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Indian Astrology also known as Vedic Astrology is an ancient science based upon the knowledge gained by ancient Indian sages and saints on planetary influences. Samhita-  Indian mundane astrology which deals with mundane activities like earth quakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, rainfall, weather conditions, economic conditions, etc. Indian Astrology follows the Panchang which is a spiritual and scientific calendar .It provides a listing of festivals, weather predictions, events, epidemics and personal fortune. It defines a particular time of a day using the five parameters - the day, the tithi, the star, the yoga and the karana corresponding to that day. Apart from the schools of Astrology in India, we have what we call as Nadi Astrology (or) Nadi Shastra which gives pictures of life and destiny patterns of people born at 12,24,48 seconds intervals. Nadi Astrology is an ancient Indian method of Astrology to learn about one's past, present and the future. Later during the British Rule, the British sold these leaves to the locals who very very much interested in getting them.
Vastu shastra aims at maximising the generation and accumulation of positive energy around the humans and minimise the negative energy. The best directions for each and every type of room according to its varied uses is illustrated in the following table. We can improve our living conditions by properly designing our buildings by understanding the five principles of nature. According to Indian Astrological principles there are 28 Nakshathras (Stars) in an oval round called the zodiac and the Navagrahas (the nine planets ) which transit this Zodiac. The Kootas agreement is ascertained by examining the birth stars and the Janma rasis, of the boy and girl. The above mentioned 10 Kootas are the main ones considered before deciding on a marriage.The following two kootas are also used in certain cases. Varna Koota-Varna refers to the caste of the girl and boy and it is having no or less relevance now a days as inter-caste marriages have become common. In Indian Astrology when a Zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts, each such part has an extension of 30 degrees of arc. Karkata (Cancer)-The characteristics of this house are flexibility, interest in mysteries, travelling indisposition.

Simha (Leo)-The people born under this Rasi have a kingly personality, magnanimity and lion hearted nature.
Tula (Libra)-Since the Rasi is symbolic of balance, equilibrium and justice are its key notes. Meena (Pisces)-The people of this house are very analytical and emotional in their behaviour. Dasas are unique in Indian System of Astrology in that they symbolize the overall direction of a person's life for very long periods of time.Vimsottari Dasa, remains the most popular Dasa system among Astrologers though different Dasa systems exist. Vimsottari Dasa is based on the position of Moon at the time of birth in a specific nakshatra. Astrology support - bhadrakali jyotish darbar, Bhadrakali jyotish darbar, astrology services at jaipur recognized in the year 1978, we, “bhadrakali jyotish darbar” is engaged in providing black magic and. Aries yearly horoscope 2014 according to indian astrology, Aries yearly horoscope 2014 according to indian astrology, indian astrology 2014, vedic astrology 2014, hindu astrology 2014, free astrology 2014, astrology 2014.
Jupiter in taurus in astrology (all about taurus jupiter, Jupiter in taurus in astrology (all about taurus jupiter zodiac sign) jyotish. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. You can use Panchang as a ready reckoner for important days and also to tell you the most ideal time for you to start on your ventures so you get the most out of them.
It is said that thousands of years ago, the great sages of Indian had the power to overlook into the past and future of the entire universe and recorded the life of each human being who either lived, were living or were to live. It is said that the ancient Indian Rishis or sages had written the life patterns of each person on palm leaves by their Yogic Intuitive powers. People belonging to a particular sect called the Valluvar community of South India who specialized in astrology bought most of these leaves. For already existing structures modifications can be made using the Vastu remedies listed below. It is the matching of the human minds and their temperaments.Yoni ( Yonitho Dhampathy Sneham ) -This is another koota which is interpreted in two ways.
These include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Moon,Saturn Rahu and Ketu, which are astronomical points formed where the moons orbit intersects the apparent path of the Sun around the earth.

There are 27 Nakshatras or constellations in it.Therefore, the value of each constellation is 13 degrees and 20 minutes when measured from the fixed initial point. The deity is masculine, but rules women and mothers, and signifies the feminine qualities.In Hindu astrology the Moon, is the most important planet in the horoscope. The period of rulership of any planet at the time of birth depends upon the rulership of the planet on the nakshatra. Only very few experts can read and understand these, but the results and predictions are found to be amazingly accurate. At some point of time , these discussions were written on palm leaves in an ancient Tamil script, which can now only be deciphered by expert Nadi astrologers who are found scattered in certain temples in India.
These unique leaves were initially kept in the Saraswati Mahal library of Tanjore city (Thanjavur ) of Tamilnadu State in India.
Some of these were also acquired by the astrology families in Vaitheeswarankoil, a place near Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu, a state of India. Vaasthu sastra states that every energy has life and nothing in universe is left out without any vibration. So it is said that presence of Yoni Koota is a must to ensure sexual compatibility.Rasi ( Rasinam Vamsavirthi Kiruth ) -This ensures the continuation of one's family through the birth of a son.
Another school of thought interprets it as cordial relationship between the daughter-in-law and her in-laws. Rasiyathipaty ( Santhanam Rasiythipathy ) -This refers to the friendship between the lords of the birth stars of the girl and boy.
The word santhanam also means progeny which is denoted Rasi Koota.Rajju ( Rajju Mngalya Vrithysyath )-This bestows on the girl living happily with the husband for the long time. It is considered as the most important of the ten kootas as it ensures a long life for the husband.

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