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On a garbage-strewn street, behind pastel yellow walls and action figure banners, Manish and Sanjay Gupta have built a comic book empire.
Sleek, slim Raj Comic books have developed a cult following among Indians of all ages since the Gupta brothers introduced action heroes to the subcontinent in 1984. The company boasts two dozen characters, releases four editions a month and sells up to 100,000 copies a pop – mostly in Hindi, with a smattering of English editions for Indian expats. But unlike Spiderman, whose powers come from the strength of a non-human -- the spider -- Nagraj is fully human. And Lord Shiva, one of three main Hindu gods, carries a snake coiled three times around his neck.
American staple Richie Rich was a constant for the Guptas, who grew up in an old publishing family.
But it was Spiderman on TV in the early 1980s that showed the brothers what India was missing: its own superhero. The brothers looked for raw talent and a willingness to sort through every issue in teams, from the size of the speech balloons to how to select shots on the page. Many of the artists they discovered were Muslim, from isolated communities known for artisanship. Tension has run high between Muslims and Hindus since independence from Britain in 1947, when India splintered along religious lines and Pakistan formed.

A rare exception: After the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, largely believed to be masterminded by a Pakistan-based terrorist cell, Raj released a series of comics showing character Doga fighting Pakistani terrorists. The harsh reality is, it may reflect badly on Muslims and Hindu-Muslim relations as a whole, but it's just a depiction of what happened," Manish said. As a response, Raj drew a comic, "Doga is Hindu," spelling out the character's religious beliefs— uncharted territory for a company that steers clear of religion and its sticking points. Dealing with the backlash and hate mail from contemporary issues, like terrorism and the mafia, is enough to deal with, Manish said.
Manish, who is Hindu, said sometimes he struggles to understand exactly what it means to follow his religion, because it lacks the guidelines and structure that other religions have. Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S. Raj comics is a milestone in Indian comics industry.all the characters are special and unique. Don't you sometimes look at a kid lost in a coloring book and wish that life was that easy? When their magazine subscriptions didn't come, the brothers went 10 kilometer's to read Indian funnies at their aunt’s house. Although some of the characters have Hindu parents or Hindu back stories, religion is never mentioned in the story lines.

Well now it can be as British artist and illustrator Johanna Basford has released a whole series of coloring books for adults! But staying current has never been a problem for Raj's 25 characters, all of whom battle bad guys in the most modern sense. But in a country where four in five residents are Hindu, religion and culture are so closely linked that drawing that line proves difficult.The exterior of Raja Pocket Books, the parent company of Raj Comics, north of New Delhi. An article about Raj comics and not a mention of Dhruva, the best superhero of the publication house??
They are so popular that sales have already hit more than a million and they're showing no signs of slowing down in the near future. The seven lowest regions of the Hindu universe are called Patala, or Naga-Ioka — land of the nagas. A wonderful and mystical world of fairytale forests awaits those who buy the books which were inspired by the artists childhood visits to the Isle of Arran in Scotland.

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