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The May 31, 1985 outbreak is staggering in many ways in addition to its unusual geographic location. Meteorologically, despite the location of the event, all of the classic ingredients required for a high-end severe weather event were in place in abundance on May 31.
As this was occurring, an elevated mixed layer, shown as crucial by Banacos and Ekster 2010 to northeastern United States severe weather events, was being advected over the area in the mid levels.
The first location to suffer the outbreak’s wrath was north of the border in southern Ontario.
A cluster of potent supercells produced multiple significant tornadoes in what was to become one of the most destructive tornado events in Canadian history, causing nearly $400 million in damages. South of the border, the outbreak began in earnest as the first violent tornado dropped from the sky in far eastern Ohio at around 5 p.m. Yet another F4 tornado killed seven as it moved through the German Hill area along the southern fringe of the Allegheny National Forest, while an F3 tornado passed to the north of Pittsburgh, causing nine deaths and over 100 injuries in Butler and Beaver Counties. WSR-77 image from State College showing the supercell responsible for the Moshannon tornado. By the time the outbreak brought itself to a close into the late evening hours, at least 41 tornadoes tore across the landscape, forever etching themselves into the memories of the survivors. The extraordinary nature and location of this outbreak highlights the fact that tornadoes can strike anywhere and at any intensity given the right conditions.
Hopefully, the lessons learned from this event thirty years later can be put to good use the next time a tornado outbreak of this magnitude strikes in the Northeast, although it is possible nearly all memory will have faded by then.
Indian astrology love predictions have zodiac factor for every kind of problem because we are very different from western astrology.
We have plenty way to use love predictions for example, date of birth, day of birth, name, birth place, birth time etc. Some astrologers use numerology in their love predictions but that is not strange thing because we are using numerology from our ancient time.
Some modern persons do not believe of astrology because they live in mechanical era where we complete our most of work by the help of machines. A strong and progressive upper level trough tracked from the northern Plains towards the Great Lakes during the morning and afternoon hours, bringing a jet streak of over 70 knots at 500 mb. It served to prevent storm initiation prior to stronger forcing for ascent arriving later in the day. These storms, essentially forming in a zipper-like north to south progression, encountered the aforementioned volatile conditions and very rapidly became severe while moving at 35 to 50 mph.
Most destructive of these was an F4 that devastated sections of the city of Barrie at around 5 p.m.

Among the notables was a long-tracked F4 tornado that formed in Trumbull County, Ohio and claimed 16 lives while plowing through several townships in western Pennsylvania over a 56 mile path.
EDT, the only F5 tornado of the day was unleashed upon the cities of Newton Falls and Niles, Ohio in the Greater Youngstown area and then smashed into the small town of Wheatland, Pennsylvania across the state line. A total of around 90 fatalities were confirmed, 65 of those in Pennsylvania, making it by far the deadliest tornado event in the state’s history.
Two significant events in late May (strangely also on May 31) and early June, 1998 brought destruction to a similar part of the United States, although not of the same magnitude as the 1985 storms. You folks did your homework with regard to this outbreak that has hit close to home with my family and the area where our heritage and history lives on.
By the way, very less people know that western astrology is also the most important part of our Vedic astrology. Do you know that our astrology requires mathematics calculations because astrologers have used mathematical calculation in predict to get positions of stars and planet, predict to houses or other these type of astrological factor. We used to Vedic astrology love predictions for created actual astrology horoscopes and derived the accurate and relevant information. Second reason is that we have no evidence that our Vedic astrology is existence in the world and if yes then how so most of peoples do not believe of Vedic astrology.
At this longitude in North America, only two tornado events have lead to a comparable or greater number of deaths in at least the last 125 years; the Worcester, Massachusetts tornado on June 9, 1953 and the Appalachians tornado outbreak on June 23, 1944. This elevated mixed layer allowed temperatures at the surface to rise into the upper 70s to 80s and was coupled with rich moisture featuring dewpoints in the upper 60s to low 70s. Strongly veering wind profiles with height in the lowest three kilometers encouraged rapid mesocyclone development and tornadoes quickly developed. Possibly the strongest of the 1980s as a whole, this exceptionally violent tornado wiped out numerous homes and the Niles Park Plaza shopping complex in the second location and flattened much of the latter, including a steel frame trucking plant that was demolished and partially swept away. Coincidentally, the devastating Johnstown Flood in 1889 also occurred on May 31 in Pennsylvania. Radar technology has vastly improved since the WSR-77 days along with advanced warning (despite the fact that the tornado watches and warnings were very well organized for the time on May 31, 1985, which likely saved many lives), so with luck the casualty count next time around will not be so inflated. But there astrology have a great status and reputation and in our country, we use astrology commonly for many purpose like love, marriage, romance, career, finance etc.
Yes, you are listening right that we are offering love predictions by date of birth free because we want to enlarge our service according to our work criteria. If you are interested to know your love predictions by numerology then you can call us or mail us.
Now this time, we are best Indian astrologer who give accurate advice for love predictions.

However, our theologies says that Vedic astrology contains many miracle inside that can do magic for us. The combo resulted in a substantial build-up of instability within an increasingly highly sheared warm sector, as a west-southwesterly low level jet of 40-50 knots at 850 mb pushed in by 00z June 1 (8 p.m. The 00z June 1 sounding at Pittsburgh shows the veering nicely, with a large, clockwise-curving hodograph below 700 mb, favorable for supercells. The longest tracked Canadian tornado on record, also rated F4, followed a path to the south and caused major damage in the town of Grand Valley.
In Erie County, the F4 tornado ripped through Albion, leading to 9 fatalities in town and extensive damage over a corridor approximately 2 blocks wide and 10 blocks long. An enormous tornado, over a mile wide at times, tore a nearly 70 mile path through the Moshannon State Forest north of Interstate 80.
Two of the tornado tracks crossed into New York from Pennsylvania, although no deaths occurred in that state. Because numerology is very different department of astrology where we have base of numerical digits.
If you do not have believe us, then please contact us and know about your love life’s information. On the ground for at least 62 miles (possibly over 70), it claimed four lives to bring the death toll in Canada to 12.
The outbreak was the most destructive and second deadliest in Ontario’s history as well, the latter statistic only exceeded by a violent tornado in Windsor in 1946. Our love predictions based on Indian Vedic astrology that is pure and ancient method of our country. Come with us and know about your present, past and future love life by free Vedic astrology love predictions. Fortunately, the massive funnel remained mostly in rural areas, leading to no direct casualties. It was the deadliest of the outbreak and also the only F5 tornado to ever strike Pennsylvania.

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