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The above Maa Katyayani Marriage Mantra should be recited only in the morning, facing east and facing west in the evening. November 3, 2014 by Indian Astrology Chant the Tulsi Vivah Mantra or Tulsi Puja Mantra to get the blessings from Tulsi Mata (Devi Vrinda) and Lord Shaligram (Lord Vishnu). Devi Tulsi (holy basil plant) married to Lord Vishnu, in form of Shaligram on Prabodhini Ekadashi during Kartik Mahina. Astrology has been quite popular in the Asian subcontinent from ancient times.
While the Western astrological system uses the zodiac and the symbolism of the planets, the Chinese astrological system uses twelve animal signs as the symbol to represent the nature and character of individuals born in different years. To a large extent, Chinese astrology focuses on a persona€™s life path and what fortunate and unfortunate events may befall whereas in the Western astrology, the analysis focuses on profiling the character of an individual rather than on the persona€™s fortune or fate.
FOR ORDERING BOOKS ON VASTU & FENGSHUI Click Here! Swami ji gives instant solution for any kind of general problems like love Vashikaran,vashikaran specialist in india,get back your lost love, Career Problem Solution, Career Problem Solution, Vastu Shastra. This is the typical bridal hairstyle that you will find in almost all the Indian weddings, especially the ones that take place in northern parts of the country. If you want to be a bit different on your wedding, but not do something really unconventional, then going for a traditional updo, but with a twist, will be the best bet. Yet another variation of the traditional Indian wedding hairstyle comes in the form of 'bun on the side' hairstyle. If you want to go for an updo hairstyle, but not the usual run-of-the-mill stuff, then the Spanish updo might just impress you.

If you are ready to experiment with something different on your wedding day, going for Bohemian wedding hairstyle is a good idea.
It has been influencing the lives of the Chinese, from emperors to peasants, for centuries. India and China were in the forefront perpetuating this age-old tradition and practice. In this hairstyle, rather than twisting, different sections of hair are curled and pinned up. The Tulsi Vivah Shuddha Dwadashi is on November 4 and Tulsi Vivah on Purnima is on November 6. Though astrology was prevalent in the West also, it vastly differed from that of the East. Swami ji spends many years in research of tantra mantra, siddhhi mantra techniques and gets specialization in Vashikaran.. As the wedding day comes closer, the bride as well as the groom gets involved in a lot of preparations, regarding their wedding outfit, accessories, hairstyle, and so on. Following a thorough blow-dry, the hair is combed straight and pulled into a low puffed up hair bun, onto one side. The prayer was chanted by all the unmarried Gopis, with fast and strict restrictions to pelase the Goddess. Swami ji has developed power to captivate some on by his vidya that he gain from his guru ji.. In case you are the bride and are wondering about the right hairstyle for the D-day, this article will help you make the choice.

This hairstyle is much more fashionable than the traditional one, however works well only with medium length hair or short length hair (which will need extensions). You should go for this hairstyle only if you have well-defined cheekbones and prominent eyes.
The upper part of the hair is done up, with elaborate curls, while the other is left to flow down the back. Once the curls are set, pull your hair away from the face and crown them with a gold (or any other) tiara.
While the Western system of calendar was based on charting the year according to the Sun, the Eastern system was based on the Moon and the lunar cycle. In other words, Chinese astrological system is deep and complex in layers. Go through the following lines and explore haircut styles for a bride, especially an Indian bride. After the hairstyle is complete, adornments, in the form of flowers and accessories, are used to adorn the hair and make the style more elaborate.

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