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I started this review complaining about how loud the 15-inch MacBook Pro gets, but with 32x the physical volume the 27-inch iMac is near silent. With a large integrated display power consumption obviously varies depending on brightness. Having never previously been a fan of the iMac, I don't actually have any historical performance data to compare to. The Retouch Artists Speed Test we use for our CPU testing under Windows also works under OS X. For my Aperture test I simply timed how long it took to import 203 12MP RAW images into the library.
I’m a fan of the Cinebench tests because they lets me show off both single and multithreaded performance in the same workload. There's still no replacement for more cores when it comes to heavily threaded applications, the past three years of 8-core Mac Pros are still faster than the new 27-inch iMac here.
You'll notice in Cinebench R10 the 15-inch MacBook Pro is nipping at the heels of the new iMac. QuickTime doesn't make tremendous use of all cores all of the time, and thus the MacBook Pro loses its threading advantage.
So basically to get rid of having a tower, which probably can take up floor space you don't use anyway, you get about $700 worth of desktop hardware and a $1000 monitor rolled into one at the price of $2000.
Fine a display is important and that is why I have 3 of them at 5760x1080, 120Hz Alienware Optx23's but ONLY if the displays are independent of the system, meaning not built in whereby the computer becomes obsolete and then what??? Este importe incluye los aranceles, los impuestos, la corredurA­a y otras tarifas aplicables. Las tarifas de envA­o internacional e importaciA?n son pagadas en parte a Pitney Bowes Inc. 2.5Die Bestellabwicklung und Kontaktaufnahme finden per E-Mail und automatisierter Bestellabwicklung statt. 7.2Die personenbezogenen Daten des Kunden werden im Rahmen der Vertragsabwicklung an das mit der Lieferung beauftragte Transportunternehmen weitergegeben, soweit dies zur Lieferung der Ware erforderlich ist. 7.5Der Kunde kann sich bei Fragen zur Erhebung, Verarbeitung oder Nutzung seiner personenbezogenen Daten unentgeltlich an den VerkA¤ufer wenden.
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Thoughtful, detailed coverage of the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, plus the best-selling Take Control ebooks. As a part-time but active freelance photographer, I copy a lot of photo files from SD cards to my iMac’s hard disk. One of my few minor complaints with the iMac was that the placement of the USB ports on the back makes them hard to get to.
At this point I have to confess that, if the iMac came with a User’s Guide, I never read it. With some embarrassment, I explained what I had done to some of the Mac power users in the TidBITS author and editor community, and asked for suggestions. Then I turned to the Mac user’s oldest and most versatile repair tool: a big, bent paper clip. After righting the iMac and plugging everything back in, I tested the SuperDrive and the rescued card.
Elegance Versus Usability -- I’m happy to stipulate that I did a dumb thing, and I will certainly try not to make the same mistake again.
Put bluntly, the position of these slots is a case of bad industrial design, and one that could be easily eliminated in a future iMac design. There’s no question that the iMac is a gorgeous piece of design, and resolving some of these usability issues might hurt its aesthetics. To leave a comment, click Add a Comment and then enter the text, your name, and your email address (which won't be displayed). The iMac has two vertical slots in the right side, one for the SuperDrive and one for the SD card reader. Disappointed you didn't mention my suggestion: rotate the SD slot 90 degrees so it's horizontal, and impossible to confuse with the vertical optical slot. I thought about that while editing, and in the end decided that it might not be possible, given the way the LCD panel goes in, and how thin the edge of the iMac is already.
Putting a small sticker on the (visible) edge of the screen at the height of the SD slot might be a good solution for some.
It would have been nice to have the SD and one USB on the front, or on the left side, but since I use a wired keyboard it has not been an issue. I like the clever label idea.And I definitely support the idea, wish, hope that there be some USB ports on the sides and --!Shocking!-- maybe even one or two on the FRONT of the Mac. When "poking about blindly" in a slot-loading drive, you might consider the use of plastic sheet material rather than a bent paper clip. HI, seams to me you are very good with the Macs, I need some help please, I'm new with this and I'm trying to copy to an SD card an upgrade to my Nikon camera, how can I do it?
How about sticking a spare SD card partway into the correct slot to serve as a "flag" showing the slot's position? So, you're feeling blindly to insert an SD card then poking around the superdrive with a paperclip before accusing Apple of "bad industrial design"? I do for the iMac what I do for my MacBook Pro; on my Macbook pro i put red dots where the USB ports are located saving me having to lean over to see where the USB ports are. I don't have an iMac, so I haven't had a chance to insert the SD card in the wrong slot, but I have been mystified by dead USB devices on a couple of occacions, before I realized I had put the USB plug in an RJ45 modem jack.
This just happened to me, i've tried everything but take it to the apple store, and i agree, it was very dumb to put the SuperDrive next to the sd, when i tried retrieving it with a thin knife, it just pushed it farther in, and i need to use the super drive, what to do??!! I did this, and on top of inserting the SD card fully in the DVD drive, a few weeks later I shoved a DVD on top of it and got that stuck too.If you take it to the Apple store the out of warranty cost is only $40 to get the card pulled out.
Purchase high quality, low ESR, motherboard grade, long life, high temperature rated capacitors for your iMac G5 motherboards and PSUs. The success rate for these do-it-yourself repairs are quite high, at greater than 95% when following the instructions.
I had to get the lead out when it comes to repairing the Apple iMac G5 PPC motherboard problems. Additionally you may also go to any Apple Retail Store with a Genus Bar, and have the Apple folks take a look inside the G5 and look at the caps on the iMac logic board for you.
This is a close up view of the Apple iMac G5 Motherboard (20 inch model) with the bulging, leaking, and exploding capacitors problem. The logic board capacitor sizes included in the kits, are the original sizes of the capacitors on the logic board; making your job much easier to replace them. Send me an email if you would like to purchase ten or more iMac G5 cap kits, along with a note of which of the different cap kit sets you are interested in. It’s pretty easy to open the iMac case (first and second generation iMac models) and visually look at the caps.
While removing the 20 capacitors on the G5 logic board, I experienced broken leads from capacitors that were falling apart, and leads that pulled out of the capacitors themselves, because of the extra heat that is required to melt the lead free solder in the first place. When replacing the capacitors it is important to note which are the positive and which are the negative leads when installing in the board. Once the capacitors are replaced on top of the motherboard, then it is time to reinstall the motherboard back into the chassis.
When applying the Arctic Silver thermal paste compound (either the Arctic Silver 5 or Ceramique 2), less is better, (see the warning on the left) paper thin is best. Note: I inspected my work a couple of weeks later, and decided to replace the five other capacitors also.
As an aside note, I included the previous paragraph information in this article as a historical troubleshooting and engineering evaluation note. Another interesting bit of information regarding noisy iMac G5 fans and internal temperatures that I discovered after the G5 motherboard repair, it became apparent, the computer fans were running a lot quieter.
Yes, the Apple Store folks were nice enough to take a look inside the iMac at the local Mac Genius Bar, and give me a heads up on what the problem was, though it only took a five second look inside for the Apple guy to tell me that I need a new motherboard, and oh by the way, the total cost (approximately $750.00) was going to be two thirds the cost of a brand new computer.
Printout this PDF file of the Apple iMac G5 Motherboard Repair article for reference before you take a bite of your Apple apart. Here is a Apple link on how to identify your iMac and how to check the EMC number on the bottom label.
Also, I think it is quite comical reading the Apple repair extension program especially the section about not fixing the desktop computer yourself, now that I have fixed it myself. And for those that want to check out their iMac G5 for the extended service, here is the quoted information from Apple support.
The iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues applies to first generation iMac G5 computers that have video or power-related issues as a result of a specific component failure. Note: If your iMac G5 is not experiencing any of these symptoms, you do not have to contact Apple or any Apple Authorized Service Provider. Which iMac G5 computers are affected by the iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues? The affected iMac G5 computers have serial numbers where the first 5 digits fall into the ranges noted below. Some second generation iMac G5 computers have serial numbers that fall within the upper band of the ranges listed below. To view the label, hold the sides of the iMac and gently lay the computer face down on a soft, clean towel or cloth. How can I tell if my computer is affected by the component failure identified for the iMac G5 Repair Extension Program? An Apple technical support representative or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) will need to physically examine your computer to determine if the component failure identified for the iMac G5 Repair Extension Program affects your computer and, if so, arrange for the repair. To participate in the program, please bring your iMac G5 to the Mac Genius Bar at your local Apple Retail store or Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), or call your local Apple Contact Center. What if my computer exhibits symptoms not caused by the component Apple has identified for the iMac G5 Repair Extension Program? It is possible that your iMac G5 may exhibit video or power issues that are unrelated to the component failure identified by Apple as part of this program and are not covered under this program.
If your iMac G5 is one of the models listed and exhibits one or more of the symptoms above, please bring your iMac G5 to the Mac Genius Bar at your local Apple Retail store or Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), or call your local Apple Contact Center. Is there a cost for participating in the iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues? If Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) determines that your iMac G5 computer is eligible as part of the program, the repair will be covered by Apple even if your iMac G5 is out of warranty.
The program covers affected iMac G5 computers for up to three years from the original date of purchase.
If your iMac G5 is eligible for the program and within its warranty period, you will have your system repaired at no cost to you. Replace both types of caps completely even if one or two is visually bad, since it is most likely the other caps are in a failure mode too. By the way, get a professional website solution, with Professional Web Services customized websites and Professional Web Services Internet marketing business solution. Get your B2B or B2C business website found online with Internet marketing services from Professional Web Services. Could also be the capacitors inside the PSU as well as the caps on the MOB even though they are not bulging on the MOB. Instruction manual is still under construction, we hope soon it becomes done and will be published. Machines having main parameters floppy for every day working and in hidden mode can be located system files for quick and easy access if needed. One client was asking to have this kind of function and we have made it for him, but it is also available for all others who having this emulator also. Choose hidden mode is possible, while pushing and keep pushed one of those buttons in front panel at moment when inserting SD card, then emulator switching to use only hidden marked imavfd files. For example at moment I am working on function create blank ima file with-out external computer, just push 2 button together and emulator will create new ima file for user in SD card. At beginning function was easy, but practically we find, it must be more secure and now user must push 2 buttons together in SD card insertion moment to allow emulator search firmware update file in SD card.

When reverse A is displayed, then emulator waiting user to push right button for accept firmware update start or left button for reject. After right button becomes pushed, no SD card remove or power interrupt is not allowed, can damage code inside emulator microprocessor.
Is one more function what use buttons, while SD card wpt mechanical switch is in wpt, then 2 buttons together push activates show current firmware version function, this play in display version X.XXZ and by this it is possible to see what is current software version installed in emulator, while SD card wpt lock mechanical swich is not switched to wpt, then emulator making new ima or vfd file, featured function. I replaced the capacitors in my 17″ iMac per instructions, and now I have severe video distortion.
Here is why you should invest in Internet marketing and ethical SEO Services.Do you want to increase your business sales volume? Professional Internet marketing services and ethical search engine optimization "SEO" services. We're running the exact same benchmark here, basically performing a bunch of image manipulations and filters and timing the entire process.
A hair faster than the new MacBook Pro, the iMac delivers the same performance as an 8-core Mac Pro from 2009 or 2010.
You get excellent single threaded performance which means general OS usage, launching applications and even rendering most web pages happens as fast as physically possible as the other cores are power gated and asleep. I suspect the upgraded Core i7 would at least let the iMac beat the 2008 Mac Pro thanks to Hyper Threading, but the other two systems are simply out of reach. Chalk that up to the larger L3 cache and Hyper Threading, both advantages enjoyed by the MacBook Pro. Which does not seem that bad of a deal, except I could never see myself having a monitor that costs more then the computer used with it.
I have been running the same lcd now for 7 years and this is the 5th desktop to use this monitor. Best price on newegg is about $150 and that monitor is noticeably smaller in height than my 19 inch. If you lay down a floor plan that keeps high power drain areas apart but still keeps latency low. Todos los derechos reservadosSearch engine Use this form to find things you need on this site Buscar ?Login Username or email * Password * Lost Password? Este artA­culo puede ser un modelo de muestra o haber sido devuelto al vendedor tras ser usado un cierto periodo de tiempo.
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Dasselbe gilt, wenn der Kunde keinen allgemeinen Gerichtsstand in Deutschland oder der EU hat oder Wohnsitz oder gewA¶hnlicher Aufenthalt im Zeitpunkt der Klageerhebung nicht bekannt sind. Please check your email for a link that, when clicked, will verify that you're a real person and cause your comment to appear immediately. We use your email address only to send you a one-time verification message confirming that you posted this comment. I’m generally very happy with the iMac I bought late last year to replace the Windows system I had used for a few years previously. It also makes it nearly impossible to look inside to, say, figure out what became of that SD card you accidentally shoved in. I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t the first person to whom this had happened, nor the second, nor even the third.
I unplugged the iMac completely, carefully turned the thing on its side (yes, this was awkward, given its weight) and, hoping to jostle the SD card up close to the fuzzy curtains, I very gently tapped the side of the iMac against the top of my desk. I poked around blindly — and again very gently — inside the optical drive bay for several minutes without success until — eureka! Apple could simply give the two slots more vertical separation on the right side of the iMac. I love my Magic Trackpad, for example, now that I’ve learned the various gestures that make it work.
Your comment will appear after you follow a link in the one-time confirmation message we send to verify that you're a real person. What happens when you accidentally miss the SDXC slot and insert an SD card into the SuperDrive? Thank you for solving two problems: so awkward to get at the back slots plus my card reader wasn't working.
Sound like you're doing a lot of fire, ready, aim, then blaming others for your lack of common sense. Well worth it considering the glass screen has to be pulled off.If you really screwed up and damaged the DVD drive, the cost is $130 to fix. You're never going to see a USB port on the side of an iMac so those of you who wish for one might as well give up on that.
Topics of Marketing, Internet, Google, Apple, Advertising, Blogging, Computers, Hardware, Software, Hard Drives, Routers, and Networking to name a few. Beware; please read these MOB iMac G5 repair instructions carefully before attempting this procedure for replacing of the capacitors on an iMac yourself. Find the nearest Apple Retail Store – Genius Bar in your area, and take your Mac and get in the queue, or better yet, make an appointment online for the Genius Bar. Take a look at Fat Caps & Ripple Current for more info into engineering and design of electronics equipment.
High Quality Low ESR capacitors, computer motherboard grade, 105?C, 10mm X 16mm, caps are available for sale in kit form. If your country isn’t listed for a shipping destination, please let me know to add your country to the list. Note: Apple early and late model iMac G5s with the PowerPC processor have different quantities of caps required on the MOB.
It appears as though lead free solder was used and a polymer was coated on the assembled motherboard on the bottom.
Refer to the various Apple iMac G5 user and do-it-yourself part replacement manuals for details and visual instructions on how to remove various items. Check out the very handy magic screwdriver with the telescopic shaft with various size TORX bits for the mother board and other items. In addition to requiring a super hot soldering iron, one with good heat transfer and quick heat recovery, (a 60 watt soldering iron minimum is recommended) you may also need to grind off some of the polymer resin that is on the bottom of the circuit board, covering the capacitors’ leads, in order to get access to the lead free solder in the first place. If anyone would like to make a suggestion for a good quality soldering iron, at a reasonable price, with quick heat recovery, that can melt the lead free solder on this Apple motherboard, let us know here.
New capacitors generally have a long and short lead (short lead is usually the negative lead) along with a negative indicator written on the side of the cap itself. At this point in the iMac repair process, after the new caps are completely installed, and properly soldered in the holes on the motherboard, you must trim off the excess new caps’ lead lengths on the bottom surface of the motherboard. The CPU wasn’t working because I slopped some thermal grease over the circuit board items above the CPU.
Furthermore, although there is little or no electrical conductivity, the grease is very capacitive. Please review instruction sheets for applying Arctic Silver 5 and also the Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 instructions of use and proper application procedures. As a matter of fact, I have used the same iMac G5 here to do the pictures with a program called Skitch, and posting this article using Firefox running on the iMac too. If you don’t see this LED, with the machine off but plugged in, it is not a good candidate for PSU repairs unless fuse is blown on the PSU itself, and the PSU should be replaced in this case. In Apple’s defense I can tell you that I found evidence that many other computer manufacturers also had the capacitor problems from buying low cost capacitors from a stolen electrolytic capacitor recipe from Taiwan. The Apple Store guys suggested I buy a new Apple desktop computer, one that is faster and better.
Repairing all types of electronics is going to become increasingly difficult with these high temperatures required to remove and install new components in their place. If your iMac G5 is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below and your computer’s serial number is within the noted ranges, your computer may be eligible for repair, free of charge. An Apple technical support representative or an AASP will examine your computer to determine if the component failure identified for the iMac G5 Repair Extension Program affects your computer and, if so, arrange for the repair. Apple will continue to evaluate the repair data and will provide further repair extensions as needed.
Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) must evaluate whether your iMac G5 computer is eligible as part of the program and then conduct the repair. If your iMac G5 experiences the symptoms described above and is determined to be eligible under this program by Apple or an AASP after your Standard One Year Warranty expires, the program covers affected iMac G5 computers for up to three years from the original date of purchase.
A bad power supply, will produce excessive ripple on the output voltages because of bad internal PSU capacitors, and can cause your new capacitors on the MOB to quickly fail.
I’m always ready to answer a question for you, and very much appreciate your comments and feedback. Their replacement was supposed to have superior caps on it, but FAILED after less than 18 months of non-continual use. If SD card will be inserted normal way, with-out button pushed, then normal mode, not hidden marked files only will be accessible. But this is not yet ready and done, but by firmware update function you can have this function in future, if you have buy now emulator with-out this function. With not hidden or with hidden file attributes, depending of hidden or not hidden mode is selected. These two groups, which include the 1800uF and 1000uF capacitors tend to work in conjunction with one another. The unit boots, it responds to the keyboard and mouse normally, but there is massive noise in the video. For those users, you're better off waiting for the Sandy Bridge-E Mac Pro update expected sometime in Q4. If you do a lot of offline 3D rendering and you want the iMac, I'd suggest upgrading to the Core i7-2600 that Apple offers.
It seems very backwards.For instance is the experience with having 2560x1440 resolution over 1920x1080 better then the experience that you get with $1600 worth of hardware over $700?
It was the first high end gaming 19 inch lcd on the market when I got it and even today it still looks great. Some people have very basic performance needs, and can live with the same machine for 5 years.
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The iMac has a beautiful display, and since Adobe Lightroom 3 started to take advantage of 64-bit processing, I’ve been able to process hundreds of images on the iMac faster than I ever could before. I don’t have much use for the optical drive, but I was happy to discover the SDXC slot and stop using the USB-based card reader.
When I first discovered the SDXC slot, I used it carefully, leaning around to view the side of the iMac when I inserted the card. But this elegant invisibility, combined with the proximity of the slots, makes it easy to slip up as I did. Or, in moves that might involve more significant internal rejiggering, Apple could change the orientation of the SDXC slot from vertical to horizontal, or move it to the left side of the iMac. But with the iMac, the charge that Apple sometimes sacrifices usability in favor of elegance may have merit. And in the meantime, if you have an iMac and use the SDXC slot, be careful where you stick those SD cards!

William Porter admits to making the mistake (and explains how he recovered from it) and suggests that a small design change could reduce the frequency of this common error. Not to mention that the electronics would need to be on a separate card instead of attached directly to the motherboard. That design sometimes resulting in the related error of the user trying to jam the device or cable into the wrong spot.The iMac is a case of some unnamed person's "clean design elegance" mandate winning out over simple user friendliness on getting to the ports. One common way to install a firmware update is (1) download update on computer, (2) copy update to SD card, (3) insert SD card into camera, sometimes with some special key held down to tell the camera to do an update, (4) follow instructions on back of camera to perform the update. Placing the ports on the back means a cleaner aesthetic, and while I too used to grumble about having to reach behind the thing, I purchased an Info Transhub from Newegg. I very carefully pulled it back out by inserting a thin blade of a pocket knife over the top of the card and pulled it out. Apple provides technical support for Mac, iPod, Apple TV, and iPhones at the Genius Bar too. Note: The heights and diameters of the new capacitors are slightly bigger in this picture, than the original caps. Loosen completely, the three screws on the bottom edge (Note: the screws will stay in), then just lift the back cover off from the bottom up. The cover is easy to take off by simply turning the three screws completely counter clockwise on the bottom of the computer’s lower edge and then lifting up the rear cover. I had some precision screwdrivers that fit somewhat precisely in the fasteners, but it certainly would have been easier if I had the Torx screwdriver to begin with. Some folks have recommended I remove this reference to drilling the circuit board holes out. Warning: Do not install capacitors in backwards, or you will blow up the new caps and possibly damage the circuit board. Take a pair of diagonal cutters, and snip the leads to the proper lengths, making sure you do not get any metal fragments lodged in the motherboard or inside the chassis area of the iMac computer. Therefore, if there is no chime, either the CPU is not working properly or a RAM chip is defective.
If it is sitting on the components, or even above the insulating copper tracings of the circuit board, it has low impedance at the clock frequency — it is a virtual short circuit. Arctic Silver manufactures the Arctic Silver 5 product and the Arctic Silver Ceramique thermal compounds, and are world renown as being two of the best thermal heatsink compound options available. On Motorola chips, I use the covering of the whole surface with a very thin layer method as opposed to a dot in the middle method. Also, the overall temperature of the computer is operating at lower temperatures in my opinion. See this video showing computer circuit boards with bulging, leaking, and exploded capacitors on board from a variety of computer manufacturers. If Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) determines that your iMac G5 computer is eligible as part of the program, the repair will be covered by Apple for up to three years from the original date of purchase even if your iMac G5 is out of warranty.
If your iMac G5 is not covered under warranty or an extended service agreement, such as the AppleCare Protection Plan, repairs for other issues will be made at your expense if you request that they be made. Also, while some of them may appear visually bad, and some may not have any visual signs of being bad, it is likely that they are all bad. No matter what direction life takes us in, always striving to do it to the best of our abilities is key to success. The iMac takes in cool air from the bottom of the display and exhausts it up top behind the display.
You get a not insignificant boost in clock speed but more importantly, Intel switches on Hyper Threading which gives you twice as many threads. Had I gone the imac way (which I would never as I play games) and bought an all in one, I would have needed to buy a new monitor with each new system.
Alternativ kann der Kunde seine alte Starterbatterie zusammen mit dem Pfandschein zur Erstattung des Pfandes auch direkt beim VerkA¤ufer abgeben. After that it was fairly easy to pull it out just a little more, until I could grab the end with my fingers and extract it.
Beyond the placement of the SDXC slot, I’ve observed a number of other industrial design decisions that seem to trade usability for elegance. BUT PLEASE read the instructions for YOUR Nikon camera that should be found on Nikon's website, or that perhaps come with the download.
He had to take it to the Apple store where geniuses at the bar tried for about 10 minutes to retrieve it. It's a white rectangular hub that sits behind but to the right of my iMac, with 3 upright USB ports.
Bad news was a very small corner of the plastic SD card broke off and disappeared into the DVD slot. If you wish to save a substantial amount of money on iMac repairs and mother board replacement, possibly have a buddy that can help, or even have some experience yourself with a few handy tools at your disposal, or have a local computer repair technician that might be willing to do the job, or willing to take on a challenge yourself and have a dead mac you wish to revive, then this is the best Apple iMac G5 repair procedure for you. Visually verify what capacitors your Apple iMac requires based on the pictures, and bring your iMac G5 back to life today.
Visually inspect the capacitors for signs of expansion or tops that are rounded even slightly are an indication of bad caps.
The power supply (see: Apple Power Supply Removal and Replacement Instructions) then can be removed by unscrewing the mounting screws and disconnecting the main plug and the ambient light sensor cable (if you have an ambient light sensor model) to the motherboard, and partially turn the middle screw (about 5 turns clockwise) on the bottom of the case, which releases the back cover clamp, and the PSU will then lift out. A proper soldering iron will make your job much easier and be able to quickly remove the capacitors from their mounts without having to do any special resin removal.
While this is not a recommendation of circuit board drilling, I have included it here only as to what I had to do to fix the problem.
Failure to cut the leads to the proper lengths could result in short-circuits, damaged capacitors, blown electronic components, and a blown iMac motherboard or power supply unit. Clean this area and the metal heatsink area that matches up to the CPU with alcohol, and apply fresh heat sink compound. Just be sure that very little if any comes out of the edge of the chip when the board would make contact with the heat sink. Upgraded these five additional caps from the original factory installed 1,000 ufd, 16 vdc caps, to 1,000 ufd, 25 volts DC, operating temperature range: -55? to 105?C.
I actually witnessed this capacitor shelf life rot on some of the first capacitors I looked at in the surplus bins before they got more from the back room. I found this free Temperature Monitor program for keeping track both instantaneously and in a graph chart form, of what the CPU, Hard Drive, and Smart Disk drive temperatures are operating at. While I am a fan of Apple products, I just have to say this is not one of their stellar computer products moments. Go to the article on the Apple iMac G5 Power Supply for more detailed information and what you should be aware of. If you wish to view all the earlier comments, please use the comment page navigation at the top or bottom of the comments section. Playing Half Life 2 Episode Two I measured a maximum surface temperature of 125F at the exhaust vent.
Die Frist ist gewahrt, wenn Sie die Waren vor Ablauf der Frist von vierzehn Tagen absenden. And then, about a week ago, I blindly reached around to the side of the iMac and accidentally inserted an SD card into the optical drive bay. For instance, you can’t adjust the height of the display (other than by stacking it on books), and the USB and other ports on the back side of the iMac are deucedly hard to get to. Be careful not to damage the automatic ambient light sensor mounted on the bottom edge of the power supply unit. I suggest ordering wider soldering tips, for use with a good quality soldering iron for a hotter and faster concentration of heat transfer. I suggest when ordering the capacitors that you also order the thermal paste heatsink compound at the same time. The way the application works is, the thermal paste fills the minor imperfections in the metal surfaces and removes the air spaces between the two joining metal surfaces and helps improve the heat transfer between the CPU and the heatsink. I should point out here that these were a larger diameter and taller than the original ones.
Many of the surplus caps are generic brands, or do not have proper low ESR ratings, or are general purpose capacitors that should not be used in mother board applications.
I did not have the program installed prior to the problem, but after I repaired the printed circuit board, I installed the temperature recorder and discovered that the CPU temperature does not get much above 65 degrees C, even with a warm ambient room temperature. It took some investigative work to find out that they had issues with the capacitors leaking, but they downplayed the severity of the problem. I’m sure it was a business decision to not have a product recall, but I think they should have had one. When an SD card is inserted properly into the SDXC slot, it doesn’t actually disappear inside the slot the way a CD does. The symptoms of the problem were: video shaking, video disappearing, video lockup, system lockup, intermittently could not power down, intermittently powering up problems, and strange program lockups. Also, keep in mind when soldering your new capacitors to the motherboard, if you just have a round blob of solder on the bottom of the board, without it fully flowing through the holes, you can have cold solder joints. See image above for the the small square area right location, for the thin application of the thermal grease. The average temperature of the CPU is somewhere in the 58 degree C range (136 degrees Fahrenheit). For a list of the capacitors required on the PSU, take a look at the Inside the Apple iMac information articles. A little bit of the card sticks out of the bay so, when you unmount it from your desktop, you can grab it and remove it.
Here is a YouTube Video from someone else that shows a very similar Apple iMac G5 startup problem with the video display.
However once the cover is removed, the rest of the computer disassembly is quite a delicate task for most non technical people and requires special tools. To begin with, I had to use a Dremel power tool in various ways, though with a hotter and greater wattage soldering iron designed for lead-free soldering, which I bought for future MOB repairs, the following would have been a non issue. If you place heat on the legs of the caps for too long, you can also damage the new capacitors. Check out this Thermal Paste Comparison from Techware Labs review of the pros and cons of using the most popular thermal pastes available at the time the article was written.
I picked up both sets of capacitors at Halted Electronics a surplus store in Santa Clara, CA.
Add in a larger, hotter hard drive and potentially a beefier GPU and you have a recipe for a pretty warm machine. Either that, or be told what a BAD, data-risking loser I am for not ejecting the drive first. Apple never actually intended for the end user to remove everything that I removed in order to get to the root of the matter.
Prior to removal of the G5 caps, it was first necessary to grind off the polymer resin and some of the excessive lead lengths from the old capacitors with a small grinder tool attached to the Dremel, and then drilling out some circuit board holes with a number 72 (0.0250 inch) solid carbide drill was what I did when the old cap leads broke off in the holes of the printed circuit board. The article, while being somewhat dated, provides good insights into the differences between Silver Grease and Silicone Paste, and which is better for a computer CPU heatsink application. Since the system is sleeping, I'm guessing there is no chance that there is unwritten data sitting in some buffer that will be lost if I unplug the drive.
Beware of, drilling the holes out could damage the circuit board and break carbide bits inside the holes.
I would stay away from the silicon paste compound, because quite frankly, silicon paste or silicon grease does a poor job of keeping the CPU cool under load conditions based on the test results at that time. Generally speaking, it is usually OK, and advisable, to increase the DC voltage rating of the capacitors while maintaining the same MFD, microfarad rating. When youre looking at minimal computational gains over a vastly better viewing experience for 2-3 new computer builds to come.Also, this isnt 1995 anymore. If higher voltage caps, with the correct capacitance, good maximum current ratings, low ESR ratings, and temperature ratings were available, in the same exact physical case sizes, it would be OK to install those.
Suggest using the Chip Quik desoldering product here instead of drilling out the pads on the PCB. As a suggestion, if you see any of the capacitors that have problems, it is highly advisable to replace the entire group of caps at the same time. Also note that drilling the holes can damage the through platting which is designed for connecting the top and bottom hole surfaces of the PCB, and might also be used for connecting to other traces and layers of the multilayer PC board. If one or two of the caps are in the failure mode now, they would more than likely all be destined to fail in a very short time. This would also make for a really bad through solder hole connection on the new capacitors being installed.

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