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The FUJITSU GENERAL group of companies is very committed to making our website accessible to those requiring special readers or other functionality.
However, older browsers, such as Netscape 4.x, are not able to render these accessible style sheets properly. Our company will release home-use multi inverter air conditioners (14.1kW type) adaptable for up to 8 rooms for North American market from July 31.
In order to respond to such needs, the multi air conditioners for buildings have been used for housings in the past but there have been such problems as the refrigerant noise and the big size of outdoor unit for home use. Therefore, we developed the home-use multi inverter air conditioners adaptable for large-size houses with many rooms. Besides, to cope with the increased connections with indoor units, the simplification of installation was improved by adopting the function to check the faulty wiring automatically and changing the connecting part of all pipes to flare connection system which requires no welding work.
Our company will strive to expand business by strengthening the lineup of multi air conditioners suitable for the individual air conditioning system and positively introducing the excellent energy-saving performance in North America. Also, the maximum pipe length of 70m between outdoor unit and indoor units and the largest height difference of 30m have been realized to suit for the houses where the installation space for outdoor unit is limited. Maximum 3 Branch Box unit can be installed and maximum 3 indoor units can be connected with one Branch Box unit. Vertical, horizontal and ceiling-hung installation is possible and also the installation in such small space as under floor or under roof is possible. Also, in spite of the compact size, the new product realizes the industry's top class*1 energy-saving performance and contributes to the reduction of power consumption by adopting heat exchangers arranged in 3 rows and DC twin rotary compressor. A schedule management function to be able to set one week operation schedule of each indoor unit individually was adopted. A function to check automatically the faulty wiring or forgotten wiring between outdoor unit, Branch Box unit and indoor units was adopted. As a flare connection system which has no cause for concern of inflammability like welding workis adopted for the pipe connection part between outdoor unit, Branch Box unit and indoor unit as in the case of conventional home-use air conditioner, simple and safe installation work has become possible. LG Electronics today showcased its full range of air conditioners suitable for both homes, offices and commercials, the highlight is on its Health+ (“Health Plus”) range, the most recent being the LG Health+ Inverter and LG Health+ Fresh.
Staying in a safe environment is the main concern to everyone these days for which the LG Health+ air conditioners are equipped with PLASMA filters that provides 99% protection from viruses including H1N1 that is certified by KITASATO Research Centre of Environmental Science in Japan. LG Room Air-Conditioner, a High performance air conditioner with high energy saving and excellent design. When indoor temperature reach your desired level, Inverter technology can operate compressor at low speed and maintain the desired temperature, thus saving electricity .The new LG Health+ Inverter ­delivers savings of up to 60% in energy consumption as it operates at only 670 Watts, the lowest power ­input, making it an ideal choice for extended use in any home. Triple filter consists of 3 different organic compound filters that eliminate discomfort and pain of eye and throat. Gunumuzun gelisen teknolojisi ile klima kullan?m? bir luks olmaktan c?karak, hem k?s mevsiminde hem de yaz aylar?nda bir ihtiyac haline donusmustur.

Klima tak?l?rken goz onune al?nmas? gereken konular?n bas?nda; kliman?n elektrik sebekesine, su tesisat?na ve d?sar?ya ac?lan bir bolume yak?n olmas? gelir. Kliman?n nereye tak?lacag?n?n belirlenmesinde etkili olan bir diger faktor de, kliman?n tak?lacag? duvar?n yap?s?d?r. Klimalar?n d?s unitelerinin de mumkun oldugunca dogrudan gunes ?s?g? alarak ?s?nmayacag? bir yere tak?lmas? gerekir. Android cihazlar icin tasarlad?g?m?z bir zeka bulmacas? oyunu olan Sokoban Pilic'i Google Play'den yuklemek icin resme t?klay?n! Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
220V AC Air Conditioner Inverter PCB Board for Sanyo Compressor, View air conditioner inverter pcb board, REKI Product Details from Qingdao Reki Trading Co., Ltd. We are a Chinese Manufacturer with 15 years history specializing in manufacturing air curtains. Mobile type air conditioner, poplar design, lower noise, adopt Sanyo, Hitachi, Toshiba brand compressor. In spite of the compact design, the new product contributes to the reduction of power consumption by realizing the industry's top class*1 energy-saving performance.
The function works before the test operation and, if there is any abnormality, the error code is shown on the circuit board of outdoor unit. This range, which officially made its debut earlier in the year, promises to transform consumers’ homes into a cool room and comfortable haven with its emphasis on 3 core fundamentals – Savings, Silent and Safe.
Health+ Inverter is a brilliant new addition to LG’s lineup, is a high performance Air Conditioner with a high energy saving inverter and excellent design.
Reduced noise level allows you to enjoy peace and quiet in your own home, especially during the precious hours of sleep. While being environmentally friendly, it also boasts the industry’s highest Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) at 14.5.
Health +’s BAF-certified allergy care filter decomposes allergen proteins and provides clean air.
Eve ya da isyerine klima takt?rmaya karar verilmesi ile montaj?n yap?lacag? yerin tespit edilmesinin onemi de ortaya c?kar. Kliman?n cal?smas? icin gerekli olan elektrigi kars?lamak icin kullan?lan elektrik tesisat?n?n dogrudan sigortaya bagl? olmas? ve sigortan?n kliman?n cal?sma yukunu kald?rmas? gerekir. Kliman?n ic mekanda gorunen k?sm? kadar, d?s k?s?mda da ag?r bir motoru oldugu unutulmamal?d?r.
Kliman?n ic ve d?s unitesinin dogru yere tak?lmas? icin evinize gelen kesif ekibi ile konusarak, hem ihtiyaclar?n?z? hem de yasam alan?n?z? nas?l kulland?g?n?z? anlat?n.
It integrated bridge rectifier, PFC power factor adjustment control, switching power supply, charging circuit, DSP chip control circuit, IPM modules, communication circuits.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
It could be installed under ceiling or on floor near wall, which with air outlet at frontside and inlet at underside. In North America, a central air conditioning system to cool and heat all rooms centrally is predominant for household, but recently, the demand for energy-saving individual air conditioning system to control air conditioning of each room independently is expected to increase.
Mekan?n ?s?nma ya da sogutma verimliligi, her seyden once kliman?n tak?ld?g? yere bagl?d?r.
Ayr?ca kliman?n cal?smas? ile olusan suyun da rahat bir sekilde d?sar? at?lmas? icin d?sar?ya kolayl?kla ac?labilen bir bolume yak?n olmas? da gereklidir. Bu nedenle kliman?n tak?lacag? duvar?n hem kliman?n hem de motorunun ag?rl?g?n? destekleyebilecek saglaml?kta olmas? gerekir.
Boylece teknik anlamda gerekli olan kosullar ile sizin ihtiyaclar?n?z? kars?layacak bir ortak nokta bulunmas? daha kolay olacakt?r. This largely reduce the noise fom fan when it works because galvanized fan will cause more noise. Especially, for large-size housings, the needs for multi room air conditioning system which can control cooling and heating for all rooms individually with one outdoor unit are increasing.
Also, as the full-dot LCD screen with backlight is equipped, the visibility of texts and figures has improved. By this function, the false installation work due to the increase of connection of indoor units can be reduced.
Her ne kadar kaliteli bir klima al?nsa da, yanl?s yere tak?ld?g? zaman oldukca dusuk bir verimlilikte cal?sacakt?r. Bu unsurlar dikkate al?narak kliman?n tak?lacag? yerin belirlenmesi, estetik gorunumden cok daha onemli bir konudur.
Kliman?z?n nereye tak?lacag?na karar verirken nerede guzel gorunecegine degil, herhangi bir ar?za durumunda nerede daha kolay mudahale edilebilecegini dusunmelisiniz. Kliman?zda meydana gelebilecek ar?zalarda, servis ekibinin hem d?s k?s?mdaki motora hem de ic k?s?mdaki klima unitesine rahat bir sekilde mudahale edebilmesi gerekir.
Enjoyed good sales in more than 30 countries and regions like United States, Span, Germany etc.

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