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Everything in the astrological scheme of things has a purpose, and in events and feelings which seem to be 'bad' could be just what you need! It's a time for positive change, and people who accuse you of being rigid and unfeeling will finally be proved wrong.
Family intrigues dominate your life until early March but, once uncertainty is over, you will be in a much better position to set the agenda.
Friends and relations will be making offers by April, but it's possible that you might not notice some of them, or that others may be to come later in the year. We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English and Tamil. This Vethai Porutham denotes the power of Mangalya Kayiru and is one of the basic match that is being looked for. Bidding farewell to the Year of the Goat, China — and other countries with a significant Chinese population — roped in the Year of the Monkey on February 8, 2016. You might decide to go ahead with certain decisions, as you feel this is the best that you can do at the moment, according to your Venus. This week, your motto needs to be ‘Keep the faith!’, as you might not be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. Travel is definitely on your mind and you need to focus on taking a trip, as one will likely benefit you. You have reasons to smile this week, as your relationship with your partner or spouse improves greatly. Finally, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief, as your problems start to subside this week, says your Saturn.
Your health will be a bit of a concern this week and you shouldn’t take any rash decisions regarding the same.
If you are expecting that things will change as you want them to, then that is something you need to change in your thought process, according to your Mercury. You will be feeling guilty about certain friendships this week, as you realise that you could have been wrong and might have overreacted in certain situations. This week, it is better to speak the truth, even if it hurts, rather than avoiding important issues, on the personal front. You’re not in the right state of mind this week and will be feeling low, regarding certain aspects of your life. The squad will be practicing at the Ambedkar Stadium for the next couple of days before departing to Tehran on Mar 20. 2016 chinese animal predictions - feng shui store, Chinese new year 2016 begins on 8th february 2016 and this date will change circumstances for millions of people throughout the year so please read below to make sure.
Future predictions, 2016 life predictions, future, Future predictions, life predictions, 2016 future prediction, accurate astrology, indian predictions, love, money, business, career, astrology predictions, astrology. Find 2015 horoscope predictions year of the wood goat free horoscopes general love career horoscopes year of the wood goat.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Although you'll have your say, you can stand back and accept that other people should take the lead.
Venus, lady of love lines up with optimistic Jupiter and radical Uranus - and anything could happen.
All are challenges which prod you into changing your attitudes and setting off on a new and positive path.
But if you always shy away from difficult choices you can become chronically incapable of ever making a decision, and when there's nobody to rely on, you are completely lost. May is a month to get out and about and exercise your flagging energy, so forget your normal serious domestic duties and have a little fun for a change.
Still, by July most of you will be coping with a new proposal which could turn out to be highly advantageous. If both male and the female stars are Vethai then this match is not fullfilled and the others have Vethai match. Traditional Chinese astrology groups people into one of 12 animals based on their year of birth, and it is firmly believed that your animal has a huge influence on various aspects of your life — personality, future, career, love and general luck. Your Mars favours you, so, your hidden enemies come out in the open this week and you will be able to face them head-on.
For those who are experiencing relationship problems, this week sees your partner turning more to your favour. Life might not be as simple as you are expecting it to be this week, but your cards suggest that patience is the key.
You are looking for new ventures on the professional front, but now is not the right time, say your stars. You will try to balance your personal and professional life, but this week might prove a little difficult. You need to keep your self mentally occupied with work and try to keep yourself generally distracted this week. This is without question, potentially a perfect period for domestic changes, from minor decorations to major property investments. In January a dose of Neptunian confusion or uncertainty will compel you to consider your options. Perhaps they'll see the emotional knots in which you tie yourself as you agonise over what is the best thing to do in February. You may also become much too dependent on other people, suppressing your own interests, concealing your true feelings, playing down your ideas and generally failing to make the most of your potential. That irresistible combo, Mercury and Mars, make June an ideal time for travel, catching up with family members who are far away.
We browsed through scores of fortune tellers to see what astrologists have predicted for your spirit animal in the Year of the Monkey. Your Venus is in a positive position this week, so, on the brighter side, some blocked money will become accessible.
On the personal front, instead of trying to control a situation, try to be more adjusting, as it will help you in the long-run. The journey this week, on the personal front, is also quite pleasant and you’ll have something to smile about! For those looking for a job, however, this is a lucky week for you and you might have something to smile about, say your cards!
Similar trends extend into July, an indication that partners will still be making the running. A burst of Uranian disruption in February forces you to face up to the future and let go of the past.

They don't see how upset you become when you are badly treated, perhaps because you're so good at keeping it to yourself.
That is why, in April and October, you will be standing up for yourself acquiring new authority and respect. July is a month of remarkable romantic opportunity and there are bound to be ripples at home; great tact and diplomacy will be necessary if you are to achieve your aims. August’s Full Moon stimulates your sign, an indication that you must literally expect some opposition to your plans. Relationships with older family members might require attention if you are to salvage a tricky situation in September. Your planetary patterns enable you to project yourself at your best, exploiting your sense of animal magnetism and irresistible attraction. A barrage of Jupiterian offers after June leaves you with no alternative but to redouble your efforts and begin to create your dream home. Even if other people don't see it, it's essential that you understand what children and younger relations are up to over the summer. Actually, there's little chance of any serious friction and every hope that agreement will be reached quickly. It will be unwise to count on agreement unless you've earned it by your past actions, but by December you'll be able to put your foot down. But you must be prepared to deal with whatever comes your way, including awkward family members! Aquarius (January 21 - February 20) — LOVE KEY DATE: A romantic liaison in April boosts your morale. The only fly in the ointment comes from our old friend Mars, a planet not noted for its commitment to universal peace and harmony. Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) — LOVE KEY DATE: Enjoy a secret dalliance in July - and a public one in August. Pisces (February 21 - March 20) — LOVE KEY DATE: Don't challenge authority when there's no good reason. Taurus (April 21 - May 21) — LOVE KEY DATE: Let your hair down as soon as you can - in late January and early February. Libra (September 24 - October 23) — LOVE KEY DATE: Late May and early June find you in the romantic driving seat. HOME AND FAMILY: You are noted by astrologers for your reluctance to tie yourself down, and more than any other sign you demand the freedom to take off at a moment's notice in pursuit of strange dreams, or perhaps an unlikely adventure.
HOME AND FAMILY: All family members must have their say if you're planning changes in your living conditions. The result is often a life that is far richer and more varied than those of your friends who are stuck in a nine-to-five grind. In passionate affairs, dramatic career changes, global travel, life in foreign climes and other activities that the rest of us regard as highly exotic, are the basic necessities of life for the true Scorpio.
As the month progresses, you'll have more time for relaxing and there's a joyful celebration in the pipeline. Yet there'll times at the end of the year when the party has to stop and when reality reasserts itself. You can ask your mentors, parents or older friends to help you to find the potential match. However, people around you seem determined to create disturbances, and your financial situation could be under threat. News which arrives during November may not be welcome to start off with, but if you sit down and think carefully about what a friend is really trying to say, a different picture could emerge.
If a short trip seems necessary then don't delay, and be sure to take whatever steps are needed. Gemini (May 22 - June 21) — LOVE KEY DATE: Set early June aside for special romantic trysts.
HOME AND FAMILY: Pressures at home will ease during January and February and the demands of domestic and routine chores will be diminishing. However, don't become too complacent, as if you slip into a comfortable rut early in the year, you'll be rudely awakened before too long. Money won't come in through your door directly — you will need to earn money using your brain and labour.
The New Moon on 25th June crystallises your emotional hopes, bringing you into a new social sphere.
For a better love relationship, the ox must reserve a space of love for its partner to strengthen the relationship.
This means that there's definite scope for you to take the initiative and embark on one or two remarkable escapades. Joining more social networks and meeting people to build friendships will help your career. In September the only drawback will be a sense of the serious side of life which will emerge just as you're about to have some fun.
If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, then you will stand at an advantageous position in the beginning — but, that doesn't mean you will win in the end.
Rafique, Malsawmzuala, Francis Fernandes, Harmanjot Singh Khabra, Udanta Singh, Vineet Rai, Seityasen Singh. Appease this side of your nature by deciding to learn a new skill or taking up a fresh study.
Just keep exercising regularly and pay attention to your stomach, intestine and the entire digestive system. As long as you continue to stand out to prove your ability, opportunities can take you anywhere — just like wind. This applies as much to those of you who are on the move as to those who are stuck in a rut. But as soon as you feel safe and secure then you'll be looking for other involvements, and it might be charitable activities that attract you, or it may be that a favourite leisure activity suddenly propels you into a new social scene.
In October and November you may have to retake decisions that you thought had been firmly reached last year, perhaps in the light of fresh information.
HOME AND FAMILY: You will be affected by a series of intense planetary aspects acting in a suitably harmonious fashion. Those four great planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be prodding you in a firm but friendly fashion into discovering your sense of purpose. From August onwards various planets will be picking up speed, encouraging mysterious developments and quietly creating exactly the conditions you require for domestic success.
If you face troubles in communicating with your partner, ask an older friend to act as a mediator or liaison.

Now is the time to leave insecurity, uncertainty and lack of self-confidence behind, replacing these negative aspects of your nature with belief in your own destiny and pride in your achievements. If you happen to have an argument or end up in a lawsuit with someone, you will need negotiation to end the dispute.
Virgo (August 24 - September 23) — LOVE KEY DATE: Enjoy a romantic reunion in late May or early June. Your reputation will help you to create many money-making opportunities, and fame and wealth will come together. In case an argument or a lawsuit does appear, you should focus on negotiating and making peace with the person. Be careful of accidents that can injure your face or head — they might leave a scar behind. If you encounter a career opportunity or heavy workload, you should ask help from your partners or coworkers to fulfill the career plan. If you own your business, then your reputation will help you to increase your fame, wealth and value.
If you are single, you should attend more social activities — someone might be out there waiting for you. If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, you have the best odds to win the case because of the strong support you will receive.
Improper food or drinks might cause problems in the cardiovascular system, thereby causing difficulty in movement.
If you can find a good financial adviser to manage your finances, then you might get much more in return. If you are a female, you might need to push or encourage the boy to accept the relationship. It will help you to expand your social network, and money-making opportunities might follow.
If you have an argument or dispute with someone, you will need to take care of the business yourself. If you have extra money for investment, you'd better spend time and energy to review your investment portfolio and adjust your financial strategy.
If you are looking for love, the opportunity is out there — you just need to spend some time to find it. If you are a male, you have more chances to meet girls you would like to build a new relationship with. If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, you have a good chance to win the case.
It is the right time to encourage yourself and to exhibit your knowledge, experience and wisdom to people. You should attend more social activities to make acquaintance of new people, and do take care to maintain those friendships. Money won't fall down at your door directly — you will still need to work hard to earn money.
If you want a better love relationship, you need to respect the opinions and feelings of your partner.
If you are a female, you need to watch your language and behavior so as to not hurt the dignity of your lover.
If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, then you might have to face a storm.
You should eat more vegetables and pay attention to your stomach, large intestine and the entire digestive system.
As long as you work harder for the coming opportunities, fame and fortune will come to you. If you are looking for a job, you might need more time to get one, because there are many competitors out there.
You should show courtesy to others, offer favours to people and yield your opportunities to friends. Negotiation is the best approach during this period — otherwise both parties will be the losers. You should watch out for unnecessary accidents involving arms and legs, and avoid dangerous sports and activities.
As long as you continue persisting in benevolence, etiquette and righteousness, good luck will stay with you. You will feel some pressures from the project schedule, but you can still work happily as long as you follow all the instructions of your boss carefully.
You don't have strong money luck, but your friends or relatives will discuss some investment opportunities with you.
Your lover likes to show his or her ability to act as the speaker of your relationship and take control over decision making — including your activities and schedules. If you have argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, you had better negotiate with your opponent. When you are in a joyous moment, you need to watch your words and behaviors in order to not offend or displease someone. If you have very tight project schedules, you should assign some tasks to the younger team members to share some workload. Bringing better fortune requires more social or outdoor activities — your social network will bring you financial opportunities. If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, both you and the opposite party stand the risk of ending up as losers. Dangerous sports should be avoided, and outdoor activities need to be carried out with caution. You will realize your job is much easier than before, and you will receive the requisite training, education and assistance from others.
If you are looking for love, then attend more social activities and you will find many people interested in you. They will provide you lots of courage, sponsorship and compliments — which might spoil your personality. If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, it will waste your time, energy and money. You have a lot of energy and will be eager to take actions — but you need to look well before each leap so that a promising winner won't end up as a loser.

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