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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Good fortune will come to you through the people you know and have helped in the past. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Use your knowledge and skills to help others and you will secure a position that will reward you handsomely.
ARIES (March 21-April 19): Look over your books and personal paperwork and you will find something interesting that you overlooked. Characteristics: Wisdom, cunning, foresight, docile, cunning, possessive, irritability, obsession and snobbery. In the workplace Rabbits are often excellent: therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, ophthalmologists, herbalists and masseurs.
Ox personality: People that are born during the period governed by the Ox are blessed with equilibrium and the tenacity. Characteristics: Honesty, loyalty, sincerity, firmness, integrity, popularity, trustworthiness, solidarity, stubbornness. In the labor market Ox tend to be excellent: Painters, decorators, carpenters, mechanics and farmers. Do your due diligence if you don't want to lose ground professionally, financially or physically.

Feel it in your heart and base what you need to do on intuition, and the right door will open. Greater stability will be established if you are committed to whatever project you are working on. You may have to argue your concern with an institution or government agency but it will be worth it. You’ll do your thing today -- dance your dance, sing your song and probably be met with shrugging shoulders. Some­times opposition comes from across the globe, and sometimes you are nose-to-nose with it.
Sometimes you don’t realize until you are deep into a task that it’s really not worthy of you. People born under the sign of the rabbit avoid being the center of attention, they are a kind and lonely, and people who are also very sociable; always willing to have a good conversation in the company of others. By offering your time, services or listening to the concerns being expressed, you will enhance an important partnership. Being a patient observer may not be to your liking but it will spare you from coming across as difficult, ruining your reputation.

Instead, put the emphasis on others, showing interest in whatever pursuits they are tackling.
You’ll pick up a new skill such as one of these if you say “yes” to today’s unusual re­quest.
You expect much of yourself now, and you may forget that people don’t become experts overnight.
However, you’ll be better off for fulfilling your obligation (unless of course it’s morally wrong to do so) before you bail.
Someone who loves you can help you see what’s so wonderful about you when you can’t see it yourself.
When they have an idea, they work hour after hour to achieve their goal, they work tirelessly and without complaint.

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