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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? As time passed, interest in the small group was expressed by neighbouring Reformed Churches.
On October 18, 1981, the Bethel Church met for the final time in the building that had been their home for almost 25 years. When the church moved to a new building in 1957, facilities were improved for the children.The Sunday School grew to almost 80 kids under the care of Nancy Schurer.
Today Sunday School continues weekly during the morning service, with Childrena€™s Church on the fourth Sunday of each month. The First Reformed Church of Lynden, for example, provided hymn books, church furniture and leadership in the church services. Pastor Sandee led the short service with a meditation followed by the hymn, a€?O God Our Help in Ages Pasta€?. During that time, Pastor Bernie Brouwer and Pastor Steve Tamminga helped out with preaching and pastoral care. This achievement was assisted through a series of fundraisers which spanned a number of years.
He and his wife Melanie and their four boys moved to Abbotsford from Athabasca, Alberta in August 2012.
In the late 1990s, Sunday School went back to its initial time spot during the morning service. The annual Sunday School Kick-off began as an idea from Pastor David and Heather Vandervelde. Then on October 30, 1956, a meeting was held under the direction of the Classis Cascades of the Reformed Church in America to officially organize Bethel Reformed Churcha€”30 families, 46 communicants and 75 baptized members. During the final verse of that hymn, the consistory and congregation followed Pastor Sandee out of the sanctuary for the final time. It all started back in November 1978 when Pete Gemser arrived unshaven to the congregational meeting.

Ita€™s great fun, where the teachers manage to raise some laughs and focus the Sunday School year. This nucleus of three families visited other Dutch immigrants who were interested in worshipping God according to the Reformed tradition. Henry Franken became Bethela€™s next pastor in October of that year, but his stay was brief.
As a symbol of the move, Pastor Sandee carried the Pulpit Bibles, the consistory members took the communion set, baptismal font and the offering plates, and the congregation carried the hymnbooks and the pew Bibles. Pastor Sandee, not missing an opportunity for some teasing, suggested a collection be taken to buy Pete some razor blades.
The Annual Christmas program continues each year, involving the children, youth and adults, making our effort a joint one as we worship God together as the Bethel Church family. Rein Leyen, Bart Schurer, Jan van Tilborg and Gerrit Waardenburg were chosen to represent the group.
An offer was made to the Pentecostal Church in Abbotsford to purchase its former sanctuary on the corner of Laurel and Montrose.i?? Bethel initially offered $10,000, but the offer was rejected by the Pentecostal Church. At the February 1979 meeting, the congregation decided to purchase the Gladwin Road property for the sum of $125 000. Three years later, Pastor Strik retired and in April 1995, Bethel Church was without a pastor. Pete explained that he was growing a a€?building fund bearda€™ and he would remain unshaven for five months, hoping Bethel members would sponsor him. That year, the first Christmas Program was presented by the children on the evening of Christmas Day. Audrey VanderSchans explains it like this: a€?We sing lots and lots of praise songs with the help of our tambourine, our maracas and lots of clapping, finger snapping, arm waving and even jumping up and down.
In February 1980, Rien van Tilborg, Wayne Waardenburg and Pastor Sandee were appointed to get the professional help needed to draw up detailed plans for a new church building. The number of children in our congregation has also grown during that time, and so has an increased emphasis on families.

Assistance was provided by the Lynden and Vancouver churches, who provided gifts for all the children, and Dutch treats arrived from the Holland-America line! During the late 1990a€™s, an aerial photo was taken of the church property.i?? An enlargement of the photo was made and cut into pieces to form a puzzle.
To finalize the agreement, a joint meeting of Bethel's consistory and the Pentecostal Church board was held. It continued after the morning service for many years, with dozens of faithful teachers nurturing the faith of more than a hundred of our children.
We share prayer requests and each child is encouraged to say their own prayers to the Lord. An extract from the minutes of that meeting reveals the following: a€?The terms set by the Abbotsford Pentecostal Church board had been accepted with the understanding that the pews were included in the deal.
In October 2001, Chris Postma, Jerry Feenstra, Bernie Smid, and Pete Gemser were part of a hair and beard cutting. It was in the spring of 1976 when he announced to the congregation that he had accepted a call from the Presbyterian Church in Wick, Ontario.
In September 1980, the congregation approved the sale of the old building to the Matsqui Arts Council and the basic building plans were also approved.
With Jerry Woelinga as barber, the quartet generated almost $5000a€”which represented the final amount needed to bring the mortgage home. Our leader never hesitates to stop the story anywhere and ask what it would be like to be that character. At the congregational meeting in March 1981, they proceeded with construction of a new sanctuary on the Gladwin Road property for $321,421.

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