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Buckeye Cable Phone Service offers an expanded local calling area with excellent long distance options. Although Internet and phone service seems basic, it is something that your business absolutely needs. Innovations in both broadband Internet and phone service have improved quality and access while reducing overall costs.
Internet options range from T1 lines, frame relay, and DSL to cable, fiber optics, satellite, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G, and even Virtual Private Networks.
As experience Internet and phone service consultants, iT1 Solutions understands today’s technologies and service offerings. By taking the time to fully understand your Internet and phone service needs, we can then get to work to find you the right options.
Pay-as-you-go options – Many plans offer pay- as-you-go options with no contracts, allowing you to use services as you consume them. Let us help you slash costs, get better services, and take advantage of the latest innovations in Internet and phone service technologies.

We offer a wide selection of great products such as Surface, Office, Signature PCs, and many others that our team has hand selected to be right for you.
We stand behind everything we sell with a 30-day hassle-free return policy and we have a team of sales and support professionals available 24x7 to address any of your needs.
Our dedicated business sales team can handle large business orders, Institutional purchases, gift giving, and Purchase Order payments. Now you can call anywhere in the continental United States – and beyond – with unlimited local calling and 150 FREE minutes of domestic long distance per month, and just $0.04 per month thereafter.
However, businesses often do not have the time to keep up with the latest developments and technologies when it comes to their Internet and phone service providers.
If you haven’t evaluated your basic communication services recently, you could be overpaying for inferior service. Choosing a phone service was a simple matter of going with the provider who offered the lowest per cent rates. Let iT1 Solutions take a look at your current Internet and phone service plans to find out if you could benefit from switching.

Toll-free numbers and long distance rates have fallen dramatically, but it’s often hard to compare rates thanks to a myriad of options such as pre-paid plans and bundled phone services. Not only do we get you a better deal, we focus on matching you with the right services for your needs.
With so many different options, it is difficult to know where to start when selecting an Internet and phone service for your business. While we have partnerships that allow us to deliver value-added services at a better price, we’re driven to learn about how you run your business and what you want to accomplish.
It is even more difficult to determine which Internet and phone service fits all of your business’s needs.

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