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Greece Country Code 30 Country Code GRThe Greece country code 30 will allow you to call Greece from another country. White Pages - Greece - Telephone Directory - Phone BookNumberway is the easy way to find phone numbers all around the world .
Greece International Dialing Code2) Dial the International Dial out code of your country (eg: from UK - 00) 00 + 30 + City Area Code + Local number.
Greece - International Codes - The Phone Book from BTFind the international dialling codes for Greece.

Telephone numbers in Turkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaInternational Call Prefix: 00. Greece Country Code & Greece Area CodesGreece Country Code used for long distance calling.
Worldwide Access NumbersClick on the first letter of the country that you will be calling from: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N . MCI Access Numbers, MCI Country International Access Codes, MCI World Traveler World Phone .

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