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Bergmans IQ test is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you take several IQ tests which are similar to the ones incorporated in Mensa’s exercises. Taking into consideration the portable status of the utility, you can run it on your system without having to go through installation steps.
You can uninstall it by deleting the files that you have downloaded from the Internet, as it does not leave traces in your Windows registry.
The tool sports a plain layout that implements a few browser-like buttons in order to quickly manage the information.
Bergmans IQ test offers you the option to take IQ tests with 36 unique problems and check out the descriptions of the solutions to the problems. Several handy buttons allow you to go backward or forward, view the homepage, as well as jump to the previous or next page.
All things considered, Bergmans IQ test provides a simplistic software solution for helping you take different IQ tests and check out the solutions and descriptions of the problems. There are several different types of IQ or general mental ability tests.A  In general they are trying to measure how quickly and accurately you can solve problems, to give an indication of raw intellect. There are general mental ability (GMA) IQ tests that measure your ability to quickly solve a variety of different problems from verbal, to numeric to diagrammatic. If Bob sold 15 apples in a working week, what is the average number of apples he sells each day? If it takes 2 hours to drive to City A and the city is 120km away, what speed was the vehicle travelling at? If Sally sells more tickets than Betty and Betty sells more tickets than Jodie, who sells the most if we compare Sally and Jodie?

Air a€“ Boats travel through the water and water goes through a boat's engine, therefore what do planes travel through and what goes through the engine?A  The Air.
Il test di intelligenza (IQ test) e un insieme di diverse domande intese a determinare il livello di intelligenza della persona che lo risolve.
Since the average IQ is said to be 100, hence anything above 100 is considered as above average and below 100 as below average.
Hence, the normal or average IQ score is 100, which means that the mental and chronological ages coincide.
It is true that modern intelligence tests now apply statistical methods to produce a score reflecting one's performance compared to the average performance of his peers. When we plot a sample of the population's IQ scores on an IQ against percentage chart, it is observed that the population distribution on the IQ scale forms a symmetrical bell-shaped curve.
From this chart, it can be thus concluded that a normal IQ score is generally considered to be around the 100 mark.
Since the first IQ test was developed by Alfred Binet and Theophile Simon and their IQ was classified on Simon-Binet scale which was later revised by Lewis Terman into Stanford-Binet scale, this is the most popularly used scale till date and all other modern scales also revolves around it. Besides, these two scales which use a standard deviation of 15, another scale in popular use is the Cattell's scale which uses a standard deviation of 24.
Simply speaking, IQ (intelligence quotient) is an assessment of your ability to think and reason.
Although a help manual is not included in the package, you can decode the program’s features on your own, as they are intuitive.
The application also includes a built-in helper which is responsible for helping you solve Mensa test problems in order to improve your test results.

In addition, you are given the freedom to print data, perform searches, and create bookmarks. Hence two people have an IQ of 120 on different scales might not necessarily have the same intelligence level.
A person scoring zero would be literally brain dead, while a score of 200 would mean that the person is probably the smartest person alive on the earth.
However, if you want a fuller definition, you have to try and understand the concept of IQ first with utmost patience as it is not a straightforward one. Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl has revealed that at least one aspect of the IQ - a person's fluid intelligence, which was usually considered to be fixed at birth, can actually be improved. The only problem is that the utility hasn’t benefited from an update from a long time, so you can make use of its capabilities especially on older operating systems.
It reveals that on an IQ scale of 60 to 100, the number of people with those IQ scores increases and maximum people touch the 100 mark. These are common questions, particularly after someone finds out their score from an IQ test. Then, as the IQ scale increases from 100, the percentage of people with those scores starts decreasing in proportion to the start of the curve.

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