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The example shows items (imagine a house) which are visible from a certain face (imagine a street). Four little quizzes about science history, physics, medicine, biology, astronomy, mathematics, etc. Your task is to determine whether the first image contains EXACTLY all the elements to create the second image.
This test measures perception and visual discrimination abilities and contains 10 questions. This funny combinatorial aptitude test contains 20 questions and measures in order to assess your computation ability and your short term memory.

This practice question will help you understand the logical principles underpinning the test before proceeding to the next step.
This IQ test contains 15 questions and estimates IQs falling within the range of 80 and 135.
This test aims to provide more precise estimates of IQs in the very high range (from 130 up to 180)!
Here is a sample : Your task is to identify the two images that logically complete the sequence on the first row.
This test measures your abstraction and categorization abilities and contains 25 questions.

This combinatorial aptitude test contains 20 questions in order to assess your computation ability and short term memory. The score obtained on this test does not correspond to an IQ level but rather provides you with an assessment of your numerical intelligence.

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