. The moral of the story is someone who craps on you is not necessaryaly your enemy and someone who pulls you out of a pile of shit is not always your friend. But having the two changes a year has actually flattened that out quite significantly for us.
This isn't something we've done because this customer has come to us and asked for this truck. We saw last year that we were able to demonstrate pretty significant fuel savings and the operational shift to Euro-6 wasn't as big as people thought.” While Euro-6 trucks have proved more fuel efficient than their predecessors, they do cost Dawson more to buy and maintain. We were given prices of anything from ?6,000 to ?12,000 for a new system but then some people are saying they can change the cartridge for ?1,200.
And the NWO doesn't have to make a deal with me, but they'd be smart to do so, as their "intelligence" isn't too wise.I have a little bit more coffee in the carafe, and a day to find a nice place to rent, and a car wash for the Chariot. But on the long-run vehicles that are doing lots of miles they've not missed a beat.” Purchase prices are at least 10% higher on Euro-6, according to Miller. If we can buy 500 vehicles at the right price, and we don't want to increase the fleet size by 500, we've got to sell an amount of vehicles. We like buying things.” Fletcher expects his truck fleet to grow steadily in 2015 as the market improves. There's a rule of thumb that leasing, rental and contract hire grow slightly faster than the rate of economic growth.
Whether it will be as much as 10% I doubt, but it will not be far off that.” If making money from tractor unit hire can be difficult, renting trailers is even tougher, with cripplingly low rates blighting the sector for the past decade.
But they know of what I know and know most people I know they can't and won't believe that I know things simply by some awfull ability I have to decipher things but my brain sees them but doesn't understand what they mean sometimes I wonder if I have a tumor I can't make sense of it but it bothers people that I'm this way they think I'm crazy when I mention things I often feel crazy as I can't piece it together my mind is always racing I wright things down and later think someone else did it it's not my writing but at times I catch myself writing in a way that is different can't explain it? It seems as though some are out to destroy me and others trying to guide me but I can't remember the details I need only the ones that confuse me tell me why? Trying to gauge what is going to happen to a trailer you buy today in seven or eight years' time is really difficult. At least not that I know of bee off to work soon I'm considering leading my own truck have another lead on a driving job from yesterday will be looking into it today after I'm done painting. He buys a used 2006 trailer for ?3,000 or ?4,000 and if it makes ?70 or ?80 a week, he's probably quite happy with that. He's not had to put any money into compliance systems or overhead, the people, the training, all the other things that we do.” Fletcher would like to buy all British trailers, but he concedes “it's not always the best solution for us”, and Dawson remains a big customer of French fridge trailer builder Chereau. I'll say Chereau are the only manufacturer that can deliver a trailer for a 10-year life in a rental fleet.” Dawson argued strongly that the trial of longer semi-trailers should have been open to the hire companies, but the DfT ignored their approach. Needless to say, we didn't get much traction with this.” Dawson has however invested heavily in doubledeck trailers, taking delivery of its first refrigerated unit back in 2000 and now having over 600 on the fleet. That's whether it's dry freight or refrigerated.” While the rates for doubledecks are better than for vanilla single deck curtainsiders, they are expensive to buy and maintain. Now we could take on any size of fleet.” As on the truck side, Dawson will be an early adopter of Euro-6 when it comes into force for light commercials. If you think about lot of big companies like construction firms and utilities, or the Royal Mail, that run fleets in the UK, it's not their core business activity.

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