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Browse gallery video and picture of baby shower games printable baby girl name race game and get inspired.
How to Play: Distribute printed game cards along with pens and pencils among each of your baby shower party guests.
This blue free printable game is suitable for boy baby shower and it's simple yet cute design will go well with any baby shower theme. If you do not know or do not want to disclose gender of the baby then use this free printable stationery for how many baby items can you name game that is in green color.

This is a relatively easy game but your baby shower party guests would love the fun and challenge of this game.
Set the timer to five minutes or any desired suitable time and ask them to write as many names of baby related items as they can within the specified time.
Just click on the image given on the left and you will see the bigger image, save that to your computer and print it a day or two prior to your baby shower party. I have created this printable game in three different colors so you can use this for your boy or girl baby shower party and even if you do not want to disclose or know gender of the baby.

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