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We have fond memories of childhood books - the familiar stories, engaging illustrations, even the smell of the pages - and we want our children to experience these pleasures, too.
It's difficult to predict which books your children will fall in love with, so start building your home library with these tips from educational expert Wendy Zachrisen. According to Zachrisen, determine your child's reading level and choosing books accordingly. Not only should books be on level with your child's reading readiness, they should also be on level with her physically.

As long as children are reading at the appropriate level, it doesn't matter what they read.
Look for traditional print books that include multimedia components such as animations, music, games and video as part of the reading experience. You'll enjoy reading them – to yourself or aloud to your child – and they may inspire your child to become a book lover like you! The Scholastic Storybook Treasures series offers animated story adaptations of children's classic, best-selling, and Caldecott award-winning books on DVD.

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