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Some enterprising state lawmaker suggested adding $2 per year to the cost of vehicle owner’s annual registration fee (plate sticker fee) to generate an additional $22 million in revenue for state parks. Luckily for Illinois drivers, there was not enough support in the Illinois Senate for the measure to be passed according to the Bloomington Pantagraph newspaper. Plate registration fees are already $99 per year and had been raised $20 a year in 2009 to fund road construction and other infrastructure repairs. Although the measure passed the Illinois state House Thursday night, it failed to pass the state Senate just a few hours later by a measly three votes. SPRINGFIELD  —  Nestled between the law that bans Illinois drivers from holding their cell phones and the law that allows drivers to make like Sammy Hagar (not drive 65 mph) are a handful of laws approving new license plates in Illinois. The state, which already has more than a dozen “regular” licenses plates for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and every conceivable form of heavy truck and commercial vehicle is adding five new specialty licenses plates. Committed to the Cure plate, and the Illinois Police K-9 plate join the 104 other specialty license plates on the road in Illinois.
According to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the state does not actually produce specialty plates until 1,500 people agree to buy the plate, and those same people raise $37,500 for the cause the plate represents.

Haupt says if someone thinks there are too many, or not enough, specialty plates they need to speak with lawmakers. Of Illinois’ 10.5 million license plates on the road, about three and a half percent (383,458) are specialty plates. Illinois’ most popular specialty plate, is also the first, 41,425 people are driving with Illinois’ Environmental license plate which was first issued in 1994.
Haupt says new plates are created every week, but the Secretary of State’s office does not keep track of specialty license plates until the plates actually hit the streets.
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By purchasing a set of Chicago Bears License Plates, you will contribute to the Professional Sports Teams Education Fund with the funds to be deposited every six months into the Common School Fund.
Chicago Bears license plates are multi-year and may be displayed on passenger vehicles, trucks and vans weighing 8,000 pounds or less and sport utility vehicles. Chicago Bears license plates can be renewed online, by mail, touch-tone phone, or visit a Driver Services facility.

The Secretary of State’s responsibility is solely to administer the program,” Henry Haupt, a spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office was quick to say. Quinn’s flurry of creating new plates, there are not too many people who apparently think there are too many specialty plates.
They were enacted by the Legislature several years ago but, to my knowledge, they are yet to be authorized by Jesse White’s office. You may visit our non-JavaScript navigation page; however most of our resources will require you to use a browser with JavaScript enabled.

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