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If you are feeling low about your love life, it is all due to your Venus planet as it is running weak this week. You may have a tendency to be direct this week, so you need to be careful about your words, especially to your partner.
You are craving fame and recognition from your profession and your planet Jupiter says that it will grow at a steady pace.
Between the battle of the mind and heart, it is always more advisable to listen to your heart, so this week you should follow your heart. Make hay while the sun shines will be the  best advice for you this week on the love front. Your planet Uranus is well-placed, so there could be strong attraction with some people and you will get confused with what you should do with your love life. All work and no play  will make you a dull person, so make sure you spend quality time with your partner. Sometimes you need to play some politics in your love life for your benefit and as long as you are not hurting someone, it’s fine. Whatever happens, happens for a reason, so there is no need to feel upset if a relationship didn’t work out. If you are feeling drained recently, it is more likely that you have brought this upon yourself.
Whatever happens, happens for the best and you need to believe in this motto now more than ever. There are some complications on the love front, which you’ve been avoiding to face, but your Saturn planet is in a position to make you face the situation head first. Sometimes making the right decision is the most difficult thing in the world, but this is a challenge for you and you need to face it with a strong mindset. Even if you have felt that you have made a big mistake on the personal front, now is the time to rectify that mistake instead of not doing anything. Above all, you’ll be supremely ambitious, eager to climb to the top in all activities and anxious to do the best you can. Your planet Mars says your energies could be down as you might feel depressed about certain aspects in your life. Since your social calendar will be busy this week, you will also meet a lot of people who will interest you. Singles will plan a holiday and may meet someone special during this break. You might be in the mood to splurge this week.

This week you should be concentrating on your personal life, as that seems to have taken a back seat. It is important to concentrate on your mental health, as what you think, is the vibration that you send out into the universe. You also want fame in your work and your career will take off, although it might take a bit more time than expected. If you are awaiting a new project, it could come through this week, but you need to work very hard on the ground work. For those who are worried about their career, there is not much to worry about, as things get better in the next few days. If your payments have been getting delayed, some of it may come through this week, according to your Venus planet. Aries prediction for New Year 2015: There’s so much potential in your life this year, creatively, financially and socially, that you will need to pace yourself if you don’t want to wear yourself out.
You may be taken aback both by the interest friends are expressing in your affairs, and by the central position which a partnership has now come to assume in your life.
If you look at your career options, you have got the card of Judgement, which says to weigh your options carefully before making any moves. For those who are just starting out in your career, this is a good time as you have got the card of The Sun, indicating success coming your way. Your planet Sun is moving into a better position and you will also concentrate on your finances and savings.
Career-wise, you have got the card of The Devil, which means there could be some delays coming your way. Money wise, there could be some delays and it is also possible that your expenses will increase. You may even be tempted to break with the past, split up with someone who’s important to you, or undertake a complete change of direction. If you fancy a spot of drama, then that’s all fine, but if you’re more keen on an easy life, you should be a bit more mellow and go for gentle transformation, allowing one phase of life to flow seamlessly into another. Someone who is very close to you may be agitated by the direction you are taking early in the year, and you should look at this as a welcome expression of concern for your welfare.
Taurus prediction for New Year 2015: There are many welcome changes in store for you this year which will require an adjustment in your attitude and, on a number of occasions, you’ll be both re-evaluating your progress and changing course. You are tenaciously loyal to friends and loved ones unless they are foolish enough to cross you, in which case they have made an implacable enemy who never forgets the injury done to them.

Venus, lady of love, aligns with your chart in July, bringing excellent romantic stars — and fine prospects for travel.
Questions such as how far you should get involved with a new friend and what improvements need to be made in an existing, settled relationship will be uppermost on your mind. August and September may be your most intense months, so count your blessings, keep your cool, enjoy whatever life throws at you. Summer brings the chance to complete tasks left unfinished some time ago, such as telling someone how you feel about them.
You need to mix with a different type of person after November and, as the year draws to a close, you will develop the higher side of your being. Those things which you feel are going to be important to you in the long term are being kept under wraps at present. You may be taking up a new activity in April, which you will be slow to reveal to those around you. A harmonious set of planetary patterns indicates that your morale is high and you are thinking big over the summer.
Meanwhile, it may be that you are able to shed some light on a situation which has been baffling others. There’s a shift taking place from being preoccupied by work and routine responsibilities into being concerned with much bigger issues — like happiness in your closest relationships. Life begins to look decidedly interesting after July when your levels of determination, self-discipline and raw energy rise simultaneously. If you do, then you may be either overcome by a sense of confusion regarding professional activities or begin to feel that plans are grinding to a halt.
All in all, and despite repeated financial ups and downs, you may find, on looking back, that this has been the easiest year you have had for a very long time. If you’re reckless in May, you might spend the rest of the year regretting your rash actions.
Your desire to be recognised by the community and in your professional life comes to the fore in October, bringing a degree of stress and strain into your life.
You will make much better progress when you co-operate with partners, whether at work or in your personal life.

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