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According to Indian Mythology, SHREEYANTRA is called “The KING of YANTRAS.” It is a source of Supreme Energy. Troubled by such a situation on earth, MUNI VASHISHTA JI decided to bring Lakshmi Ji back on earth.
Muni Vashishta Ji along with others started worshiping the Shreeyantra and prayed to Lakshmi Ji to return to earth. Lord Shree Krishna gave the SHREEYANTRA to Arjun and other Pandvas in their difficult time to achieve their goals and they achieved.
SHREEYANTRA is made from many metals and stones, but SHREEYANTRA made of CRYSTAL STONE has infinite good effects on life of the one who possesses it. SHREEYANTRA reduces the bad effects of planets to minimum, thereby reducing the misfortunes, financial losses, diseases and other kinds of calamities.

When you start worshipping the Shreeyantra, you will notice and feel that it minimizes the bad effects of calamities in your life as well as reduces losses and misfortunes to the minimum.
So, worship SHREEYANTRA and make your life happy, prosperous, and minimize negativities in all spheres of life.
With Goddess Lakshmi Ji comes prosperity, richness, material success in all fields and a wonderful life.
The cutting of the Crystal stone to make the Shreeyantra is done by expert artisans, as mentioned in the Vedas. Possession and worship of the SHREEYANTRA will smoothen the course of life and will bring happiness and good luck in all spheres of life.
Vastu Shastra also stresses the importance of placing the Shreeyantra at home and at office, to fulfill all wishes and worldly desires.

On discovering that she was angry and didn’t want to return to earth, Muni Vashishta Ji and others started praying to LORD VISHNU. She said to Muni Vashishta and other that she came back only because they had worshipped the SHREEYANTRA. As a result, Lord Vishnu appeared and told them to worship the SHREEYANTRA in order to bring back Lakshmi Ji.

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